Ufomammut – 8

Ladies & gentlemen, 2 days have passed since the official release of the Italian psychedelic doomsters Ufomammut most recent album ‘8’ that is also their eighth studio release. ‘8’ was released the 22nd of September 2017 by Neurot Recordings while the LP version is released by Supernatural Cat records.

While i am a fan of Ufomammut the last 7 years, you can imagine my anxiety for “8”‘s release! Let’s dive into this & start our analysis!


The album starts with ‘Babel’, which is a quite powerful & aggressive introduction to the album. It starts atmospherically but gradually it puts the listener to the band’s dark realm slowly & cunningly. After the first notes, the listener is teleported without a notice in Ufomammut’s plane, where the band launches unceasingly black holes & obsidian monoliths from altar ruins!
‘Warsheep’ (released also as a single in June) or better, the Trojan horse of persistent psychedelic doom nightmares follows, which ultimately will force you headbang without even noticing. Your body would follow the vibrations, you need to let it go and let the cloud of doom engulf you gracefully. ‘Zodiac’ is a sequence of mountains & valleys, a recursive melody imbued with Urlo’s vocals, resulting into psyching out the whole structure! It calms in order to earn you some moments to take a breath of safety and returns with a fuzzy sequence of electric atmospheres thrown to your face!
‘Fatum’ is the perfect glue/interlude between ‘Zodiac’ and ‘Prismaze’ that follows.
‘Prismaze’ is a chaotic & violent storm (with moments that reminded me of Oro – Opus Alter), that calms for some brief moments and then launches the final attack with fury, in order to demolish everything that stands still between the debris. One of my favorite tracks of the album for sure!
‘Core’ is a slow and relentless hammering track; initially Poia’s guitar crawls and then ultimately screams along Ufomammut’s universe while in parallel you visualize the rhythm section of the band as one opaque entity accompanying the guitar’s suffering! Another favorite track!
‘Wombdemonium’ is a slow & thick doom track that acts as a remedy for all the damage
you got from this trip, during your esoteric journey to Ufomammut’s ‘8’. But still, ‘8’ is not done yet.
The album’s last track ‘Psyrcle’ is another powerful adventure, imbued by Urlo’s psalms & FXs, a final transcendence to Ufomammut’s astral plane is achieved gracefully. Patterns repeated, evolved, a frantic climax & then finally, catharsis…Then trying to put everything together, to understand what you just witnessed…then press ‘Play’, again!


In my opinion, that is what i was expecting from Ufomammut, to be able to beat their
past reincarnations & triumph as winners! And they did it with grace & determination.
The rhythm section was really tied up, their sound could be visualized as a cement/metal compound, opaque, thick & heavy. The bass lines could though be independent at cases, emphasizing important moments of the tracks, kinda more independent than the previous work, which is a very good thing. Great work has been done also at the FX section that accompanied the trio’s journey, really assisting dramatically the listener’s transcendence to the psychedelic doom realm of the Italians.
Really happy about this work, and easily one of my favorite releases so far for 2017. And one of my favorite Ufomammut albums!

Check their bandcamp page below & support the band!




Kaze’s favorite album list for year 2016

Dear readers,
the current article type is one of my favorite; an article that I am working on during the whole year. Every time I am preparing to listen to a new release, I am thinking ‘Let’s see, if this is quite addictive & exceptional!’. If I listen to the album N times in a row (where N >= 30), then it is a potential candidate for my favorite album list! Of course only a few albums are able to make their way in that list. The following albums were released during 2016 except laCasta’s Encyclia which was released in December 2015, and I listened to it for the first time in January 2016. For each album, I provide some information such as a link to a review if there is one, and a link to the bandcamp page of the release, allowing you to easily access the material and check it out for yourself. My favorites for 2016 include 16 releases where only the last 3 are ranked. For me, a favorite album means a 10/10 album and the first 13 albums fall in this category; all of them are quite addictive & extraordinary. But the last 3, they really talked to my soul, that is why I would like to differentiate them from the rest. I hope you enjoy!

16. The Black Furs (Argentina)- Doomed Blues


Death blues, garage, rock’n’roll

Listen to The Black Furs in Bandcamp

15. Atomikylä (Finland)


Psychedelic, black metal

Listen to Atomikylä in Bandcamp

14. laCasta (Italy) – Encyclia EP


Blackened hardcore

Album Review

Listen to laCasta in Bandcamp

13. Baestien (Czech Republic) – Uroboros



Listen to Baestien in Bandcamp

12. Ancst (Germany) – Moloch


Blackened crust

Album Review

Listen to Ancst in Bandcamp

11. Eave/Galarre (US) – Split


Blackgaze, depressive black metal

Listen to Eave/Galarre split in Bandcamp

10. Suuns (Canada) – Hold/Still


Indie, post-punk

Listen to Suuns in Bandcamp

09. Hemelbestormer (Belgium) – Aether


Doom, sludge

Listen to Hemelbestormer in Bandcamp

08. Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland) – Värähtelijä


Psychedelic black metal

Album Review

Listen to Oranssi Pazuzu in Bandcamp

07. Sarabante (Greece) – Poisonous Legacy


Crust, d-beat

Album Review

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06. ΚΑΤΑΧΝΙΑ (Greece) – Στη Σκιά Μιας Λαιμητόμου


Crust punk

Listen to Καταχνιά in bandcamp

05. Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas (Sweden & US)- Mariner



Album Review

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04. Russian Circles (US) – Guidance


Instrumental post-metal

Listen to Russian Circles in Bandcamp

03. Teksti-TV 666 (Finland) – 1,2,3


Garage, rock’n’roll

Listen to Teksti-TV 666 in Bandcamp

02. Martyrdöd (Sweden) – List


Metal, crust, d-beat

Album Review

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01. Morrow (UK) – Covenant Of Teeth



Album Review

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Noyades – Go Fast

We’ re back with yet another review. The sun is shining, the weather is not so bad and i’m listening to ”Go Fast” by Noyades. Noyades is a three piece band from Lyon, France. ”Go Fast”, which was released this October, is their new album. Seven tracks can be found in this album. The band’s music is an exciting mixture of noise rock, psychedelic and punk rock. And, yes they were quite successful at combining these three styles. Their music to me sounds vibrant and exhilarating. I’m refering to songs like ”Replique”. This is the first song of the album. It is also my favorite one. Listening to this song i was like ”Yes, you definitely have my attention”. Nothing could distract me. And what’s really awesome is that the rest of the songs didn’t let me down at all. We’ re talking about really good ideas and of course good written songs. In my opinion these guys know their kraft and they’ re quite passionate about it. Well, that’s the impression i got. Personally i enjoyed this album and i have to admit they’ ve made a fan out of me. So this our suggestion for today. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Go Fast”.

Dorre/ Bethmoora – Split

I’ve said it before and i’m going to say it again. I like split albums. It’s a great way to discover new bands. So today we present to you Dorre and Bethmoora. Dorre is an instrumental/ Psychedelic/ doom metal band from Belgium whereas Bethmoora is a sludge metal band from Danemark. These two bands are going to release a split album on the 1st of November.

Three tracks are included in this album. The first two come from Dorre and the third one from Bethmoora. First of all i have to say that the album’s cover art is simply great. It’s imaginative as it is symmetric. Hats off to the one who designed it. But let’s get back to the music. Dorre and Bethmoora have never been featured on this site before but i have to say i’m definitely down with their music. Dorre deliver instrumental music that’s rather heavy and inspired. I liked their psychedelic doom metal and specifically their song ”Three fell from the Sky”. Bethmoora is kind of a different story. Their track is called ”Succumb”. Here you’ ll find about seventeen minutes of nothing but sludge at its darkest form. In my mind it’s definitely a nice track. I specifically liked their vocals. They sound as raw and brutal as they should be. There were some parts of the song where i slightly lost interest but overall i have to say that i enjoyed this track.

This album is recommended for all doom metal/ sludge fans. As it has already been mentioned the album wil be released on the 1st of november. In the meantime check out these links:

Lae -Break the Clasp

Lately i’ve been listening to this album and the truth is i liked it a lot. So i thought it would be a good idea to say a few words about it. Lae is a five piece band from Canada. ”Break the Clasp” is their full length, debut album. It was released back in 2014. Until recently i knew nothing about this band. The thing is though, if you dig deep into the underground you’ ll find amazing stuff. In my opinion ”Break the Clasp” is one of those unearthed gems. Thirteen tracks are included in this album. I’m not really sure how to describe their sound. Perhaps that would be pointless. What’s really interesting is that this album was recorded and mixed by Steven Austin. He also did lead vocals. But let us get back to the album. I think that the album’s dysfunctional nature holds a certain degree of charm. The listener will find many bittersweet melodies and definitely tracks that stick to your mind. You could call this music blend of theirs a bit eccentric or even avant garde. Nevertheless there is no doubt in my mind that ”Break the Clasp” is not your typical rock album. Not even by a long shot. Prepare yourself for an awesome ride through magnificent soundscapes. We don’t have a scale here but if we had one this would easily be a 9 out of 10. Yes, it’s that good. Check out these links:

Merkabah – Moloch

My friend Kaze recently went to the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona. He had a great time but also he had the opportunity of checking out many bands. One of the bands he singled out is Merkabah from Poland. So he recommend them to me, adding that i should definitely check out their latest album. Thus i did.

For the record let’s just say that Merkabah is a five piece band from Poland. The band came into existence back in 2007. ”Moloch” which is their latest, full length release was released back in 2014. This album consists of eight songs. ”Moloch” sounds like an orgiastic, jazzy feast. Our journey to disharmonic yet fascinating soundscapes starts with ”Reed Idol”, namely the album’s first song. Here you get a first taste of what it takes to reach Moloch. Moving on we find ”Hilasterion”. What a song this is! I could imagine this as soundtrack to a bacchic ceremeony or something like that. But wait, there’s even more. You  should also check out part 2. ‘The King” gave me the chills. It’s pretty damn heavy as it is an incredibly massive song. Have the courage to enjoy and experience this enchanting fusion of sounds. It is nothing but a hymn to daily pleasures and desires. ”Lille Vies Ager” showed me one thing. When these guys were writing this song, creativity and inspiration were overflowing.

I was not sure what to expect with this band. Surely though the man who recommended me Merkabah was right. ”Moloch” is a great album and all i can say is i can’t wait to listen to this album again. I think the quintet from Warsaw delivered  and they sure as hell made a fan out of me. Before i conclude this review i would also like to recommend this album. Here is a link where you can listen to ”Moloch”: