Eye of Nix – Black Somnia


Eye of Nix is a four piece band from Seattle. Formed back in 2012, they released their first full length album ”Moros” in 2015. Their new album ”Black Somnia” will be released on the 15th of December through Scry Recordings. Recorded and mixed by Billy Anderson at The Hallowed Halls in Portland, Oregon and mastered by Brad Boatwright, this album includes six tracks. So let’s see what we have here. The band’s music is a blend of different styles. Their music reminds me of a lot of things and nothing at the same time. Black metal and doom metal are strong inside this album though. Two words could perhaps describe ”Black Somnia” and these are ‘avant garde’. Trully experimental and dark, this album took me by surprise and that’s because you don’t come across albums like ”Black Somnia” that often. It begins with ”Wound and Scar”, a trully great track. ”Fear’s Ascent” is one of the highlights of this album. These two songs firstly revealed to me of how talented their vocalist Joy Von Spain is. I think she has some serious vocal skills. Well, i won’t lie to you, ”A Curse” is also an excellent song. Hauntingly beautiful, this song has become a dark necessity. ”Lull” is heavy as hell. I loved it. ”Toll on” is another highlight of this album. I mean, these vocals gave me the chills. There are some many emotions inside this track. This album comes to an end quite emphatically with ”Hideous Visage”. I personally liked all six tracks. In my opinion the band delivered. ”Black Somnia” is a solid album therefore it is highly recommended. As it has already been mentioned the album comes out on December 15. Here are two links where you can follow the band on facebook and check out their first album on bandcamp.


Big Brave – Ardor

big brave

Big Brave is a three piece band from Canada. Their new album ”Ardor” was released on the 15th of September through Southern Lord Recordings. Three tracks are included in this release. So you might ask ”what music does this band play?”. Well, their unearthly music is definitely heavy and really experimental. It is also seriously dark and cold. The album’s first track is called ”Sound”. I’ll admit it caught me by surprise. I really didn’t know what to expect. In my opinion this song kills. I loved its atmosphere. I’m also down with the band’s vocals. To me her singing sounds like it’s coming straight from the heart and i most definitely like that. Second song is called ”Lull”. In my opinion you need to experience this song. Free your mind from everything that’s been bothering you and just enjoy these beautiful tunes. Last but not least we find ”Borer”, namely the album’s third song. This is probably my favourite song from this album. It wasn’t an easy decision i assure you. I’m nothing but overwhelmed by this song’s heaviness and i would like to urge all of you to give it a listen. Trust me you won’t regret it. These three songs are like a deep dive into one’s psyche. ”Ardor” by Big Brave” is one of the best albums i’ve listened to in months. In my opinion it is an album that can be enjoyed by metalheads, punks, dark wave fans, e.t.c. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Ardor”.

Thoughts Of Ionesco – Skar Cymbals


I think that someone had recommended me this band before in the past. I’m not entirely sure though. Today we’re going to talk a bit about Thoughts of Ionesco and their new ep ”Skar Cymbals”. Thoughts of Ionesco is a post hardcore band from Detroit. As i’ve been informed they’ve been defunct for many years now. Their new ep ”Skar Cymbals” will be released on June 23 through Corpse Flower Records. Four new tracks will be included in this release. This ep gave me the impression that these guys were perhaps longing for a return. Here you’ll definitely find  uncompromising, music with a strong, jazzy vibe. ”Skar Cymbals” stands out for its heavy and genuinely experimental tune and that is what makes it so appealing to me. Each song is like a trip through surrealistic or dadaistic landscapes. Personally all i had to do was to simply get carried away by the frenzy that runs through their songs. I loved all four songs of them but the fourth one, namely ”Scar Symbols”, is simply epic. You need to listen to this one. I’d like to say that the band has gained another fan (i’m simply referring to myself) and may i say that this was one glorious return. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Scar Cymbals”.

Aluk Todolo release new video trailer for their new album

Instrumental power trio, Aluk Todolo, has released a new video trailer for their arcival release appropriately titled ”Archive Vol. 1”.

Over those ten years, including four full length albums, a collaboration and two EPs, Aluk Todolo have trodden a new path of sonic pursuits. Hailing from France, the exploratory trio get experimental with Krautrock drenched in black metal intensity. Whilst having never been able to be easily pigeonholed, Aluk Todolo’s sound has morphed and reshaped over the years.

Mirrors for Psychic Warfare – Mirrors for Psychic Warfare

We’ re just a week before the new year’s eve. Today we’ re back with a new review. I thought it would be a good idea to talk about an experimental album. Mirrors for Psychic Warfare is a collaboration between two members, namely Scott Kelly (Neurosis) and Sanford Parker (Buried at Sea). Their first album ”Mirrors for Psychic Warfare” was released back in April by Neurot Recordings. Five tracks are included in this release. As i have already said the band’s music is quite experimental. Their music blend contains key ingredients like industrial, noise, drone and dark wave. And, yes, it definitely works. This album gave me a rather dark, cold taste. In my opinion it’s an album that you can easily call it a bit claustrophobic and esoteric. This is for sure layered music with a certain sense of charm if you will. It’s an album that will not reveal its secrets to you that easy. You need to give it a listen some times before you start feeling confident that you finally understood what it’s about. Even if you don’t fully understand it i can assure you this album is a hell of a ride. Personally it made me think about stuff and it also made me dream. So just sit back and listen to this album. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Mirrors for Psychic Warfare”.