Interview with Thomas from Kollapse

Hi guys! How have you been? What news from Aalborg?
Thomas: Aalborg is a blackhole.

Please introduce us to your band. When was the band formed?
Thomas: That depends on what you want to know? We formed roughly 5 years ago. We started out as a threepiece, with Troels being the lone guitar player. We all had previous bands. Frederik attended a few live shows and later joined us as a percussionist for a couple of shows. He then joined as a permanent guitar player later. We recorded the Fathertrack for a 7” with him and things started to pick up at that point. We are all passionate music fans and this interest branched out into wanting to record and release music for ourselves. This band is somewhat different from what everyone has done before. Kollapse exists for us.We have no great aspirations or commercial interest. kollapse is greater than the sum of its parts and we would not sound like we did, had any member been replaced. This is us.

What inspires you the most?
Thomas: I can only answer for myself, but for kollapse I hardly get inspired by music at this point. Life feels so intense sometimes, and I get inspired by all the feelings of shortcomings, loathing, alienation and stress of everyday life. If I do find inspiration outside of my own state of being, it mostly comes from art and literature. States of mind that I feel connected to on some more or less abstract or intuitive level. In general the one thing that inspire sme most in my life is being a father.

Can you tell us about you rmain influences?
Thomas: As in musical influences? I listen to a million things but as far as kollapsegoes I am influenced by bands that feel to me, like they mean, what they do: Breach, midperiod Neurosis, Weakling, Amrepera, Today is the Day, Union of Uranus. Emo, hardcore, metal, indie…whatever.

How would you define your sound?
Thomas: I wouldn’t want to, because we spend an insane amount of time clawing at our songs, making sure that they end up feeling like kollapse songs – it is pretty tiring but we have to do it. I really dislike hyperbolic catchphraseytripe so: “heavy and emotional” is how I would describe it.

This May you released your debut album ‘’Angst’’. How did the recording sessions go?
Thomas: They went great, we had a reall ygood time with Jacob Bredahl who is a funny, honest and loveable dude. He is really into martial arts and hardcore – which helped me immensely during the few hours we didn’t work in the studio. We recorded the entire album in roughly two days, which is insane.

Is there a concept behind this album you’d like to discuss?
Thomas: The album title and lyrics tells it all I think.

What are you listening to these days?
Thomas: a lot of Danish bands for some reason: Orm, Slægt, Nyt Liv and other stuff like Yellow Eyes, Ash Borer, The Weeknd, Oxbow, City Keys, Ultha and so on. I listen to and buy a lot of records.

Do you have any live shows planned for this year?
Thomas: Yes, we are playing a lot of shows this year, including Copenhagen, Norway, Sweden and Germany. Check our bandcamp for more info.

What does the future hold for Kollapse?
Thomas: probably writing a lot of music oncetouring for this album is done. I’d like kollapse to branch out into other forms of art, but we will see. I paint and write and Peter our drummer is a photographer so maybe something will manifest, we never know when it comes to kollapse though – we might implode next week.

Kollapse – Angst

Kollapse is a four piece band from Aalborg, Denmark. The band was formed back in 2012. Their new album ”Angst” will be released on the 19th of May. Seven tracks will be included in this release. Through this blog we’ ve talked so many times about things like originality and inspiration among others. And rest assure you can find a lot of the aforementioned inside today’s album. Let us waste no more time. Let’s press play. The band’s music is a combination of different styles like hardcore, crust punk and doom metal. These three are key ingredients to create something awesome. First of all i’d like to comment on the album’s production and that’s because i think it’s simply awesome. ”Angst” to me sounds super heavy with an immense groove. It starts with ”Void” which is one of this album’s best tracks and my favorite as well. I also loved ”Death of a Monotheist”, namely the album’s second track. This is one epic track for sure. ”GueuleS CaslêeS” is another excellent song from this album. I mean there’s so much strength in this song. I simply can’t get enough of ”Til Hølle”. Here you’ll find some really nice riffs. ”Blinding Light” is a great track. Fans of Isis and Cult of Luna are gonna love it. ”Nesting” is a beautiful song. So is ”Abandon”. Overall, seven tracks form a great album that needs to be heard really loud.
I will admit that ”Angst” is one of the best albums i’ve listened to in months. I’m definitely down with it thus i’d like to recommend it. From us it is a 9 out of 10. Fans of Neurosis, Isis, Cult of Luna, Rosetta, Breach dig in.

Rest – Rest ep

Rest is a four piece band from Udine, Italy. To be honest the only thing i knew about Udine was Udinese F.C. Nevertheless this is not a post about football. It’s about Rest and their self-titled, debut ep. Released in October 4, 2016, this ep includes five tracks. The band’s music is a more than exciting blend of hardcore, crust, black metal and sludge. Yes, their music is seriously heavy. In my opinion ”Rest” ep sounds really brutal and raw. However here you’ll find many doses of coldness, absolutely necessary to give you this feeling as if you’ re swimmimg in dark, murky waters. I liked all five songs, but my favourite ones would have to be ”I”, ”II” AND ”IV”. ”IV” is an awesome song and that’s hands down. Overall, an ep that’s really promising. I have an objection though. Is it me or their vocalist’s voice was a bit lowered? I mean there were some parts where i had to focus to listen to his vocals. However i’ll admit i enjoyed this ep and i would really like to listen to more songs from this band. Here’s a link where you can listen to ”Rest” ep.

Buioingola – Il Nuovo Mare

Buioingola is a three piece band from Viareggio, Italy. ”Il Nuovo Mare” (italian for ”the new sea’) is their new album. It will be released on march 31. Never before had i heard of this band in the past. If someone knows the correct pronunciation of the band’s name then he can leave a comment in the comment section or send us a message. So, yes i’m what you might call a newcomer to this band.

A thing that made a big impression on me is the album’s cover artwork. I mean it looks like a gigantic engine coming out of a deep dark sea. One thing i said to myself is ”this has to be good”. Seven tracks are included in this release. All lyrics are written in italian. However, as we have said so many times through this page music is an international language. Buioingola’s music is an exciting blend of many different styles. I feel rather unable to describe their sound. It would be perhaps wrong and pointless trying to categorize their sound. Genres come and go. Creativity is what matters. And, yes creativity is the case here. I would describe ”Il Nuovo Mare” as trully addictive. I can’t seem to get enough of this album. I got trapped inside this dark abyss and i simply can’t get out. This album is cold, so damn cold. Well, i’m a bit lost for words here. I loved their His Hero Is Gone type vocals along with their stone cold riffs. I also loved how inspired this album sounds. I love their approach on heavy sound. It’s been some while since someone has done someting like that. I would also like to comment on the album’s experimental nature. It seems to me that these guys were not afraid to experiment at all. And definitely the result has payed them off. I am not going to pick a favourite song here and that’s because i loved all seven of them. You must experience this album. Feel the lyricism and it’s dark beauty.

”Il Nuovo Mare” is an excellent album and that’s hands down. I have not heard an album like that for some time now. I loved it and i simply want to share my enthusiasm for this album. I ‘d easily give it a 9 out of 10. Before i end this review i’d like to address the band. I really hope this is not your swansong.

Kaze’s favorite album list for year 2016

Dear readers,
the current article type is one of my favorite; an article that I am working on during the whole year. Every time I am preparing to listen to a new release, I am thinking ‘Let’s see, if this is quite addictive & exceptional!’. If I listen to the album N times in a row (where N >= 30), then it is a potential candidate for my favorite album list! Of course only a few albums are able to make their way in that list. The following albums were released during 2016 except laCasta’s Encyclia which was released in December 2015, and I listened to it for the first time in January 2016. For each album, I provide some information such as a link to a review if there is one, and a link to the bandcamp page of the release, allowing you to easily access the material and check it out for yourself. My favorites for 2016 include 16 releases where only the last 3 are ranked. For me, a favorite album means a 10/10 album and the first 13 albums fall in this category; all of them are quite addictive & extraordinary. But the last 3, they really talked to my soul, that is why I would like to differentiate them from the rest. I hope you enjoy!

16. The Black Furs (Argentina)- Doomed Blues


Death blues, garage, rock’n’roll

Listen to The Black Furs in Bandcamp

15. Atomikylä (Finland)


Psychedelic, black metal

Listen to Atomikylä in Bandcamp

14. laCasta (Italy) – Encyclia EP


Blackened hardcore

Album Review

Listen to laCasta in Bandcamp

13. Baestien (Czech Republic) – Uroboros



Listen to Baestien in Bandcamp

12. Ancst (Germany) – Moloch


Blackened crust

Album Review

Listen to Ancst in Bandcamp

11. Eave/Galarre (US) – Split


Blackgaze, depressive black metal

Listen to Eave/Galarre split in Bandcamp

10. Suuns (Canada) – Hold/Still


Indie, post-punk

Listen to Suuns in Bandcamp

09. Hemelbestormer (Belgium) – Aether


Doom, sludge

Listen to Hemelbestormer in Bandcamp

08. Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland) – Värähtelijä


Psychedelic black metal

Album Review

Listen to Oranssi Pazuzu in Bandcamp

07. Sarabante (Greece) – Poisonous Legacy


Crust, d-beat

Album Review

Listen to Sarabante in Bandcamp

06. ΚΑΤΑΧΝΙΑ (Greece) – Στη Σκιά Μιας Λαιμητόμου


Crust punk

Listen to Καταχνιά in bandcamp

05. Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas (Sweden & US)- Mariner



Album Review

Listen to Mariner in Bandcamp

04. Russian Circles (US) – Guidance


Instrumental post-metal

Listen to Russian Circles in Bandcamp

03. Teksti-TV 666 (Finland) – 1,2,3


Garage, rock’n’roll

Listen to Teksti-TV 666 in Bandcamp

02. Martyrdöd (Sweden) – List


Metal, crust, d-beat

Album Review

Listen to Martyrdöd in Bandcamp

01. Morrow (UK) – Covenant Of Teeth



Album Review

Listen to Morrow in Bandcamp

Martyrdöd – List


Ladies & gentlemen,
last November, November the 25th, one of our favorite bands in the blog, the swedish Martyrdöd released their 6th full album ”List”. In my opinion that was one of the most awesome & unexpected surprises of the dreadful year 2016. List is a 36 minutes must-have, must-listen, 10 to 10 crust album, that incorporates elements of older Martyrdöd albums such as gigantic sierras of blackened crust sounds straight from the dark earth of Göteborg, along with newer elements found in the latest works of the band, such as melodic riffs and metal solos, enhancing the experience. The solos are developing on top of the unstoppable d-beat battery of Martyrdöd, unleasing the attack. An attack that cannot be evaded, an attack so relentless & so exceptional that cannot be described in words. They totally raised the bar & the expectations to a different level, and that is what exactly we need’ bands to push their limits in different dimensions, allowing the scene to develop even more, to destroy stereotypes & norms. List is exactly that.

In my opinion almost all tracks are exceptional, but the ones I could single out from the rest for the one or the other reason, are the tracks “1 Overlevaren “, “2. List”, “7.Handlöst fallen ängel”, “10. Transmission”. I am really excited that Martyrdöd will participate in Deathfest 2017 in Tilburg, Netherlands and i will have the opportunity to watch them perform live. You should also do the same, go check them out wherever they perform! And of course feel free to support them through Bandcamp.

Remember that we, the fans, are the ones that feed the bands (in any means) to develop & refine their art.

Martyrdöd List in Bandcamp

Budgrief – Demo 2016

Happy holidays to all! We’ re back today with another review. Actually this is our last review for this year. I’ d like to think that we’ve reviewed some of the best albums the underground has to offer. We also missed many albums. There’s no doubt about that. Rest assure though in 2017 we’ re gonna have more reviews and interviews for you. Let’s close this year with a relatively new band. Budgrief is a three piece band from Brighton, U.K. This november they released a two track demo. It was mixed and mastered by Sam Lilley and the artwork was done by Joey Pearson. The band’s music is an exciting blend of sludge/ doom metal, hardcore and some crust punk. And what does this mean? This means that their music is seriously heavy. And it is definitely promising. Here you’ ll find very nice riffs as well as some cold vocals. I love how they literally sing their hearts out. As for a favorite song? I liked both of them but ”Scum” is one hell of a song. I’m definitely down with this sludge. I must say i enjoyed this album. Thus i’d like to recommend it. Head to their bandcamp page and show this band some love.