Interview with Green Yeti

Hi there! Please introduce us to your band. When did it all start for Green Yeti?
Hey there, we are Green Yeti, a stoner doomed psych-rock trio from Athens, Greece, formed in early 2014. Dani plays the bass, Mike sings and scratches the guitar, while Giannis keeps destroying drum kits while we jam. That’s the current line-up.

Can you tell us about your main influences?
We have been influenced by 70s rock bands of the time, psychedelic stoner doom of recent years, and basically any music style that has the appropriate amount of mojo to keep us going!

How would you define your sound?
Strange Heavy!

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Almost anything really, it could be today’s weather report, or a walk in the park. A phone call. Of course, there are dark caves, purple smoke, urban legends and unexplained phenomena involved, but hey, it adds up to our strange heavy sound for sure. And lots of green fuzzy hair, that too.

Your new album ‘’Desert Show’’ will be released this April. How did the recording sessions go?
It was hard. We did have to change drummers during the recording sessions and also prepare a new song for a compilation (spoiler) that is still under development. Fotis left the group and almost immediately Giannis took his place and lived up to our expectations. We were good to go again! Following the same routine, we did everything our own way, full DIYlive recording in the cave as always. Then mixing/mastering DIY again…We have found the recipe so now we can only improve it with time. The very positive feedback shows that we are doing more than fine. We pushed ourselves to the limit but like we say “Pressure makes diamonds”!

Recently you revealed a track from your upcoming new album. In my opinion ‘’Rojo’’ is an excellent track. How did you decide to write a song in Spanish?
It sounded right. We always try new things so this was definitely something we wanted to do. Dani’s first stoner band was called Rojo in the early days of his bass career, so we already had a title too. It kinda evolved from there by itself. Mike wrote lyrics, which then were corrected by friends/native Spanish speakers, and he also learned to pronounce the words of the song. We are great fans of Los Natas and also Alejandro Jodorowsky who played a major part for this song to emerge from the depths of imagination.

What are you listening to these days?
Dani is listening to the Desert Show masters, Giannis is into hip hop, while Mike prefers silence and sounds of nature for now.

Which is your favorite way of enjoying music? What would you choose between digital and physical format?
Sitting on a leather couch, doing nothing else but focusing on these music waves till you fall asleep…! Format wise, practically speaking, we prefer good quality mp3s or flacs, but there is no comparison if you have a good sound system and a vinyl pressing available. You can combine these 2 by using cassettes, but tape players are more and more hard to find these days!

Next month you’re going on tour. Can you tell us about your tour dates?
We will be playing on our first tour together as a band! Wow. Starting our trip from Volos we will move on to Thessaloniki, followed by 2 dates in Bulgaria and SoundartFest in Bucharest, Romania with bands like Nightstalker, Stoned Jesus and Exivious. It will be a blast! For the final gigof this tour we have the privilege to play along Yawning Man at AN Club, which feels like a second home to us really, and playing along the fathers of stoner rock will be a night to remember.

What does the future hold for Green Yeti?
It holds mysteries, the future is unknown of course. Oh, and a lot of RAWK. There’s much RAWK in the future for sure!

Cloud Rat/ Moloch – Split

Hey everybody, we’re back with a new review. Today we review a split album. Cloud Rat is a grindcore/ punk band from the United States while Moloch is a sludge band from the United Kingdom. You might ask yourselves, a sludge band with a grindcore band? The answer is yes, it definitely works. If you don’t know who Cloud Rat is, then you should check out their latest, full length album ”Qliphoth”. That was a great album and that’s hands down. But let us go back to today’s split album. Cloud Rat’s side of the split is a big dose of awesomeness. This combination of grindcore and crust punk will leave no one unsatisfied. ”Amber Flush” is a nice track also. I didn’t expect to find a Crystal Castles type song there but i sure as hell enjoyed it. Now, Moloch is a different case. This split introduced me to this band and all i can say is that i’m really happy about it. Their music is beyond heavy. Here you’ll find really nice riffs as well as concrete basslines. If you like bands like Fister, Fistula, Corrupted and Noothgrush then you should definitely check out this band. I, myself, enjoyed this split album thus i’d like to recommend it.

The Ditch and The Delta – Hives In Decline

Hey everybody, hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. Here in Athens the sky is a bit cloudy and sunny at the same time. Today i wanted to talk to you about an album i’ve been listening to lately. It’s really good so i thought we should say some things about it. First of all let me state that The Ditch And The Delta are a three piece band from Salt Lake City. ”Hives In Decline” is the band’s debut Lp.

The album will see release on May 12 through Battleground Records. Seven tracks will be included in this release. The band’s music is of course heavy . I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. This blend of sludge and mathcore is like ribs with bbq sauce. It’s difficult not to like it. Unless of course you’ re a vegetarian. The album’s first track is called ”Hives in Decline”. Listening to this track i was like ”O.k gentlemen you now have my attention”. There’s groove, nice riffs and i’m sure as hell down with it. ”Fuck on Asphalt” is heavy as hell. It is also one of this album’s best tracks. The same goes for ”Sleeping Dogs”. ”Dry Land” is somewhat different. It’s a bit more bluesy if you will but a nice track nonetheless. ”Till Body Quits” is an awesome track and that’s hands down. It’s another favorite track from this album. Each track tells a story of its own. ”Mud” is another one i liked a lot. Last but not least we find ”Dread Spectacle”. This is another song that you should definitely check out.

I myself enjoyed all seven tracks. This album was a pleasant surprise and that’s because i didn’t really knew what to expect. Nevertheless i’d like to say that this is a great debut album and i have nothing really negative to say about it whatsoever. Definitely recommended for Mastodon fans.

Unearthly Trance – Stalking The Ghost

Today we’re gonna talk a bit about Unearthly Trance and their new album. First of all i’d like to say i’m really happy they’re back with a new full length. For those of you who don’t know let me just state that Unearthly Trance is a three piece band from New York. The band came into existence back in 2000 and since then they have been producing albums of exquisite sludge/ doom metal like ”Season Of Séance, Science Of Silence”.

”Stalking the Ghost” was released on the 24th of February. First of all i’d like to comment on the album’s front cover artwork and that’s because it is simply impressive. It’s like a statement. It’s like someone is saying ”This is how it is supposed to be done”. Eight tracks are included in this release. It starts with ”Into the Spiral”, a song that is a perfect intro for this album. ”Dream State Arsenal” is the album’s song and in my opinion it is a beast of a song. Certainly one of this album’s best tracks. ”Scythe” that comes next is another great song. It sounds beyond heavy and raw. ”Famine” stands out for its immense groove and its really nice riffs. ”Lion Strength” is nothing more than pure badassery. I’m definitely down with this song. ”Invisible Butchery” is another favorite of mine. I loved this track’s vocals and its stone cold atmosphere. Wait till you listen to ”The Great Cauldron” though. There’s a certain sense of epicness throughout this song. Check it out and see for yourselves. Last but not least we find ”In the Forest’s Keep”. Our journey has reached its destination. I can assure you it was a great journey.

We’re still in the mid of march. However i think it’s quite impressive that so many great albums have been released in just 2.5 months time. It is my strong belief that ”Stalking The Ghost” is one of these albums. Unearthly Trance have made a glorious return and we’re more than happy to welcome them back.