Higher Power – Soul Structure


Higher Power is a five-piece hardcore band from Leeds,U.K. Their new album ”Soul Structure” will be released on May 19 through Flatspot Records. The album was mixed by Arthur Rizk at Salomons Gate (Power Trip, Mizery, War Hungry) and mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust) and it is also comprised of ten tracks. Well, good ol’ hardcore is the case with this one. The band draws a lot of inspiration from NYHC bands and presents us with an album that stands out for its aggression and positive vibes. O.k, perhaps these guys don’t aim at changing the way that people perceive hardcore. Nevertheless they sure as hell know their craft. In my opinion, many tracks from ”Soul Structure” sound as if they were taken from the hardcore golden era and that’s why i believe that many people will feel a bit of nostalgia while listening to this record. Speaking for myself, it didn’t take long for me to like these ten tracks. As for my favorite tracks from this album, these would have to be ”Looking Inward” and ”Four Walls Black”. Overall, this is a really good album and i believe that hardcore fans are gonna enjoy it.

Cloud Rat/ Moloch – Split

Hey everybody, we’re back with a new review. Today we review a split album. Cloud Rat is a grindcore/ punk band from the United States while Moloch is a sludge band from the United Kingdom. You might ask yourselves, a sludge band with a grindcore band? The answer is yes, it definitely works. If you don’t know who Cloud Rat is, then you should check out their latest, full length album ”Qliphoth”. That was a great album and that’s hands down. But let us go back to today’s split album. Cloud Rat’s side of the split is a big dose of awesomeness. This combination of grindcore and crust punk will leave no one unsatisfied. ”Amber Flush” is a nice track also. I didn’t expect to find a Crystal Castles type song there but i sure as hell enjoyed it. Now, Moloch is a different case. This split introduced me to this band and all i can say is that i’m really happy about it. Their music is beyond heavy. Here you’ll find really nice riffs as well as concrete basslines. If you like bands like Fister, Fistula, Corrupted and Noothgrush then you should definitely check out this band. I, myself, enjoyed this split album thus i’d like to recommend it.

Interview with Daniel Pilsäter from No Omega

Hi there! First of all congratulations on your new album! On what degree does it follow on from its predecessor?
Hi, thanks! It’s a fun record for me, because there’s a lot of new stuff going on. We have a new drummer since the last record, and even though we step off in some familiar ground on some songs, we’ve tried things that I’ve wanted to do for a while! There are still themes that we’ve touched upon before, but I think Oscar (vocals) is writing a much more personal record this time.

Can you tell us about your main influences?
Musically, I think we all come from listening to screamo, and moody rock music. Swedish screamo like Suis la lune and Italian bands like Raein and La Quiete, or American bands like Loma Prieta or Ampere. Earlier on I’d say Converge, Killing the Dream, Meleeh and maybe post-metal stuff played a bigger part for us.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
We’ve pulled a lot of lyrical themes from the Ishmael book series. I’d say there’s a feeling that comes from a more diffuse place though, the frustration and hopelessness that the world puts on your shoulders. Like you know something’s wrong, with everything, and there’s nothing we can do.

How is music produced in No Omega?
It almost always comes from someone who wrote some guitar parts at home, brings it to the band where we hash out a structure and maybe find new ways to play the chords together. It used to be Oscar and Andreas (old singer), and then I started writing some songs, and now we have a pretty good system on how to get a core for a song going. Gabriel who joined on drums 2015 has really pushed our writing, in my opinion. Joakim who plays bass never brings his own songs from scratch, but he has a lot of good ideas, and always wants to try and find new ways of playing a song.

Your new album ‘’Culture’’ comes out on May. How did the recording sessions go?
I thought they were good. We spent two weekends up in Söderhamn with our friend Dennis, just recording and hanging out with the Söderhamn crew. We finished up the vocals in Stockholm, but I really appreciate the chance to leave Stockholm when we record this band. I need to focus, and have an outsider kind of push us through the sessions.

Is there a concept behind this album you’d like to talk about?
Hmm. If there is a concept, I’d say it’s communication. That’s the new thing in the lyrics, and it ties a lot of the songs together. We keep talking about how important communication is, both between ourselves, but also from band to audience, and how hard it can be. When making music, it’s important to me that what I think also comes through to the listener, and sometimes it feels useless even trying. And then when it works, and you connect, it’s amazing.

What are you listening to these days?
I got heavily into the artist Mitski this winter, and her new record Puberty 2. It’s SO GOOD. Other than that, I listen to a lot of americana/folky stuff, and for aggressive music it’s either death metal, hardcore stuff like Protester or more screamo. And the usual, Radiohead, Kent etc.

Which is your favorite way of enjoying music? What would you choose between digital and physical format?
I like collecting music physically, because of the packaging, and you get another relationship to the record. But I rarely sit down and listen to my records anymore, and I have even started paying for Spotify. I used to just get my music digitally and put it on an iPod or something. Now I have playlists of stuff I’m into, like full albums, but I have to admit I sometimes listen to normal playlists too…

Do you have any live shows planned for this year?
We’re doing a release tour for Culture in April, which will be our first tour booked by Loudnoise. We’ll be playing mainland Europe, and this summer we’re coming back with our Japanese friends Endzweck to play festivals.
We have some more things lined up, but we’ll see what comes through! We might even play a hometown show this year.

What does the future hold for No Omega?
No idea. We’ve been a band for a long time now. We’ll see.

Interview with Quake The Earth

Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?
Quake the Earth’s line up is now me Jani Kakko (gtr), Aki Häkkinen (voc), Sami Knuutinen (bass) & Joonas Takalo (drums). Band was formed back in 2011 with members of hc-punk band “Forensic”. We asked Aki to join our group and then we changed band name and started whole thing from scratch. –Jani Kakko

What does the name Quake the Earth represent?
After the band’s “new beginning” and new line-up the sound changed and the song writing with it. I though it would suit good to change the band name with it in to something more meaningful. I came up with Quake The Earth for it’s divided meaning for me. On one hand it describes the music as it’s loud and strong. Other meaning is more political as I want to make people think through my lyrics – kinda wake people up a bit – forcefully even. –Aki

How would you define your sound?
Kick-ass metal with hardcore punk influeces and pinch of melody –Jani Kakko
I would describe is as a musical buffet table with all kinds of treats on it…but you only select the very best parts of it on your plate and this is what you get –Aki

Can you tell us about your main influences?
I think we all listen to different kind of music but consume a lot of it through the years. I don’t think musically we have any main influences together but we all have our own. Personally I am stuck to 90’s bands a lot for example Pantera, Meshuggah (destroy erase improve), Sepultura, Biohazard etc. when it comes to heavier music…of course 90’s rap music is the best also haha. Living in today’s world gives me the biggest influences for music.

Last September you released your new album ‘’Declaration of War’’. How has the reception been so far?
Very good review’s all around the world and people go crazy when we play live. Even radios in Europe had played our music but not so much in Finland… –Jani Kakko
Yeah the reviews have been super all over but I think not a lot of people knows about us still. We don’t have the big labels or promo companies behind us but we are doing our share of guerilla war in this huge industry and hopefully people enjoy and find our stuff. – Aki

Is there a concept behind the album you’d like to talk about?
It is politically aware as I feel we are living in a world where only a few decide the fate of billions and use greed, lies and puppets to control the masses. People have been slaved through debts and brainwashed through the media to live in a lie and be afraid to speak their mind. –Aki

What inspires you the most?
Life itself –Jani Kakko
Yeah like tends to throw turd on you and push you into corners -that’s where you find out if you fight or fall. –Aki

What are you listening to these days?
I personally have spend loads of time with vinyls like Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, kind of stuff lately. I love all kind of music but as we are talking about metal I think Gojira is biggest thing right now for me. –Jani
Oh man…it changes a lot and I have a lot of bands and artists I listen to. Currently making a new album with my other band The Duskfall so I have listened to the new songs a lot to write lyrics haha. Driving back and forth in Sweden and Finland alone I have been listening to some easier stuff late nights like Lana Del Ray and Leonard Cohen for example. –Aki

Any live shows planned for this year?
We are rehearsing with our new drummer Joonas and after we are ready for anything we will start booking for some shows and also gonna write new music also. –Aki

What does the future hold for Quake the Earth?
Gigs, new music and not giving up for mankind! Hopefully get to play more internationally also. –Aki

Interview with Friend of Gods

Hi there! Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?
Hey thanks for having us! We are Friend Of Gods. Three dudes that love music and that have created a band to nurture that love on a daily basis. We started rehearsing at the end of 2011, first as a duo (guitar/drums) and then eventually as a 3piece with bass.

What does the name Friend of Gods represent?
It started out as just a translation of a Greek suburb, because that’s where we would rehearse when we formed the band. It was a joke. We were talking about changing it when a good friend of ours showed us a drawing of a funny looking ape that he’d made. That ape wore a hat with the band’s name on it. It kind of made sense and that drawing has been the band logo ever since.

What inspires you the most?
Art in general. Other musicians, especially local one’s that we have the chance to see often. People of all kind. Nature.Cats & dogs.And our fucked up, self-destructive psychology.

How would you define your sound? Do you think it needs to be defined?
Our approach towards music is defined by punk, and we obviously have a lot of math-rock and 90’s references. Nevertheless, we try to add as much as we can to this equation and do our best not to limit our music to a certain genre.

Last December you released your new ep ‘’You Gotta Look Good In This Fuckin Business’’. How has the reception been so far? Is there a concept behind this ep you’d like to discuss?
Pretty good, considering it was only a digital release. We’ve gotten some great reviews and honest reactions from various sources. The most important thing is that we still like it. We look back at it now feeling that we gave our best to create an honest album. There is no concept really.The title is a statement, but also a question, concerning perspective.

How is music produced in Friend of Gods?
The good old fashioned jamming way! A member may come to the studio with a riff, an idea, a drum beat, or even a whole song, but it will only take complete form once we have jammed the hell out of it.

Any live shows planned for this year?
We’ll be playing at the Slap n Panic Festival in Athens at An club, on the 30th of April. Very excited about that one. We hope to hit some summer festivals in Greece after that, but our main focus at this moment is organizing a proper tour in Europe towards the end of the year.

What are you listening to these days?
We’re actually listening to the new Chronoboros album! It’s not out yet, but we were lucky enough to get our hands on it a few days ago cause they’re close friends and all that. It’s such a good album!

What does the future hold for Friend of Gods?
A lot of emails for sure! We try to do everything ourselves, it’s a lot of work but we can’t complain. We always manage to have fun, one way or another! You can also expect a new video clip from us, very soon.

Blame Kandinsky – Spotting Elegance In Chaos

I never really liked Vassily Kandinsky’s art. There, i said it. I always thought of him as a decent painter but i failed to catch the meanings of his paintings. I mean, i tried but i failed. People who know stuff about abstract art could enlighten us perhaps. Blame Kandinsky is a different story though. For those of you who don’t know, Blame Kandinsky is a five piece, mathcore band formed in Athens, Greece back in 2012. Their debut ep ”Pink Noise Motel” was released in 2014. This ep had made quite an impression on me and i was waiting for a full length album to come out.

Released on the 1st of January, ”Spotting Elegance In Chaos” is the band’s first, full length album. It was recorded by Alex Ketenjian and Kostas Ragiadakos at Unreal Studios and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios , Sweden. Ten tracks are included in this release. So let’s press play. Let’s see what we’ve got here. First track is called ”Cowboys are Devout” and all i can say is that i’m really liking this one. ”Motivation” is the album’s second track and one of my favourites as well. ”Hope” is another excellent track that stands out for its heaviness and technicality. ”Beleave” is another track that you should definitely check out. I also believe that fans of Dillinger Escape Plan are gonna love ”Where the Sun is Silent”. We’re half way through and i simply can’t wait to listen to the next five songs. ”Goya’s Polaroid” is like a bridge that leads to the rest of the album’s songs. ”Consuming Angels Breeding Demons” has a jazzy vibe if you will. Another great track no doubt. Who’s in for more? Wait till you listen to ”Brenda”. Chaotic and heavy as hell. That also goes for ”Years of the Vulture”. Last but not least we find ”Glasgow Smile”. This is by all means another awesome track and a great outro for this album.

Overall i have to say this album totally lived up to my expectations. Once again the band delivered. ”Spotting Elegance in Chaos” is a great full length, debut album. I myself loved it, rocked it and i would like to recommend it. Definitely recommended for fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch, Converge, Tardive Dyskinesia, e.t.c. So if you’re a fan of these bands do yourself a favor and listen to ”Spotting Elegance in Chaos”. Here’s a link where you can listen to this album.

Interview with Minerva Superduty


Hi there! Congratulations on your new album. In what degree does it follow on from ‘’Minerva Superduty’’?
Thank you for your kind words. “Gorod Zero” takes our sound to darker, grayer if you will, more extreme and aggressive ways. We try to keep moving forward musically while retaining our intense and unsettling playing. Having established that, the added vocals helped bring a sense of rage and despair into the picture.

How did you decide to add vocals to your music?
Soon after performing the new material live for the first time we felt that it was time to experiment with voices as well. George of Ruined Families was stoked to try so he made some demos and pretty much got the job on the spot. He is not an actual singer but nevertheless totally nailed it and brought a fresh perspective over the music with his vocal lines and to-the-point lyrics.

What inspires you the most?
Passion for change, innovation and betterment.

Apart from your favourite bands what else would you name as a key influence? Could it be a filmmaker or an art movement perhaps?
Besides music, cinema is a form of art we all enjoy. Like music, it can be velvet and gruesome all together and has been a powerful form of expression over the years.

Recently you toured Europe with Kalpa. How did this tour go?
It was an enlightening experience and we all wanted to do it for as long as we can remember. Everything really went well in general. Being abroad, playing in front of new people every night, seeing new places everyday made us stronger and more determined. We learned a lot about ourselves in this tour. Kudos go to Kalpa who organized the whole thing and made it happen.

Is there a concept behind ‘’Gorod Zero’’ you would like to discuss? Have you seen the film ‘’Gorod Zero’’ by Karen Shakhnazarov?
There is no actual concept behind the album, lyrically or otherwise. We had seen the film a while back and agreed it was both a magnificent surreal dark comedy and a great album title (laughs). The absurdities and isolation our hero faces in the film and his need to escape is what we thought parallels with the lives of the people of today.


The product of your collaboration with Thanos Mitsios was two excellent video clips. How did this collaboration come to be?
Thanos has been our friend for some years now. After listening to our debut album, he contacted us and proposed to shoot us a video. Actually, it is his day job. Having worked in a production team for some time, he wanted to create something of his own concept and was thrilled to visually portray our music. We entrusted him for “Sklenos Pt.I” and the outcome justifies it perfectly. So, when the new album was close to completion, the choice of who to make a new video with was pretty obvious.

It seems to me that as a band you always take care of every last detail. I’m talking about your songs, the cover artwork of your albums as well as your two video clips. Are you a perfectionist band?
Well, if you’re going to do it, better do it right, right?Or don’t bother at all. That is kind of the motto of the band. Even if it takes a lot of effort and time – and it usually does – it is definitely worth it. We try to do right by ourselves. And surely the small details help to bring out the big picture. Speaking of the artwork, all credits go to Paschalis Zervas/+wolframgrafik for the great work that he has done for both our albums.

Any live shows planned for this year?
We are planning some shows for the summer, there will be more details soon enough.

At this point I’d like to ask each one of you to give us your favourite album of 2016.
Sumac- What One Becomes, Bölzer – Hero, Baklavaa – Dane On, Drake – Views.

What does the future hold for Minerva Superduty?
Honestly, we would like to keep doing it for as long as we can. We are working on some new songs, still it’s early to tell what we’ll do next. Thank you for the interview and your support. Routine can wait.