Interview with Thomas from Kollapse

Hi guys! How have you been? What news from Aalborg?
Thomas: Aalborg is a blackhole.

Please introduce us to your band. When was the band formed?
Thomas: That depends on what you want to know? We formed roughly 5 years ago. We started out as a threepiece, with Troels being the lone guitar player. We all had previous bands. Frederik attended a few live shows and later joined us as a percussionist for a couple of shows. He then joined as a permanent guitar player later. We recorded the Fathertrack for a 7” with him and things started to pick up at that point. We are all passionate music fans and this interest branched out into wanting to record and release music for ourselves. This band is somewhat different from what everyone has done before. Kollapse exists for us.We have no great aspirations or commercial interest. kollapse is greater than the sum of its parts and we would not sound like we did, had any member been replaced. This is us.

What inspires you the most?
Thomas: I can only answer for myself, but for kollapse I hardly get inspired by music at this point. Life feels so intense sometimes, and I get inspired by all the feelings of shortcomings, loathing, alienation and stress of everyday life. If I do find inspiration outside of my own state of being, it mostly comes from art and literature. States of mind that I feel connected to on some more or less abstract or intuitive level. In general the one thing that inspire sme most in my life is being a father.

Can you tell us about you rmain influences?
Thomas: As in musical influences? I listen to a million things but as far as kollapsegoes I am influenced by bands that feel to me, like they mean, what they do: Breach, midperiod Neurosis, Weakling, Amrepera, Today is the Day, Union of Uranus. Emo, hardcore, metal, indie…whatever.

How would you define your sound?
Thomas: I wouldn’t want to, because we spend an insane amount of time clawing at our songs, making sure that they end up feeling like kollapse songs – it is pretty tiring but we have to do it. I really dislike hyperbolic catchphraseytripe so: “heavy and emotional” is how I would describe it.

This May you released your debut album ‘’Angst’’. How did the recording sessions go?
Thomas: They went great, we had a reall ygood time with Jacob Bredahl who is a funny, honest and loveable dude. He is really into martial arts and hardcore – which helped me immensely during the few hours we didn’t work in the studio. We recorded the entire album in roughly two days, which is insane.

Is there a concept behind this album you’d like to discuss?
Thomas: The album title and lyrics tells it all I think.

What are you listening to these days?
Thomas: a lot of Danish bands for some reason: Orm, Slægt, Nyt Liv and other stuff like Yellow Eyes, Ash Borer, The Weeknd, Oxbow, City Keys, Ultha and so on. I listen to and buy a lot of records.

Do you have any live shows planned for this year?
Thomas: Yes, we are playing a lot of shows this year, including Copenhagen, Norway, Sweden and Germany. Check our bandcamp for more info.

What does the future hold for Kollapse?
Thomas: probably writing a lot of music oncetouring for this album is done. I’d like kollapse to branch out into other forms of art, but we will see. I paint and write and Peter our drummer is a photographer so maybe something will manifest, we never know when it comes to kollapse though – we might implode next week.

Hive – Parasitic Twin


Hive is a four piece band from the United States. Their latest album ”Parasitic Twin” was released on April 21, 2017 through Crown and Throne Ltd. Recorded in 2016 by Mike Duffy in Room 44 and mixed by Matthew Kirkwold at Rumble Studios, this album includes ten tracks. Let’s see what we’ve got here. Their music combines d-beat/ crust and hardcore punk. O.k, once again i’ll admit it didn’t take too long for me to like this album. When the third track of this album came to an end i had already come to a conclusion. My opinion did not change at all when i listened to the final note of this album. Hive had passed my ”test”. Here you’ll find nothing less than ten songs which are filled with anger and rage. Apart from that, a lot of their songs (”Common Ancestor” for example) contain some dark, cold elements. I think this kind of a ”plot twist” is what makes this album so interesting to me. This is not your typical d-beat band or your typical d-beat album. There’s definitely much more to it. I’m talking about nice riffs, brutal vocals and huge raw punk energy that will surely make your day as it did mine. This album is definitely worthy of your attention, especially if you’re a fan of swedish crust punk. As for me, i’m going to name ”Parasitic Twin” as one of this month’s best albums. It is not what one would call as a game changer but it is seriously heavy like a dynamite. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Parasitic Twin”.

Code Orange – Forever


I love weekends. It’s saturday morning and i’m listening to Code Orange’s new album. Well, too many people are enthusiastic about this album so i decide to see what the fuss is all about. For those of you who don’t know let me just state that Code Orange is a four piece/ hardcore band from the United States. ”Forever”, which was released on January 13, 2017, is their third, full length album. Eleven tracks are included in this release. Code Orange isn’t your typical hardcore band. That became clear to me when i first listened to their previous album called ”I Am King”. In my opinion, ”Forever” is another big step for this band. First of all i’d like to comment on the album’s top notch production. I think it is beyond great. All of the album’s tracks sound super heavy to me. Apart from the heaviness, which is of course too damn obvious, their music is also quite diversified. A lot of industrial type parts make this album sound more claustrophobic and cold in my opinion. If you add to the aforementioned these great beatdown parts then you’re sure you have something special in your hands. In my opinion ”Forever” is not an album that you come across everyday. You must of course turn up the volume before you start listening to this album. Here you’ ll find many songs that will become part of your songlist for a long time. My personal favorite is ”Kill The Creator”. This is a great song and that’s hands down. Overall this is a great album. It is an album that can be easily enjoyed by fans of all sorts of genres. Definitely recommended for metalheads, punks, hardcore fans, e.t.c. I, myself loved it thus i’d like to recommend it.

Kollapse – Angst

Kollapse is a four piece band from Aalborg, Denmark. The band was formed back in 2012. Their new album ”Angst” will be released on the 19th of May. Seven tracks will be included in this release. Through this blog we’ ve talked so many times about things like originality and inspiration among others. And rest assure you can find a lot of the aforementioned inside today’s album. Let us waste no more time. Let’s press play. The band’s music is a combination of different styles like hardcore, crust punk and doom metal. These three are key ingredients to create something awesome. First of all i’d like to comment on the album’s production and that’s because i think it’s simply awesome. ”Angst” to me sounds super heavy with an immense groove. It starts with ”Void” which is one of this album’s best tracks and my favorite as well. I also loved ”Death of a Monotheist”, namely the album’s second track. This is one epic track for sure. ”GueuleS CaslêeS” is another excellent song from this album. I mean there’s so much strength in this song. I simply can’t get enough of ”Til Hølle”. Here you’ll find some really nice riffs. ”Blinding Light” is a great track. Fans of Isis and Cult of Luna are gonna love it. ”Nesting” is a beautiful song. So is ”Abandon”. Overall, seven tracks form a great album that needs to be heard really loud.
I will admit that ”Angst” is one of the best albums i’ve listened to in months. I’m definitely down with it thus i’d like to recommend it. From us it is a 9 out of 10. Fans of Neurosis, Isis, Cult of Luna, Rosetta, Breach dig in.

Ruined Families – Education

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Athens. My coffee is ready and so am i. Today i would like to talk about a band that has made a big impression on me these last years. I’m talking of course about Ruined Families. I’ve said before in previous posts but i’m going to say it again. The last years we’ ve been lucky enough to witness many great bands emerging from this part of the world called Greece. It is my strong belief that Ruined Families is one of these bands.

It was a few years ago when a friend of mine sent me a youtube link. ”Never heard of this band before, but damn they sound good” where some of my first words i think. Next step for me was to listen to more of their songs. Luckily for me ”Blank Language” came out about four years ago. That was certainly a great, full length album. And then i thought to myself ”We have to see them play live”. Thus we did. We actually saw them live again recently where they played live at Death Disco in Athens with Μαύρο Γάλο and Broken Fingers. That was the 6th of January. It was actually the release show for their new album ”Education”. And we definitely wouldn’t miss this for the world.

So, yes, the band has a new album. It was recorded by Kostas Ragiadakos at Unreal Studios and Twin Picks Studios in Athens, Greece in February/March 2015. Released on November 24, 2016, this album includes ten new songs. Their music remains as aggressive and heavy as always. Have you ever mixed many colours in a palette? Usually a dark blue or red colour comes out. To me that’s what their music is. An exciting music blend where you can taste different styles but all put together greatly. Their music has a recognizable and strong character. There’s definitely a common ground with ”Blank Language”. However i feel that ”Education” is a step forward for the band. ”Education” is kind of a lingua franca that speaks to your mind and soul. Till today, ”Pedestal” is one of my favorite Ruined Families songs. Nevertheless i’m definitely down with songs like ”Wholecar” and ”No Rothko”. I’m down with all them ten songs but these two were my favorite ones from this record. What i also love about this band is that they take care of every last detail. I’m talking about thier songs as well as their album covers and their video clips.

”Education” Lp is a case where everything simply fell into place. It sounds really inspired and fresh. I’ve loved it, i’ve rocked it and i simply want to recommend it. Here’s a link where you can listen to ”Education”.

Kemerov – FMKD

Kemerov come from Serres, Greece and they are the brainchild of two guys (Matt & Giorgos) that grew up with ‘90s old-school death metal and Black Sabbath beliefs, but they could never really choose between the metal sound and the rock n’roll feeling. The band came into existence back in 2013. Their debut, full length album ”FMKD” was relesased in January 31 through Vault Relics. Eleven tracks are included in this release. When i think of death n’ roll i immediately tend to think of ”Wolverine Blues” by Entombed, even though Entombed never really embraced this term. Matters not though. Kemerov’s music is a blend of death metal, heavy rock and punk. It’s heavy music with a strong punk attitude. In other words it’s the kind of music you’ d want to listen to live. ”FMKD” incorporates all these elements that make this kind of music so lovable to us. I’m talking about nice riffs, concrete basslines, and cool vocals. I liked all of their songs but if i should single out some of them then these would have to be ”New Order”, ”Slay your Son” and ”Murdered in the Steppe”. Make sure also to check out ”Plague of Nations” for a big dose of old school death metal. So what do i think about this album? Well, i sure as hell enjoyed it. There’s a new band in town and its name is Kemerov. Note that name. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”FMKD”.

The Throne – Frail Threads

The Throne is a five piece band from Szczecin, Poland. Their second, full length album titled ”Frail Threads” will be released on March, 5 through Unquiet Records. This album will contain five tracks. Their previous, full length was released back in 2015 and it is definitely an album worth checking out. In my opinion ”Frail Threads” follows on from ”Singularity”, namely the album that introduced us to The Throne. The same cold and dark feeling is still here. However, i think that the band has definitely evolved. In my opinion they have distanced themselves a bit from post moving towards d-beat/ neocrust. This has resulted in an album that to me sounds more aggressive. ”Frail Threads” has an excellent production and contains some awesome songs that i would persoanlly love to to listen to them live. I’m talking about songs like ”Cursed” and ”Observer”. These two were my favourite songs from this album. ”Frail Threads” is a nice song as well. Last but no least we find ”V”. I liked this track a lot and i think sludge fans will do to. This five track album is definitely worthy of your attention. Until its release check out their bandcamp page and show this band some love.