A dadaistic approach to music

It’s been a while since our last review. Today i thought we should do something different, more experimental if you like. I have heard of this band/ project before but i have never devoted any time to listen to their stuff. So until recently i was totally unfamiliar with their sound. Luckily for me, a good friend of Tzertzelos sent me a link with this album. I decided to check it out. I saw that Justin Broadrick was involved in this. I am big fan of Godflesh, Jesu, JK Flesh e.t.c. so i had to listen to this album.

Curse of the Golden Vampire was a collaboration between Alec Empire, Kevin Martin and Justin Broadrick of course. Back in 2003 they released ”Mass Destruction” Lp through Ipecac records. Fifteen tracks are included in this release. In my opinion it is not your typical kind of an album. This album sounds to me like an experiment. Something that students of a music college would do just to see how far they could get. Or how many more soundscapes they could come across. The impression i got is that these guys decided to put something together and they said ”you know what? We’ re going to go really hard on this one.” So no holds barred. Listening to this album you quickly come to realize that artistic expression should know no real limits.

What you have in this record is an exciting blend of industrial, noise, hard techno, grindcore, hardcore, e.t.c. Sounds chaotic, doesn’t it? And perhaps it is. But sometimes through chaos comes order. I mean if you listen carefully it really makes sense.You are going to come across some Merzbow influences here. In a certain point of view this is what makes this album so special and experimental if you will. I mean this album does not abide to any strict rules. You’ ll find of course a lot of late Godflesh here. Drum n’ bass fans also are not going to be dissapointed.

Personally i loved this album. I loved its experimental and extremely heavy atmosphere. I think my favorite track would have to be ”Parasite”. It’s as if Napalm Death, Merzbow, Godflesh and Bizzy B decided to jam and put something together. Something like this would come out. I’m certain of it. In my attempt to reach a conclusion i would have to say that this is a really good and intriguing album. It is definitely recommended for hardcore fans, black metal fans, grindcore fans, e.t.c Check out this link: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo2fFFrMhL4)