Full Of Hell – Trumpeting Ecstasy


It took us a while but today we’re back with a new review. Let’s talk a bit about the new Full of Hell album. This band needs no big introduction. They were formed back in 2009 and since then they’ve been producing albums of hellish, overpowering music. The first Full of Hell album i ever listened to was the collaborative album they did with the japanese lord of the void. Yes, that album they did with Merzbow was trully something else. Their new album ”Trumpeting Ecstasy” was released this May by Profound Lore Records. First of all i’d like to say that the album’s cover artwork has made a huge impression on me. I think it’s one of the best album covers i’ve seen in a long time now. It’s simple and symmetric. It’s an image that leaves no room for misconceptions. Evil lies within. Eleven tracks are included in this album. In my opinion the listener gets the message from the very beginning. This is gonna get ugly. Once again grindcore blends ideally with black and death metal. So, yes this album sounds really brutal. It’s like an ongoing sonic storm that’s impossible to escape from. There’s definitely an imposing atmosphere throughout ”Trumpeting Ecstasy”. All of the album’s tracks hold immense amounts of raw power inside of them. Yet they feel like necessary parts of a certain procedure. I personally could not imagine this album without one of these eleven songs. Quite ecstatic about this album i’ll tell you what i think though. I think it is a great album. It’s definitely one of the best albums of this year so far. I sure as hell loved it and i have nothing negative to say about it whatsoever. In my opinion ”Trumpeting Ecstasy” gets a 9 out of 10. Here’s a link where you can also listen to this album.


Full Of Hell – Full Of Hell & Merzbow

Damn, my ears ache. Well, i’ m joking. I’m o.k. Today we have some really brutal, hellish stuff for you. Personally i would describe it as one of the most intriguing collaborations of this year. Full of Hell and Merzbow joined forces and created this album. I first listened to Full of Hell some months ago. Merzbow was already known to me. In my opinon the man who managed to to listen to ”Pulse Demon” from the first to the last second is extremely brave and deserves a reward. Nevertheless the truth is that his dadaistic approach too music has many fans around the world. I didn’t know what to expect from this album. The truth is i really wanted to listen to it. First of all i liked its album front cover. I think it’s minimalistic and awesome at the same time. I thought this album was a split album. But this is not quite the story. Full of Hell do their thing and Merzbow does his own. And i think they have managed to put it together. They have achieved to mix and match. I’ve listened to many collaborations that Merzbow has done, take for example ”Vow me Irzbow” from Ulver’s ”10 years in the machines”. But here i have the impression that Merzbow is functioning as a member of the group. The band’s music is really aggressive and brutal but Masami Akita (a.k.a Merzbow) brings a new approach. What we have here is a work of art that is heavy as fuck and has also a dark atmosphere. In most of the songs the combination of grindcore/ powerviolence works in a perfect way. Nevertheless to be perfectly honest, the song i put the most emphasis on is ”High Fells”. What an absolutely amazing song! The album’s production is perfect and as it has already been said the album’s front cover is awesome. Clearly one of this years best releases. This is a release that it is highly recommended. I feel that black metal fans are really going to like this one. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Full of Hell & Merzbow” :