Noothgrush/ Corrupted – Split


Hey everybody, how’s it going? It’s time for a new review. Today we review a split album that was released  twenty years ago and will be re-released on August 25 through 20 Buck Spin. Noothgrush and Corrupted need no big introduction. I think we’re talking about two huge bands. Perhaps they never received the credit they deserved. But let’s get back to the album. The album has been remastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege and the new artwork was made by Hal Rotter of Rotting Graphics. I’d like to say that i really dig the new artwork. Three tracks are included in this release. The first two tracks belong to Noothgrush and the third one to Corrupted. Noothgrush’s two tracks are of course insanely heavy. I don’t think there is any doubt about that. Filled with anger, hate and despair these two sludge monoliths are gonna haunt your playlist for a very long time. ”Inactive” by Corrupted is like a fourteen minute torment that’s impossible to escape from. Even if you have never heard of this band before you should definitely check out this song of theirs. I’ve said it before and i’m gonna say it again. I really like split albums. I also enjoyed this one therefore i would like to recommend it. Here’s a link where you can have a first taste.

Primitive Man/Northless – Split

finalPMNLsplitshitFRONT CROP
I’ve said it before and i’m going to say it again. I’m a big fan of Primitive Man. This time they team up with Northless to release this split album. I’ve recently discovered Northless. This split made me want to check out more of their stuff. Four tracks are included in today’s album. Primitive Man contribute with one track while Northless contribute with three. First track, which is called ”Empty Husk” belongs to Primitive Man. It is an epic, massive song. Words are not enough to describe how heavy this song is. My ears felt the barbarism. Just give it a listen and you’ ll see what i’m sayin’ here. As i have already said i’m a newcomer to Northless. There’s no doubt in my mind that these guys know their sludge. I liked all of their songs. Nevertheless if i had to single one out that would have to be ”Wasted Breath”. Hands down, this is a beast of a song. Personally, i must say i quite enjoyed this album. Check out these links:

Dune – Aurora Majesty

Lately i’ve been listening to this awesome two track album from Dune. Dune is a four piece band from Edinburgh, U.K. ”Aurora Majesty” is their newest release. Their music is an exciting blend of sludge/doom, prog metal and some some crustcore. Whenever bands use the term progressive, i have to admit i’m always, for some reason, i bit reluctant. But the truth is here it definitely works. First song which is called ”Into the Travellers’ Halls is a great track and i have to say that it reminded me a bit of first era Mastodon. Definitely liked those vocals of theirs and their killer riffs as well. ”Of Blade and Carapace” is the album’s second and last track. I loved its crusty intro. And may i say nice part at 02:34. If i should pick a track i would then had to pick ”Of Blade and Carapace”. An epic track in my opinion. Only drawback in this is case is that we only got two tracks unfortunately. Nevertheless the scotish  band delivers a two track album that is highly recommended. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Aurora Majesty”:

Gale – Vol. 1

Hello, back today with another review. Let me tell you about this album that i have listened to. But let us start in a typical order. Gale is a four piece band from Phoenix, Arizona, U.S. Their music is a blend of sludge and doom metal with some elements of post and black metal. Nevertheless, i think there’s no doubt that sludge is the predominant element in their music. On the 21st of October they released ”Vol. 1”. This album is their newest release. It’s a five track album actually. It is clearly an album of immense heaviness. Definitely liked their riffs and their basslines. And i sure as hell like the fact that they incorporated many melodic parts in their music. Even blastbeats can be found. That was a pleasant surprise for me. Basically what i’m trying to say here is that you should definitely check out ”unsung”. An awesome track in my opinion. I think the have managed to put it together and create a fine track. ”Burn your person” is great as well. A truly intriguing track. Heavy, or stoner if you will, meets black metal. Nice. But not only those two. Be sure to check out ”The Counseled”. Personally i loved it. It’s heavy as fuck. As it has already been mentioned this album is heavy as fuck. Nice production also. It kinda reminded me of the Eyehategod sound. Nice album in general. Definitely recommended for sludge/doom metal fans. Listen to this album and find out for yourselves. Links:

Atriarch – An Unending Pathway

Today we have some mind-blowing stuff for you. Basically what i’ m going to do is to start from the end and say that this the album of the month without any doubt. Also it’s one of the most interesting and intriguing releases i’ ve listened to in a long time. Let me explain myself. Atriarch is a four piece band from Portland, Oregon, U..S. Their music could be described as avant – garde metal. Or you describe it perhaps as a blend of black metal, doom/sludge metal and some post punk/dark wave. ”An Unpending Pathway” is the band’s newest release. It was released on October 27.
Seven tracks are included in this album. Seven extremely heavy tracks form a nightly dark madrigal. The band’s sound in my opinion sounds definitely original and fresh. Black metal is an important part of their music. But i wouldn’t say that it’s the most important. It’s like they’ ve taken the black metal sound, change its pieces dramatically to reshape in a whole different way. For example check out ”Collapse” and ”Revenant”, the album’s second and third track. You might trace some Ved Buens Ende in their music. Plus a lot of awesome riffs can be found, making their music sound really epic. Speaking of epicness one cannot miss to notice their singer’s vocals. Both his clean and harsh vocals are awesome. In certain parts he sounds a bit like Attila Csihar. I really enjoyed him singing in ”Rot”. A sludgy/ dark masterpiece in my opinion. ”Veil” has been number one track of my current tracklist, and i think it will stay there for a long. Perhaps the album’s best track in my opinion.
So to sum up i would have to say that this is an excellent album. I think that the band has raised the bar really high for themselves with this one. Well that is the impression that i’ ve got. Recommended for all doom and black metal fans. Links: