Comacozer – Kalos Eidos Skopeo


Comacozer is a three piece, instrumental, psychedelic rock band from Sydney, Australia. Their third album ”Kalos Eidos Skopeo” will be released on the 15th of November through Headspin Records. Four tracks are included in this release. O.k let’s press play then. It starts with ”Axis Mundi” which is a really cool song. It is considerably trippy as it is heavy. ”Nystagmus” is the album’s second track and my personal favourite. Despite its title, this song didn’t feel sleepy. I think it’s what one might call as mesmerizing. Well, that’s how i would call it. Listening to this song really felt like taking on a trip through foggy and murky, distant places. Now ”Hylonomus” is a rather interesting song. To me it’s like an attempt to blend rebetiko music with heavy space rock. It’s not bad at all. I could perhaps break it down to two pieces, with the second part being the song’s outro. I’ll admit i dig this song. Last but not least we find ”Enuma Elish”. To be perfectly honest with you i neither hated it nor loved it. It’s a cool song for sure but i think i’ve heard stuff like that many times in the past. In my opinion ”Kalos Eidos Skopeo” is an enjoyable, trippy ride. It’s what you want to listen to when you’re back from work and you want to escape for a while from daily routine. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Kalos Eidos Skopeo”.


Unsane – Sterilize


Today we’re gonna talk a bit about the new Unsane album. This band does not need an introduction. Considered by most people (including myself) to be highly influential, they’ve been producing solid albums since day one. ”Sterilize” was released on the 29th of September through Southern Lord and it is the band’s 8th album. Ten tracks are included in this release. Their heavy and unique sound is still here and no i’m not talking about a ‘typical’ Unsane album. This band sure knows how to put together a good album. Huge loads of heaviness can be found here along with concrete basslines and awesome vocals. It didn’t take too long for me to like this album. Listening to songs like ”Factory” and ”The Grind” made me want to delve more into Unsane’s new full length. And the rest of the songs didn’t let me down at all. I can tell you that for sure. I can easily single out songs like ”Distance”, ”We’re fucked” and ”Avail”. I believe that fans should check out these songs. In my opinion, in this album the band didn’t lower their standards at all and if you’ve never heard of this band before in the past then ”Sterilize” is a good introduction to Unsane’s heavy and dystopic world. Here’s a link where you can also give this album a listen.

Snakes/ Crosss – Split


Today we’re gonna do a review of a split album. Snakes contribute with two tracks while Crosss with four. Side A of this split belongs to Snakes, namely Brett Netson’s solo project. Side B includes four songs by Crosss, a band that hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia. So let’s check out side A. First song is called ”Old, Like Hell”. This is not exactly my cup of tea. Nostalgic and esoteric at the same time, at some extend it sounded interesting. I didn’t exactly love it but i didn’t hate it as well. Now ”Hypothermia Pt.2” puzzled me a bit. To me this track is like a bold mixture of 70’s heavy space rock and ambient/ drone. One could say that it works as a big outro for ”Old, Like Hell”. As for myself, i’ll admit that it sounded o.k for me but the truth is that i gradually started to lose interest. Keep in mind though that this is just one man’s opinion. It’s not necessarily the right one. Now Crosss is a different story. This heavy grunge of theirs caught me by surprise. I’m talking about songs like ”The Afterlight” and ”I Got Lo”. In my opinion ”I Got Lo” sounds superheavy and you should all give it a listen. ”Descent” made this side sound a bit more claustrophobic. I’ll admit i dig this one. And now i want to listen to more Crosss songs. This split introduced me to two bands i had never heard of before in the past. I enjoyed both sides but to be perfectly honest with you i mostly enjoyed side B. Thi split album comes out on the 6th of October. Until then check out these two links: Brett Netson & SnakesCrosss .


Omotai – A Ruined Oak


Before we begin with this review, we would like to send all our love to Houston. Please, remain strong! Omotai is a four piece band from Houston. The band came into existence back in 2010. Their new album ”A Ruined Oak” will be released on the 6th of October through Tofu Carnage Records. ‘A Ruined Oak’ was recorded by Chris Ryan at Dead City Sound and mastered by James Plotkin. Twelve songs will be included in this release. The band’s music is a blend of sludge, hardcore punk, progressive and doom metal. It starts with ”Welcome to the Adders’ Land”. Hands down, this is a really nice track. This was actually the first song i heard from this band. And then i said to myself ”So this is how this band sounds? Ok guys you now have my full attention”. ”Ruined Oak” is also a nice track. I think that Mastodon fans are gonna love it. There’s so much groove in this song. Same goes for ”Last of the green Vial”. It is considerably heavy and straightforward at the same time. ”Arms that Flood” is a beast of a song. It’s one of my favorites and i urge all of you to give it a listen. If you like Kylesa then you’ll definitely like ”Blackjaw”. Moving on we find ”Back to the drifting satellite”. That’s one really cool title for a song, don’t you think? I loved this track as well. So far i couldn’t find a mediocre moment here. Let’s check out the rest of this album. In my opinion ”A Cruel Weight, Thy Wound” is the album’s best track. It’s an immense, imposing i’d say track and it has been haunting my playlist for some time now. ”Fire is a whore” and ”A maiden nerve” that come next are also heavy as hell. ”Augustina” is also another track that you need to listen to. Certainly a beautiful track. Overall, i have to say that this is a really good album. I think the band delivered. I will admit i enjoyed this album, i’m definitely down with it and i have nothing negative to say about it whatsoever. As it has already been mentioned this album comes out on October 6. Until then check out this link.

Dead Like Me – À terre, amas de rêves


We’re about to enter autumn and Persephone will once again have to leave her mother Demetra in order to descend into the underworld and reunite with Pluton. This fall, Dead Like Me will drop their new album ”À terre, amas de rêves”. Hailing from Pau, France, the band was formed back in 2010 and since then they have released a demo (2011) and a split album with Gerda (2012). ”À terre, amas de rêves” is the band’s first Lp. It will see release on the 13th of October. Six tracks are included in this album. All lyrics are written in french but you shouldn’t let that discourage you. So let’s press play. Let’s see what we’ve got here. The album’s first track is called ”Seulement des corps entassés”. It’s a really nice track and it kinda reminded me of Coalesce. Yup, this stuff is damn interesting. But let’s have a look at the next tracks. ”À vomir des doutes et des plaintes” is the album’s second track. It’s seriously heavy. I’m definitely down with this song of theirs. ”Les cerbères d’un temple oublié” is a song that you need to experience. I mean you can’t just give it a listen. You need to feel its magnificent colours and emotions. I could describe it as a ”Neurosis meets Converge” thing but i’m not sure how accurate that would be. One thing’s for sure though. It is an excellent track. Same goes for ”Refléter le vide et son contraire”. If you’re a Burnt By The Sun fan then you’re gonna love this track. ”Nos corps s’épuisent et se déchirent” is like a big dose of mathcore madness. I personally loved it. Last but not least we find ”À terre, amas de rêves”. I personally feel that they left one of their best tracks for the end. To me this album is like a big track cut down to six pieces so you must listen to it from the first till the last song. Don’t skip any songs. My two favourite ones were ”Les cerbères d’un temple oublié” and ”À terre, amas de rêves”. I’ll admit i enjoyed this album. Therefore i would like to recommend it. I’d give it an 8.5 out of 10. As it has already been mentioned, this album comes out on October. Here’s a link where you can have a first taste.

Mastodon – Emperor of Sand


Sometimes you just have to accept reality. Summer vacation period is over for me. Sad but true. I had a great time though. Crete is a magnificent place. It is a beautiful island and it’s absolutely worthy of your visit. Now i’m back home but to tell you the truth i would had gladly extended my vacations for at least a week if i had the chance.

I think 2017 has been a great year for metal so far. Lately i’ve been listening to Mastodon’s latest full length album, namely ”Emperor of Sand”. This is actually the band’s seventh studio album. Eleven tracks are included in this release. First of all i’d like to comment on the album’s cover artwork and that’s because it’s really cool. I have yet to see a mediocre cover artwork on a Mastodon album. But let’s see what we’ve got here. Let’s just press play. First song is called ”Sultan’s Curse”. It’s a classic Mastodon track and all i can think of is ‘welcome back Mastodon’. Some fans might dislike ”Show Yourself” but i personally liked it. It’s not my favourite song from this album but it’s a cool one for sure. I can’t say the same about ”Precious Stones”. This is a kick ass song. Same goes for ”Steambreather”. In my opinion ”Roots Remain” is an excellent track. Make sure you give it a listen. I’m half way through and so far i’m really enjoying this album. Let’s see what lies ahead. ”Word to the Wise” is another awesome track. Really nice guitar solos can be found here. But we’re far from over. Immense groove can be found in ”Ancient Kingdom”. This song is what some people might call ”catchy” but it is seriously heavy of course. ”Clandestiny” is my least favourite song from ”Emperor of Sand”. I neither hated it nor loved it. ”Andromeda” though is a different case. This song feels like a dive into the band’s early period. I’m definitely down with this song. ”Scorpion Breath” kills. What a beautiful track this is! It also features Scott Kelly and Kevin Sharp on vocals. You should definitely check this one out. Last but not least we find ”Jaguar God”. It is a great track, filled with great melodies. I t works as a perfect outro for this album.

Overall i can say that i quite enjoyed this album. In my opinion ”Emperor of Sand” is a better album than ”Once More ‘Round the Sun”. I guess though this is debatable. The thing is ”Emperor of Sound” is a really nice album and it is surely worthy of your attention. Personally i’d give it an 8 out of 10. Check out this link.

Slow Death – Hate Filled World


Slow Death is a four piece band from the United States. Their debut album ”Hate Filled World” was released in June through Corpse Flower Records. Recorded back in August of 2016 at Dead Air Studios, this album includes eight songs. So let us waste no more time. Let’s press play. First song is called ”Daggers of Hate”. When i listened to this song for the first time i was like ”o.k gentlemen you now have my full attention”. This is a cool song no doubt. Nasty hardcore punk mixed with  noise rock. And i can tell you that the rest of the album’s songs didn’t let me down at all. I’m talking about songs like ”Suicide Man”. This is one of my favourite songs from this album. You’ll even find some blastbeasts in this song. I also liked ”Midnight Black” a lot. Put this song in your current playlist. Put ”Blade Runs Red” as well. Last but not least we find ”Three On A Meathook”. Lyrically the band gets a lot of inspiration from old horror movies, something that will become clear to you if you check out the titles and of course the lyrics of their songs. But that makes the album sound even darker and in my opinion heavier. Overall i’d like to say that i enjoyed this album. And, yes, i would definitely like to recommend it. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Hate Filled World”.