No Funeral/ Livid – Split


No Funeral and Livid are two bands from the United States. Their split album will be released on the 15th of August through Live Fast Die Recordings. Three tracks are will be included in this release. No Funeral contribute with two tracks and Livid with one. The first two tracks come from No Funeral. This is vicious, brutal sludge that finally found its way to my soundsystem. ”Infection” and ”Disease Brought By Depression” are of course heavy as hell. Pulverising riffs along with concrete basslines and agonizing vocals will accompany you in a journey through murky and dystopic soundscapes. Now Livid is a different story. Their style of music is more closer to doom than sludge. They kinda reminded me of old Paradise Lost . Their track is called ”False Hope”. I can’t say i loved it but i didn’t hate it as well. You can certainly trace some nice riffs. Nevertheless i’ve heard stuff like that many times in the past. As it has already been mentioned this split will see release on the 15th of August. Here’s a link where you can also give it a listen. Have you already heard this album? What did you think? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section.


Livid – Sint

Hey everybody, how’s it going? The underground is trully a remarkable place to be. I think i have unearthed a new gem. Its name is Livid. It is actually a three piece band from the United States. I’ve been listening to their album for quite some time now. ”Sint”, which was released back in July, is their debut release. Two songs can be found here, ”Sint, part1” and ”Sint, part2”. For me it’s one piece that’s been cut to two pieces. The thing is these two songs sound incredibly heavy. Find here massive basslines and huge riffs. Listening to this album feels like descending into some kind of an abyss. It feels great and rest asure if you’ re a doom metal fan you’ re going to enjoy it too. Ladies and gentlemen. this is my choice for today. Hope you’ ll like it.