Converge – I Can Tell You About Pain


I can tell you that Converge rules. I’ve been waiting for some time now for a new Converge release. Finally that time has come. Their new ep ”I Can Tell You About Pain”, which was released on the 25th of July, includes two songs. Yes people, only two new songs. Excitement took over me when i caught wind of those teasers. Nevertheless i kept asking myself ” Why only two songs?”. Anyway, the only thing that i had to do was just listen to these songs. Thus i did. First song is called ”I Can Tell You About Pain” and it is another great song by Converge. I simply can get enough of this song. Second song is called ”Eve”. This one is beyond great. There are not enough words to describe how awesome this song is. If you haven’t done already then you should definitely check out this one because this is Converge at their best. At least that’s what i think. I don’t know how they do it but they’ve done again. And this is only two songs we’ re talking about. Here’s a link where you can have a taste.

Thoughts Of Ionesco – Skar Cymbals


I think that someone had recommended me this band before in the past. I’m not entirely sure though. Today we’re going to talk a bit about Thoughts of Ionesco and their new ep ”Skar Cymbals”. Thoughts of Ionesco is a post hardcore band from Detroit. As i’ve been informed they’ve been defunct for many years now. Their new ep ”Skar Cymbals” will be released on June 23 through Corpse Flower Records. Four new tracks will be included in this release. This ep gave me the impression that these guys were perhaps longing for a return. Here you’ll definitely find  uncompromising, music with a strong, jazzy vibe. ”Skar Cymbals” stands out for its heavy and genuinely experimental tune and that is what makes it so appealing to me. Each song is like a trip through surrealistic or dadaistic landscapes. Personally all i had to do was to simply get carried away by the frenzy that runs through their songs. I loved all four songs of them but the fourth one, namely ”Scar Symbols”, is simply epic. You need to listen to this one. I’d like to say that the band has gained another fan (i’m simply referring to myself) and may i say that this was one glorious return. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Scar Cymbals”.

Interview with Thomas from Kollapse

Hi guys! How have you been? What news from Aalborg?
Thomas: Aalborg is a blackhole.

Please introduce us to your band. When was the band formed?
Thomas: That depends on what you want to know? We formed roughly 5 years ago. We started out as a threepiece, with Troels being the lone guitar player. We all had previous bands. Frederik attended a few live shows and later joined us as a percussionist for a couple of shows. He then joined as a permanent guitar player later. We recorded the Fathertrack for a 7” with him and things started to pick up at that point. We are all passionate music fans and this interest branched out into wanting to record and release music for ourselves. This band is somewhat different from what everyone has done before. Kollapse exists for us.We have no great aspirations or commercial interest. kollapse is greater than the sum of its parts and we would not sound like we did, had any member been replaced. This is us.

What inspires you the most?
Thomas: I can only answer for myself, but for kollapse I hardly get inspired by music at this point. Life feels so intense sometimes, and I get inspired by all the feelings of shortcomings, loathing, alienation and stress of everyday life. If I do find inspiration outside of my own state of being, it mostly comes from art and literature. States of mind that I feel connected to on some more or less abstract or intuitive level. In general the one thing that inspire sme most in my life is being a father.

Can you tell us about you rmain influences?
Thomas: As in musical influences? I listen to a million things but as far as kollapsegoes I am influenced by bands that feel to me, like they mean, what they do: Breach, midperiod Neurosis, Weakling, Amrepera, Today is the Day, Union of Uranus. Emo, hardcore, metal, indie…whatever.

How would you define your sound?
Thomas: I wouldn’t want to, because we spend an insane amount of time clawing at our songs, making sure that they end up feeling like kollapse songs – it is pretty tiring but we have to do it. I really dislike hyperbolic catchphraseytripe so: “heavy and emotional” is how I would describe it.

This May you released your debut album ‘’Angst’’. How did the recording sessions go?
Thomas: They went great, we had a reall ygood time with Jacob Bredahl who is a funny, honest and loveable dude. He is really into martial arts and hardcore – which helped me immensely during the few hours we didn’t work in the studio. We recorded the entire album in roughly two days, which is insane.

Is there a concept behind this album you’d like to discuss?
Thomas: The album title and lyrics tells it all I think.

What are you listening to these days?
Thomas: a lot of Danish bands for some reason: Orm, Slægt, Nyt Liv and other stuff like Yellow Eyes, Ash Borer, The Weeknd, Oxbow, City Keys, Ultha and so on. I listen to and buy a lot of records.

Do you have any live shows planned for this year?
Thomas: Yes, we are playing a lot of shows this year, including Copenhagen, Norway, Sweden and Germany. Check our bandcamp for more info.

What does the future hold for Kollapse?
Thomas: probably writing a lot of music oncetouring for this album is done. I’d like kollapse to branch out into other forms of art, but we will see. I paint and write and Peter our drummer is a photographer so maybe something will manifest, we never know when it comes to kollapse though – we might implode next week.

Interview with Daniel Pilsäter from No Omega

Hi there! First of all congratulations on your new album! On what degree does it follow on from its predecessor?
Hi, thanks! It’s a fun record for me, because there’s a lot of new stuff going on. We have a new drummer since the last record, and even though we step off in some familiar ground on some songs, we’ve tried things that I’ve wanted to do for a while! There are still themes that we’ve touched upon before, but I think Oscar (vocals) is writing a much more personal record this time.

Can you tell us about your main influences?
Musically, I think we all come from listening to screamo, and moody rock music. Swedish screamo like Suis la lune and Italian bands like Raein and La Quiete, or American bands like Loma Prieta or Ampere. Earlier on I’d say Converge, Killing the Dream, Meleeh and maybe post-metal stuff played a bigger part for us.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
We’ve pulled a lot of lyrical themes from the Ishmael book series. I’d say there’s a feeling that comes from a more diffuse place though, the frustration and hopelessness that the world puts on your shoulders. Like you know something’s wrong, with everything, and there’s nothing we can do.

How is music produced in No Omega?
It almost always comes from someone who wrote some guitar parts at home, brings it to the band where we hash out a structure and maybe find new ways to play the chords together. It used to be Oscar and Andreas (old singer), and then I started writing some songs, and now we have a pretty good system on how to get a core for a song going. Gabriel who joined on drums 2015 has really pushed our writing, in my opinion. Joakim who plays bass never brings his own songs from scratch, but he has a lot of good ideas, and always wants to try and find new ways of playing a song.

Your new album ‘’Culture’’ comes out on May. How did the recording sessions go?
I thought they were good. We spent two weekends up in Söderhamn with our friend Dennis, just recording and hanging out with the Söderhamn crew. We finished up the vocals in Stockholm, but I really appreciate the chance to leave Stockholm when we record this band. I need to focus, and have an outsider kind of push us through the sessions.

Is there a concept behind this album you’d like to talk about?
Hmm. If there is a concept, I’d say it’s communication. That’s the new thing in the lyrics, and it ties a lot of the songs together. We keep talking about how important communication is, both between ourselves, but also from band to audience, and how hard it can be. When making music, it’s important to me that what I think also comes through to the listener, and sometimes it feels useless even trying. And then when it works, and you connect, it’s amazing.

What are you listening to these days?
I got heavily into the artist Mitski this winter, and her new record Puberty 2. It’s SO GOOD. Other than that, I listen to a lot of americana/folky stuff, and for aggressive music it’s either death metal, hardcore stuff like Protester or more screamo. And the usual, Radiohead, Kent etc.

Which is your favorite way of enjoying music? What would you choose between digital and physical format?
I like collecting music physically, because of the packaging, and you get another relationship to the record. But I rarely sit down and listen to my records anymore, and I have even started paying for Spotify. I used to just get my music digitally and put it on an iPod or something. Now I have playlists of stuff I’m into, like full albums, but I have to admit I sometimes listen to normal playlists too…

Do you have any live shows planned for this year?
We’re doing a release tour for Culture in April, which will be our first tour booked by Loudnoise. We’ll be playing mainland Europe, and this summer we’re coming back with our Japanese friends Endzweck to play festivals.
We have some more things lined up, but we’ll see what comes through! We might even play a hometown show this year.

What does the future hold for No Omega?
No idea. We’ve been a band for a long time now. We’ll see.

Kollapse – Angst

Kollapse is a four piece band from Aalborg, Denmark. The band was formed back in 2012. Their new album ”Angst” will be released on the 19th of May. Seven tracks will be included in this release. Through this blog we’ ve talked so many times about things like originality and inspiration among others. And rest assure you can find a lot of the aforementioned inside today’s album. Let us waste no more time. Let’s press play. The band’s music is a combination of different styles like hardcore, crust punk and doom metal. These three are key ingredients to create something awesome. First of all i’d like to comment on the album’s production and that’s because i think it’s simply awesome. ”Angst” to me sounds super heavy with an immense groove. It starts with ”Void” which is one of this album’s best tracks and my favorite as well. I also loved ”Death of a Monotheist”, namely the album’s second track. This is one epic track for sure. ”GueuleS CaslêeS” is another excellent song from this album. I mean there’s so much strength in this song. I simply can’t get enough of ”Til Hølle”. Here you’ll find some really nice riffs. ”Blinding Light” is a great track. Fans of Isis and Cult of Luna are gonna love it. ”Nesting” is a beautiful song. So is ”Abandon”. Overall, seven tracks form a great album that needs to be heard really loud.
I will admit that ”Angst” is one of the best albums i’ve listened to in months. I’m definitely down with it thus i’d like to recommend it. From us it is a 9 out of 10. Fans of Neurosis, Isis, Cult of Luna, Rosetta, Breach dig in.

Interview with Minerva Superduty


Hi there! Congratulations on your new album. In what degree does it follow on from ‘’Minerva Superduty’’?
Thank you for your kind words. “Gorod Zero” takes our sound to darker, grayer if you will, more extreme and aggressive ways. We try to keep moving forward musically while retaining our intense and unsettling playing. Having established that, the added vocals helped bring a sense of rage and despair into the picture.

How did you decide to add vocals to your music?
Soon after performing the new material live for the first time we felt that it was time to experiment with voices as well. George of Ruined Families was stoked to try so he made some demos and pretty much got the job on the spot. He is not an actual singer but nevertheless totally nailed it and brought a fresh perspective over the music with his vocal lines and to-the-point lyrics.

What inspires you the most?
Passion for change, innovation and betterment.

Apart from your favourite bands what else would you name as a key influence? Could it be a filmmaker or an art movement perhaps?
Besides music, cinema is a form of art we all enjoy. Like music, it can be velvet and gruesome all together and has been a powerful form of expression over the years.

Recently you toured Europe with Kalpa. How did this tour go?
It was an enlightening experience and we all wanted to do it for as long as we can remember. Everything really went well in general. Being abroad, playing in front of new people every night, seeing new places everyday made us stronger and more determined. We learned a lot about ourselves in this tour. Kudos go to Kalpa who organized the whole thing and made it happen.

Is there a concept behind ‘’Gorod Zero’’ you would like to discuss? Have you seen the film ‘’Gorod Zero’’ by Karen Shakhnazarov?
There is no actual concept behind the album, lyrically or otherwise. We had seen the film a while back and agreed it was both a magnificent surreal dark comedy and a great album title (laughs). The absurdities and isolation our hero faces in the film and his need to escape is what we thought parallels with the lives of the people of today.


The product of your collaboration with Thanos Mitsios was two excellent video clips. How did this collaboration come to be?
Thanos has been our friend for some years now. After listening to our debut album, he contacted us and proposed to shoot us a video. Actually, it is his day job. Having worked in a production team for some time, he wanted to create something of his own concept and was thrilled to visually portray our music. We entrusted him for “Sklenos Pt.I” and the outcome justifies it perfectly. So, when the new album was close to completion, the choice of who to make a new video with was pretty obvious.

It seems to me that as a band you always take care of every last detail. I’m talking about your songs, the cover artwork of your albums as well as your two video clips. Are you a perfectionist band?
Well, if you’re going to do it, better do it right, right?Or don’t bother at all. That is kind of the motto of the band. Even if it takes a lot of effort and time – and it usually does – it is definitely worth it. We try to do right by ourselves. And surely the small details help to bring out the big picture. Speaking of the artwork, all credits go to Paschalis Zervas/+wolframgrafik for the great work that he has done for both our albums.

Any live shows planned for this year?
We are planning some shows for the summer, there will be more details soon enough.

At this point I’d like to ask each one of you to give us your favourite album of 2016.
Sumac- What One Becomes, Bölzer – Hero, Baklavaa – Dane On, Drake – Views.

What does the future hold for Minerva Superduty?
Honestly, we would like to keep doing it for as long as we can. We are working on some new songs, still it’s early to tell what we’ll do next. Thank you for the interview and your support. Routine can wait.

One Leg Mary – On The Quiet

Whenever someone brings up the name One Leg Mary my mind instantly goes back some years ago when we first saw live the band outside of the town hall of Holargos. Those were surely happy times. We accidentaly came across this live show and we simply decided to check it out. And there was this band that to me sounded really good. So then i asked what’s this band called. ”I think they’ re called One Leg Mary” was the response i got.

The first One Leg Mary album i ever heard was ”I, A Seawof, A Madman”. It’s an excellent album no doubt and i’d like to urge all of you to check it out. However, it’s time to talk a bit about the band’s new album, namely ”On The Quiet”. Released on February 1, 2017, this album was recorded, mixed & mastered by Costas Ragiadakos at Unreal Studios back in april 2016. Ten tracks are included in this release. Post hardcore is the case here in the vein of bands like Fugazi and Helmet. Once again i enjoyed the album’s melodies as well as its heavy parts. However i feel that ”On The Quiet” is slightly differentiated from its predecessor. In my opinion they have distanced themselves even more from math rock. To me, the band’s new album sounds more atmospheric but heavy as it should be. You can add some hardcore punk to the aforementioned and there you have it. This album maybe called ”On The Quiet” but in my opinion it should be played loud. The songs that i enjoyed the most were ”To Old Endings”, ”Nothing Important Happened Today” and ”Shadows Of Our Best Intentions”. Check it out and find your own favourite.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the band delivered. These guys had raised the bar really high on themselves but ”On The Quiet” managed to live up to my expectations. If it’s numbers you want then i’d easily give it an 8 out of 10. Here’s a link where you can also listen to to ”On The Quiet”.