Hive – Parasitic Twin


Hive is a four piece band from the United States. Their latest album ”Parasitic Twin” was released on April 21, 2017 through Crown and Throne Ltd. Recorded in 2016 by Mike Duffy in Room 44 and mixed by Matthew Kirkwold at Rumble Studios, this album includes ten tracks. Let’s see what we’ve got here. Their music combines d-beat/ crust and hardcore punk. O.k, once again i’ll admit it didn’t take too long for me to like this album. When the third track of this album came to an end i had already come to a conclusion. My opinion did not change at all when i listened to the final note of this album. Hive had passed my ”test”. Here you’ll find nothing less than ten songs which are filled with anger and rage. Apart from that, a lot of their songs (”Common Ancestor” for example) contain some dark, cold elements. I think this kind of a ”plot twist” is what makes this album so interesting to me. This is not your typical d-beat band or your typical d-beat album. There’s definitely much more to it. I’m talking about nice riffs, brutal vocals and huge raw punk energy that will surely make your day as it did mine. This album is definitely worthy of your attention, especially if you’re a fan of swedish crust punk. As for me, i’m going to name ”Parasitic Twin” as one of this month’s best albums. It is not what one would call as a game changer but it is seriously heavy like a dynamite. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Parasitic Twin”.


The Throne – Frail Threads

The Throne is a five piece band from Szczecin, Poland. Their second, full length album titled ”Frail Threads” will be released on March, 5 through Unquiet Records. This album will contain five tracks. Their previous, full length was released back in 2015 and it is definitely an album worth checking out. In my opinion ”Frail Threads” follows on from ”Singularity”, namely the album that introduced us to The Throne. The same cold and dark feeling is still here. However, i think that the band has definitely evolved. In my opinion they have distanced themselves a bit from post moving towards d-beat/ neocrust. This has resulted in an album that to me sounds more aggressive. ”Frail Threads” has an excellent production and contains some awesome songs that i would persoanlly love to to listen to them live. I’m talking about songs like ”Cursed” and ”Observer”. These two were my favourite songs from this album. ”Frail Threads” is a nice song as well. Last but no least we find ”V”. I liked this track a lot and i think sludge fans will do to. This five track album is definitely worthy of your attention. Until its release check out their bandcamp page and show this band some love.

Victims – Sirens

Victims is a four piece band from Stockholm, Sweden. I’m not a newcomer to this band. A few years ago a friend had recommended them to me. And when i found out that they had released a new album i must admit i became quite eager to listen to it. ”Sirens”, which was released back in april, is their latest album. Well, i caught wind of this release some months later but i guess it’s better late than never. Twelve tracks are included in this release. The band’s music combines hardcore punk, d-beat and crust. Motorhead is really strong in their music and that’s simply great. ”Sirens” sounds to me as heavy as it should be. I have to say i’m always down with this d-beat style that makes the music sound significantly raw and heavy as hell. I liked all of the album’s songs but if i should definitely choose a favourite song that would had to be either ”Questions” or ”Ashes”. Make no mistake though each song is enriched with high levels of hardcore punk energy. As for me, i personally enjoyed it and i would like to recommend it. Specially recommended for fans of Tragedy, Skitsystem, From Ashes Rise, Wolfbrigade, e.t.c. So if you’ re a fan of the bands listed before do yourself a favour and listen to ”Sirens”. Check out this link.

Afmagt – Den Sidste kamp Taber Du Alene

We’ re back with another review. Afmagt (danish for powerlessness) was formed in early 2016 by current and former members of Hexis, No Fealty and Iron. On the 14th of October the band released their debut ep ”Den Sidste Kamp Taber Du Alene”. I don’t speak any danish but according to google translate (that’s a rather risky translation i have to say) the album’s title means ”the last game you lose alone”. So, five tracks are included in this ep. The band’s music is a more than exciting blend of hardcore punk and d-beat. Before you do anything make sure you turn up the volume. First song is called ”sidste udvej” and it’s damn amazing. Listening to it i was like ”O.k gentlemen you have my attention now”. ”Det yderste mørke” is the album’s second track and this is another awesome track as well. But wait there’s more. Enter ”Svarta strack”. In my opinion this is one of this album’s best tracks. ”Håbets sidste bastion” is just another great track from this album, full of raw hardcore energy. I loved this track’s intro. Last but not least we find ”forrådt” and all i can say is that this shit is the bomb. I must admit i loved this ep. All of its 5 tracks. To me it sounds fresh and definitely inspired. Thumbs up also for the album’s production. All songs sound as heavy and massive as they should. They made a fan out of me and i’m pretty sure the same thing will happen with you. Den Sidste Kamp Taber Du Alene is recommended for all hardcore fans.

VVORSE – Näkyjä Helvetistä

VVORSE is a four piece band from Jyväskylä, Finland. ” Näkyjä Helvetistä ” (finnish for ‘visions from hell’), which was released on the 11th of october, is their debut, full length album. Their music is a blend of crust punk, hardcore and a bit of sludge. Nevertheless crust punk is the main element in their music. All lyrics are written in finnish but that’s not really a problem because as we’ said so many times before, music is a universal language. And i think these guys here manage to get their message across. Nine tracks await for you here. I must admit this is some stuff. We’re talking about pure, raw energy. It didn’t really take too long for me to like their music. From the first song i was like ”O.k gentlemen you have my attention now”. And the rest of the songs proved to be fast and heavy as hell. For example check out ”Haudantekijä”. This is my favorite song from this album. D-beat/ crust as it should be. Personally, i must say i enjoyed this album. Therefore i would like to recommend it. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ” Näkyjä Helvetistä ”.

Cruz – Culto Abismal

Cruz is a five piece, death metal band from Barcelona. ”Culto Abismal”, which will released on the 7th of October, is their debut, full length album. We’ re talking about old school death metal. This band takes inspiration from 90’s death metal but they don’t just want to sound nostalgic or something like that. They add a lot of crust punk and d-beat to their music producing an album that just can’t go unnoticed. They have definitely achieved to bring back that evilness that existed in albums like ”Left Hand Path”. This is one of these cases where the album’s cover art tells a lot about what’s going on in this album. This is abysmal, hellish music. It is a living nightmare that’s rather welcome. And we’ re more than happy and excited to embrace this abysmal cult. All eight tracks are more than great but if i should choose a favorite one then that would have to be ”Culto Abismal”. Personally i enjoyed this album. I think it’s one of the best albums i’ve listened to in months. Specially recommended for death metal fans. Check out these links:

Dark Circles/Abstracter – Split

dark circles_abstracter_ 1550x1500_cover
Hello everyone. Yesterday we’ ve had a blast. Sun of Nothing is the shit. Today it’s really cloudy and windy outside. Nevertheless my coffee is ready and so am i. Let’s see what we’ ve got here. What we have is some heavy stuff for you, this time from Canada and the United States. Today we review a split album made by Dark Circles and Abstracter. Dark Circles is a blackened crust/hardcore band from Canada while Abstracter is a black/ sludge/doom metal band from the United States. You can say that black metal is the common denominator here. It’s really exciting to see what artists can do with black metal these days. I love it when they experiment and when they blend it with other genres. That puts a big smile on my face. But let us get back to the album. You can find six songs here. Dark Circles contribute with four songs. Abstracter with two. The attack began with Dark Circles. They stormed in with their fast, heavy and cold sound. Great d-beat/ crust punk combined with some awesome blastbeats and sharp black metal riffs. I loved the fact that the first three tracks have this continuity. I mean you have two kick-ass songs in the beginning that culminate to ”Isolate”, which by the way is an excellent song. ”Epilogue” is more of an ambient track. It is actually our passage to the Abstracter side. To me, Abstracter’s music is quite imposing, creating some dark and eerie soundscapes. My favorite song from this band is definitely ”Barathrum”. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a great song. Personally, i want to hear more stuff from this band. So before i conclude this review, i want to say that i really enjoyed this split album. Both bands sound inspired and they sure as hell know their kraft. We don’t have a grading scale here but if we had one this would be an 8 or a 8,5 out of 10. Dark Circles/Abstracter split comes out on April 1st. Until then check out these links: