Aphex Twin – Syro


Hello, who would have thought that Man. Utd would do so bad lately? I’m  really puzzled about its performance lately. But i’ m sure the team will do better later. Apart from my irrelevant intro, news is that we have a new Aphex Twin album.

Basically Aphex Twin is the stage name of Richard David James. A very talented man no doubt. Over the years he has released many albums. Some good, some mediocre, but also some great ones. I remember the first time i listen to ”Selected Ambient Works 85 – 92”. It was  something new to me. I had never listened to anything like that before. That album has a great atmosphere, and its songs have personality. You can’ t easily forget them. Especially ”Xtal”. That’ s easily my favorite Aphex Twin track. It has a melody that sticks to your mind forever. In case you’ ve never heard it, here’ s a link for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nevnq7MvVTI

”Syro” was released on September 19. His last album which was ”Drukqs” was released thirteen years ago. Everybody seemed to be stoked about the new Aphex Twin album so i wanted to see what the fuss was all about. The truth is that i hadn’ t listen to Aphex Twin for some time. Twelve tracks are included in ”Syro”. I’ m not sure if we should think of this album as a new full length album, or as a collection of songs recorded over the years. But i think we’ re dealing with the second case. Because i think that James did exactly that.

As for the album i have to say that i was drinking my coffee while i was listening to it. And i would be a liar if i said that was relaxing. It was not. Certainly i think ”Syro” has taken a shift from ”Drukqs”. I have the impression that it is less melodic. And i hate to say that, but some songs sound rather indifferent. Take for example ”Circlont6a [Syrobonkus Mix]”. Didn’ t like it at all. Can’ t say the same about ”Xmas_Evet10 [Thanaton3 Mix]”. I really liked that one. Productionwise i would have to say that this is a good album. It has some good ides. And several parts of it will remind you a bit of 70’s or 80’s electro. But personally i would have to say that i consider this album o.k. I neither hated it or loved it. I think ”Drukqs” was better.