Welk – Sein


Welk is a five piece band from Germany. Their new album ”Sein” is comprised of six tracks and it actually comes out today. It is really good so i thought we should say some words about it. The band’s music is a more than exciting combination of black metal, neo crust and hardcore. So the band introduces themselves to us through this darkened music of theirs. It begins with ”Urne”. This is definitely a really nice track with some stone cold riffs. ”Sonne” is the album’s second track and it doesn’t deviate at all from the tune that was set by the album’s first song. Atmospheric yet brutal, this song is already haunting my perosnal playlist. And then came ”Statue”, namely the album’s third song and a song that balances perfectly between black metal and hardcore. Surely a song you must listen to. I liked ”Ruhe” a lot. I loved how this unwordly atmosphere is being unveiled throughout this song. Last but not least we find ”Schlaf”. This is one of my favourite songs from ”Sein”. In my opinion it works as an excellent outro for this album. ”Sein” is another gem unearthed from the underground. I liked this album a lot so i’d like to recommend it. They made a fan out of me and i’m sure the same will happen with you. Definitely recommended for fans of Oathbreaker, Downfall of Gaia and Abest. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Sein”.


Hive – Parasitic Twin


Hive is a four piece band from the United States. Their latest album ”Parasitic Twin” was released on April 21, 2017 through Crown and Throne Ltd. Recorded in 2016 by Mike Duffy in Room 44 and mixed by Matthew Kirkwold at Rumble Studios, this album includes ten tracks. Let’s see what we’ve got here. Their music combines d-beat/ crust and hardcore punk. O.k, once again i’ll admit it didn’t take too long for me to like this album. When the third track of this album came to an end i had already come to a conclusion. My opinion did not change at all when i listened to the final note of this album. Hive had passed my ”test”. Here you’ll find nothing less than ten songs which are filled with anger and rage. Apart from that, a lot of their songs (”Common Ancestor” for example) contain some dark, cold elements. I think this kind of a ”plot twist” is what makes this album so interesting to me. This is not your typical d-beat band or your typical d-beat album. There’s definitely much more to it. I’m talking about nice riffs, brutal vocals and huge raw punk energy that will surely make your day as it did mine. This album is definitely worthy of your attention, especially if you’re a fan of swedish crust punk. As for me, i’m going to name ”Parasitic Twin” as one of this month’s best albums. It is not what one would call as a game changer but it is seriously heavy like a dynamite. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Parasitic Twin”.

Cvlt of Grace -Tears

cvlt of grace
Cvlt of Grace is a three piece band from Pécs, Hungary. The band was formed back in 2011. ”Tears” , which will be released this August, is their newest EP as well as their fourth release. Well, ”Tears” is beyond good so i thought it would be a good idea to say some words about this album. Five tracks are included in this release. First of all, the band’s music is an exciting blend of hardcore, sludge, some black metal, and crust punk. Or else you can just simply call it chaotic hardcore.  Personally speaking it didn’t take too long for me to like their stuff. ”Tears” begins with a massive song called ”From Hell (Land of Anxiety)” to continue with another excellent song called ”To Hell (Land of Ignorance)”. Massive basslines combine with stone cold riffs and awesome hxc vocals. O.k so here we’ ve reached ”Dogfaced Children”, namely the album’s third song. Hands down this is a great song. It’s one of the best songs i’ve listened to in months. Just give it a listen and draw your own conclusions. ”Black Sack” is a great sample of beatdown hardcore. ”Stones and Knives” is the album’s fifth and last song and all i can think of is that a new band is in town. Its name is Cvlt of Grace. Mark that name. They made a fan out of me and i’m sure the same will happen with you. Just before the end i’d like to say you get some extra points for the album’s top notch production. And now i’d like to urge all of you to check out these links: