Friendship – Hatred


Friendship (also known as the Friendship Collective) is a powerviolence/ grindcore band from Japan. ”Hatred” is the band’s debut, full length album. It was released on the 3rd of November. Recorded in Tokyo and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, this album includes twelve tracks. Blending styles like powerviolence and crust punk the band delivers pure ferocity and brutality. From the very beginning you get to realize that this is going to get ugly. The album’s tracks are of course super fast but they slow down when they need to. ”Hatred” is of course heavy like hell. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. ”Hatred” is like a deep dive into pitch black, murky waters where evil lurks. Defnitely an album you need to experience. It’s like a punishing and relentless force that get’s unleashed through your speakers. I loved all tracks. It’s difficult for me to choose a favourite one. I’ll tell you what though. I’m always down with ttracks like ”Corrupt”. This one has been haunting my tracklist for some time now. Overall i would have to say that this is a solid album. In my opinion it is a 9 out of 10. I also believe that these guys have set the bar high on themselves. As for me, i enjoyed this album thus i’d like to recommend it. Specially recommended for fans of Nails, Wildspeaker, Λήθη, e.t.c. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Hatred”.


Tau Cross – Pillar of Fire


Tau Cross is a multinational band that consists of five fine gentlemen such as Rob ”The Baron” Miller of Amebix and Michel “Away” Langevin of Voivod. ”Pillar of Fire”, which was released on the 21st of July by Relapse Records, is their sophomore, full length album. Well, i recently caught wind of this album and i decided to check this one out. ”Better late than never” some might say. O,k so fourteen tracks are included in this release. The last three songs are actually bonus tracks. It starts with ”Raising Golem”. This is a killer song no doubt. I’m feeling some Killing Joke here and i’m sure as hell down with it. ”Bread and Circuses” is a really nice song. Amebix and Misery fans should give this one a listen. Same goes for ”On The Water”. ”Deep State” is a bit of an old vibe if you ask me. I personally loved it. As for ”Pillar of Fire” i’ll tell you what; it’s one of my favourite songs from this album. It’s one of the songs i personally singled out. Great song writing and a great atmosphere coming out of this song. ”Killing the King” is a kick-ass, solid song. They also made a really cool video clip for this song. ”White Horse” is another solid song where heavy metal and punk mix perfectly. I also enjoyed ”The Big House”. Honestly speaking though, i couldn’t find something mediocre here, except for the indifferent album cover artwork. I strongly believe though that the band delivered. This album was made with love by people who have been in the game for many years. Well, at least that’s the impression i got. Listen to all of this album’s songs and find your own favourite. Here’s a link where you can have a first taste.

Khmer – Larga Sombra

KHMER Larga Sombra Cover

Khmer is a four piece band from Madrid, Spain. Their first full length album ”Larga Sombra” will see release on the 11th of August. Eight tracks will be included in this release. The band’s music is a more than excting blend of hardcore, crust punk and black metal. The first thing that made a huge impression on me is the album’s clean production. ”Larga Sombra” to me sounds immensely heavy and  i also dare to say imposing. Forgive me for i don’t speak any spanish. It begins with ”Larga Sombra”. It is a truly awesome song and one of my favourites from this album. ”Perdiste El Filo” is the album’s second song and so far all i can say is that i’m liking what i’m listening to. ”Corriendo Tras El Fuego” works like a bridge that takes us to the other parts of this album. ”El Ardor De La Crueldad” is one of my favourite songs from ”Larga Sombra”. Here you’ll find some really nice riffs. ”A Este Lado De La Luna” is cold as life. Hands down it’s a beast of a song. ”Soledad” stands out for its pitch dark atmosphere and really nice black metal riffs. Nevertheless ”Para Ver El Mundo Arder” was like a big slap in the face. I didn’t expect to find an Amenra-type song there but there’s no doubt in my mind that this is an excellent song and a great outro for this record. Khmer’s first full length album is one of the best albums i’ve listened to in months. It sounds fresh and inspired. In my opinion they have raised the bar really high on themselves. From us it’s a 9 out of 10. The album comes out in August. Here’s a link where you can have a first taste.

Hive – Parasitic Twin


Hive is a four piece band from the United States. Their latest album ”Parasitic Twin” was released on April 21, 2017 through Crown and Throne Ltd. Recorded in 2016 by Mike Duffy in Room 44 and mixed by Matthew Kirkwold at Rumble Studios, this album includes ten tracks. Let’s see what we’ve got here. Their music combines d-beat/ crust and hardcore punk. O.k, once again i’ll admit it didn’t take too long for me to like this album. When the third track of this album came to an end i had already come to a conclusion. My opinion did not change at all when i listened to the final note of this album. Hive had passed my ”test”. Here you’ll find nothing less than ten songs which are filled with anger and rage. Apart from that, a lot of their songs (”Common Ancestor” for example) contain some dark, cold elements. I think this kind of a ”plot twist” is what makes this album so interesting to me. This is not your typical d-beat band or your typical d-beat album. There’s definitely much more to it. I’m talking about nice riffs, brutal vocals and huge raw punk energy that will surely make your day as it did mine. This album is definitely worthy of your attention, especially if you’re a fan of swedish crust punk. As for me, i’m going to name ”Parasitic Twin” as one of this month’s best albums. It is not what one would call as a game changer but it is seriously heavy like a dynamite. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Parasitic Twin”.

Cloud Rat/ Moloch – Split

Hey everybody, we’re back with a new review. Today we review a split album. Cloud Rat is a grindcore/ punk band from the United States while Moloch is a sludge band from the United Kingdom. You might ask yourselves, a sludge band with a grindcore band? The answer is yes, it definitely works. If you don’t know who Cloud Rat is, then you should check out their latest, full length album ”Qliphoth”. That was a great album and that’s hands down. But let us go back to today’s split album. Cloud Rat’s side of the split is a big dose of awesomeness. This combination of grindcore and crust punk will leave no one unsatisfied. ”Amber Flush” is a nice track also. I didn’t expect to find a Crystal Castles type song there but i sure as hell enjoyed it. Now, Moloch is a different case. This split introduced me to this band and all i can say is that i’m really happy about it. Their music is beyond heavy. Here you’ll find really nice riffs as well as concrete basslines. If you like bands like Fister, Fistula, Corrupted and Noothgrush then you should definitely check out this band. I, myself, enjoyed this split album thus i’d like to recommend it.

20 best albums of 2016

Yes, it’s this time of the year. Time to choose my twenty favourite albums of 2016. It wasn’t that easy and that’s because this year we were lucky enough to listen to some tremendous music. This was also a fucked up year. Please excuse my language but it was. So many great artists passed away. Back in december we were shocked with the terrible news of Lemmy’s death. I still can’t believe he’s dead. His music though will live forever. And then David Bowie, Prince and Leonard Cohen died as well. Recently it was Micky Fitz of the Business who passed away. This was a sad year for sure. But life goes on. Anyways, here’s a list i made with my most favourite albums of this year. Count with me from 20 to 1.

20. Ayahuasca – Yin


album review

19. Unyielding Love – The Sweat of Augury


album review

18. Worm Ouroboros – What Graceless Dawn


album review

17. Vermin Womb – Decline


album review

16. Minerva Superduty – Gorod Zero


album review

15. Art of Burning Water – Between Life and Nowhere


album review

14. Cough – Still They Pray


album review

13. Inter Arma – Paradise Gallows


album review

12. Sarabante – Poisonous Legacy


album review

11. Kvelertak – Nattesferd


album review

10. Plebeian Grandstand – False Highs, True Lows


album review

9. Ancst – Moloch


album review

8. Oranssi Pazuzu – Värähtelijä


album review

7. Nonsun – Black Snow Desert


album review

6. The Body – No One Deserves Happiness


album review

5. Oathbreaker – Rheia


album review

4. Phantom Winter – Sundown Pleasures


album review

3. Cult of Luna + Julie Christmas – Mariner


album review

2. Neurosis – Fires Within Fires


album review

1. Morrow – Covenant of Teeth


album review

Herida Profunda/ Hellbastard – Split

Hi everybody, we’ re back with a new review. British crust punk/ metal legends Hellbastard team up with Herida Profunda from Poland for a split album. Herida Profunda is a four piece band relatively new to the game but so far they have released a killer, debut, full length album.

I’ ve said it before and i’m going to say it again. I like split albums. This in particular was released about a year ago. Hellbastard’s side includes five tracks. Their sound has evolved through the years to result to this crossover thrash which by the way i’m totally down with. Their music is fast, heavy and truly aggressive. If you like old school stuff then these five songs will put a huge smile on your face. As for me, i’d like to single out ”Engineering Human Consciousness” for the simple reason that it was the song i enjoyed the most.

Herida Profunda contribute to this album with ten songs. Actually the tenth track is a cover on Napalm Death’s ”you suffer”. These four Poles definitely know their craft. Their music is a blend of grindcore and crust punk. I think many people would agree that the blending of these two styles can create something special. In my opinion Herida Profunda are moving towards that direction. Here you’ll find really nice riffs and cool death metal growls. Their lyrics are in polish but you should not let that discourage you. Plus they have upladed english translations of their lyrics on their bandcamp site. Apart from that their music to me sounds fresh and inspired and it is definitely worth checking out. My personal favourites would have to be ”Zjedz zanim zgnije” and ”Szmal”.

So, this is our suggestion for today. Here’s a link where you can also listen to this split album.