Chronoboros – No Dirt Or Silver Will Have Us Sated


Chronoboros is a three piece band from Athens, Greece. The band came into existence back in 2014. They released their first ep ”Dialing Up The Cutter” in 2015. Their first full length album ”No Dirt Or Silver Will Have Us Sated” was released on the 29th of November. Produced by Giotis Paraskevaidis and Chronoboros and mastered by Nasos Nomikos at Vu Productions, this album includes ten tracks.

In my opinion their first ep had quite an impact on the scene. I personally felt that this band has enormous potentials. ”Dialing Up the Cutter” had enthused me so i was longing for a full length. Well, the time has come. The band dropped the album. So, let’s check it out.

The band’s music is a more than exciting jazzy blend of mathcore, sludge and noisecore. I’m not entirely sure about the accuracy of my previous description. Sometimes when you can’t easily put it in words you know you have found something special. I think that’s the case with ”No Dirt Or Silver Will Have Us Sated”.

It starts with ”Backflow of eternal darkness” and yes, these guys are back at it again. This is a really nice intro for this album. ”Coaxed Out of Cave” is an awesome track and that’s hands down. ”It moves, it pricks” being quite technical and jazzy, but heavy as hell, is another dope track as well. Same goes for ”One Last Caveat”. I think Virus fans are gonna really like ”Rising Streetcar”. I personally loved it. Be sure to check out ”Diadem”. It’s a great track. ”If a sword is always sheated” is one of this album’s highlights and another favourite track of mine. ”Wooden it would seem” doesn’t deviate at all from the tone that was set in the beginning. It’s a massive, heavy track. But wait because there’s more. I’m talikng about ”Split the mainbrace” and ”Bellower”. ”Split the mainbrace” has recently become a part of my playlist and i think it will remain there for a lot of time. Just before i conclude this review let me remind you that this is an album that needs to be played loud.

”No Dirt Or Silver Will Have Us Sated” is a dope album. There’s no doubt in my mind that the band delivered. It’s super heavy as it is experimental. It’s a solid album by Chronoboros that you need to listen to. Specially recommended for fans of Botch, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Canvas, Coalesce, Harlots, e.t.c. Here’s a link where you can have a first taste.


Mock the Mankind and Nochnoy Dozor live at Six Dogs, Athens, 24.11.17

Last friday, Mock the Mankind and Nochnoy Dozor were playing live at Six Dogs club here in Athens. Both bands rock so we didn’t have a hard time deciding what to do on a friday night. So i just drove to Athinas street and i didn’t really have to look for available parking lots because there were quite a few of them. Considering that it took place on a black friday that seemed a bit strange to me. Anyways, i  met with my friends and we all entered the club. The live was about to begin.

Nochnoy Dozor were formed in Athens about two years ago so it’s a relatively new band. The band’s members though have been playing in other bands as well (Universe 217, Maplerun, One Man Drop, e.t.c) so they’re not new to the game at all. The first time i saw them live was this summer at New long Fest and they were really good. This time was no exception. They played for about an hour. I liked their set a lot. They also played a new track which was quite dope. Their set came to end and it was time for Mock the Mankind to come up on stage.

Mock the Mankind were formed in Athens, back in 2012. They have shared the stage with bands like Oranssi Pazuzu, Hexvessel and Jucifer. In my opinion this was one of their best performances. They played songs from their debut, full length album ”Ruination” as well as new tracks. Creating a kind of ritualistic atmosphere, i think they left no one disatisfied. I, myself enjoyed their live set and i think their new tracks are signs of a great new album. For the time being check out this link.

Overall i had a great time and i think these two bands gave their best.


* All photos were captured by Chris Lemonis


Dawn Ray’d – The Unlawful Assembly


Lately a lot of people have been talking about this album and this band. So out of plain curiosity i decided to check it out. The band is called Dawn Ray’d, a three piece band from the U.K. Their new full length album ”The Unlawful Assembly” was released about a month ago. Well, it’s too damn good so i thought we should say some words about it. Ten tracks are included in this release. Dawn Ray’d play black metal but their music cauldron also includes elements such as neo-crust and folk. ‘The Unlawful Assembly’ starts quite emphatically with two killer tracks, namely ”Fire Sermon” and ”The Abyssal Plane”. They simply launched an attack on both flanks with these stone cold riffs of theirs. Quite overwhelmed by this i simply watched the attack unfolding. ”Future Perfect Conditional” is another awesome track with a great intro. Same goes for ”Emptiness Beneath” and all i can think of is that this is black metal today. Great atmosphere, awesome vocals, riffs cold as hell and the tempo quickens and then slows down when it has to. ”A Litany to Cowards” is a great acoustic track. It’s what will lead you to the second part of this album. Expect nothing but awesomeness here as well. I mean, check out ”Island of Cannibal Horses”. This is a beautiful track and that’s hands down. Talking about this album as a whole, i couldn’t really find a mediocre moment here. In my opinion ”The Unlawful Assembly” by Dawn Ray’d is one solid album. As for me, i loved it, i enjoyed it and i simply wish to recommend it. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”The Unlawful Assembly”.

Jaw Bones – Wrongs on a Right Turn


Jaw Bones is a five piece band from Thessaloniki, Greece. The band came into existence back in 2006. Their debut, full length album ”Wrongs on a Right Turn” was released on May 31 through Sliptrick Records. Nine tracks are included in this release. The band’s music is a mixture of heavy rock, grunge and groove metal. Considerably groovy, it’s the kind of music i’d like to listen to when i’m at my favourite rock bar drinking my favourite beer. The way i see it these guys don’t aim at reinventing the wheel. But for me this is what i’d call music from the heart. A lot of cool songs can be found inside this album. I’m talking about songs like ”Ego Tripper”, ”The Ride to Nowhere” and ”Song of the Nightingale”. You might ask me though ”did i enjoy this album?”. Well, i most certainly did thus i’d like to recommend it. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Wrongs on a Right Turn”.

Alastor – Blood on Satan’s Claw ep


Alastor is a four piece, doom metal band from Sweden. Their new ep ”Blood on Satan’s Claw” was released on cassette format through Ljudkassett on October 31 and on digital format on November 15. Recorded by Magnus Sörensen at KulturVerkstan and mixed and mastered by Joona Hassinen at Studio Underjord, this ep includes two tracks. Bringing together doom metal and 70’s heavy space rock, the band through this ep delivers pure heaviness. The first track is called ”Blood on Satan’s Claw” and it is a dope track. Find here immense amounts of groove, heavily distorted guitars and really nice riffs. Second track is a cover on Creedence Clearwater Revival’s classic ”Bad Moon Rising”. I personally liked their version a lot and that’s because i feel that they brought this song to their own standards. So thumbs up for that. To sum it up, this is a really cool ep. I enjoyed it, i’m definitely down with it thus i’d like to recommend it. Specially recommended for fans of Windhand and Electric Wizard.