Electric Wizard – Time to Die

Electric-Wizard-Time-To-Die-ArtworkToday the sky turns black. Horrific creatures emerge from the deepest and darkest crypts. The most pleasurable nightmare has returned. All the way from Dorset, England, it’ s your favorite, my favorite, the one and only Electric Wizard.

First of all, allow me to state that here in Tzertzelos we all love this band. I re member it was back in 2000. I had read an interview in Metal Hammer of a rather obscure, strange man called Jus Oborn. He had this band called Electric Wizard and they had just released an album called ”Dopethrone”. Just out of curiosity i went to the record store and bought it. Irrelevant perhaps but there are still record stores in the town that still overcharge! Some people still feed on other people’ s romanticism.

”Dopethrone” is still one of my favorite albums. This album is insanely heavy. In a way it was a bit innovative and different from other releases of that time. It was an album with a personality of its own. I mean these guys took the Black Sabbath vibe and took it to a whole other level.

The band has released a total of eight albums. ”Time to Die” is their newest release. Find in this album nine cold blooded, dark hymns to despair and agony. Electric Wizard are back with another album that can only be described as another classic Wizard album. Jus Oborn’ s vocals still sound eerie and mystical. Find in this release whatever is expected in an Electric Wizard release. Huge monolithic riffs that sound like a tormented soul that will haunt your soundsystem for a long time. Fuckin’ awesome basslines are still, while an occult, heavy space rock is of course predominant. The band’ s music is gonna make you high. Personally i can’ t stop listening to ”Sadiowitch”. In my opinion it is the album’ s best track. The album’ s front cover art is once again great. It has achieved 100% to give you a first impression of the darkness that lurks inside the album.

I think that September ends with a great album. I think that the band has delivered once again. A band that is really passionate about its music. Doom/sludge/heavy rock fans should definitely check out this album. Just delve into their music and you will not regret it. Find a stream of the album here: http://noisey.vice.com/en_uk/blog/electric-wizard-time-to-die?utm_source=noiseyfbuk