Full Of Hell – Trumpeting Ecstasy


It took us a while but today we’re back with a new review. Let’s talk a bit about the new Full of Hell album. This band needs no big introduction. They were formed back in 2009 and since then they’ve been producing albums of hellish, overpowering music. The first Full of Hell album i ever listened to was the collaborative album they did with the japanese lord of the void. Yes, that album they did with Merzbow was trully something else. Their new album ”Trumpeting Ecstasy” was released this May by Profound Lore Records. First of all i’d like to say that the album’s cover artwork has made a huge impression on me. I think it’s one of the best album covers i’ve seen in a long time now. It’s simple and symmetric. It’s an image that leaves no room for misconceptions. Evil lies within. Eleven tracks are included in this album. In my opinion the listener gets the message from the very beginning. This is gonna get ugly. Once again grindcore blends ideally with black and death metal. So, yes this album sounds really brutal. It’s like an ongoing sonic storm that’s impossible to escape from. There’s definitely an imposing atmosphere throughout ”Trumpeting Ecstasy”. All of the album’s tracks hold immense amounts of raw power inside of them. Yet they feel like necessary parts of a certain procedure. I personally could not imagine this album without one of these eleven songs. Quite ecstatic about this album i’ll tell you what i think though. I think it is a great album. It’s definitely one of the best albums of this year so far. I sure as hell loved it and i have nothing negative to say about it whatsoever. In my opinion ”Trumpeting Ecstasy” gets a 9 out of 10. Here’s a link where you can also listen to this album.

Rest – Rest ep

Rest is a four piece band from Udine, Italy. To be honest the only thing i knew about Udine was Udinese F.C. Nevertheless this is not a post about football. It’s about Rest and their self-titled, debut ep. Released in October 4, 2016, this ep includes five tracks. The band’s music is a more than exciting blend of hardcore, crust, black metal and sludge. Yes, their music is seriously heavy. In my opinion ”Rest” ep sounds really brutal and raw. However here you’ll find many doses of coldness, absolutely necessary to give you this feeling as if you’ re swimmimg in dark, murky waters. I liked all five songs, but my favourite ones would have to be ”I”, ”II” AND ”IV”. ”IV” is an awesome song and that’s hands down. Overall, an ep that’s really promising. I have an objection though. Is it me or their vocalist’s voice was a bit lowered? I mean there were some parts where i had to focus to listen to his vocals. However i’ll admit i enjoyed this ep and i would really like to listen to more songs from this band. Here’s a link where you can listen to ”Rest” ep.

Woe – Hope Attrition

Woe is a four piece, black metal band from the United States. Their new album ”Hope Attrition” was released on March 17 through Vendetta Records. Produced by Stephen DeAcutis (Evoken, Dim Mak) at Sound Spa Studios in Edison, New Jersey, this album includes seven tracks. ”Hope Attrition” is a concept album. As far as i’m aware this is a concept album,  a personal commentary on the chaos of the modern world. As it has already been mentioned the band plays black metal but you can trace a bit of death metal in their music. It was not hard for me to like their music. This soundtrack to a near dystopia starts with ”Unending Call Of Woe”. This is a really nice song and it also revealed to me a certain sense of epicness that can be found throughout this album. ”No Blood Has Honor” is what i’d like to call some good ol’ black metal. ”A Distant Epitaph” is your passage to the second part of this album. ”The Din Of The Mourning” is cold as fuck. It is also one of my favorite tracks from this album. Moving on we find ”The Ones We Lost”. This is another great song from this album, a bit depressive yet heavy and dark as hell. This sonic attack continues with ”Drown Us With Greatness”. I’m definitely down with this song. And last but not least we find ”Abject In Defeat”. Our epic journey has come to an end. Overall i can say that i enjoyed this one and that these guys have made a fan out of me. I would also like to recommend this album. This is our suggestion for today. Check out ”Hope Attrition”. 

Artificial Brain – Infrared Horizon

Long Island, New York-based sci-fi death metal quintet, Artificial Brain , will release their second album, ”Infrared Horizon”, through Profound Lore Records in April. The album was produced by Colin Marson at The Thousand Caves studio. Ten tracks are included in this release. So, today we’re reviewing a death metal album. Let’s do this. ”Infrared Horizon” sounds definitely brutal and raw. It stands out for its technicality as well as it its abyssic, eerie atmosphere. Artificial Brain play death metal but you can trace some black metal in their music.  This addition makes their music sound more cold and dark if you will. I must say i liked their vocals a lot. We’re talking about proper death metal growls. And of course here you’ll find many blastbeats that we all love. Lyrically this album deals with a  dystopian future in which robots and cyborgs have outlived human beings and who believe themselves to be not of creation of the long extinct humans but a more perfect evolution of them. So yes, in my opinion Artificial Brain’s music works as a perfect soundtrack for this kind of concept. Ten songs for a post apocalyptic dystopia. My favorite songs were ”Estranged From Orbit”, ”Infrared Horizon” and ”Vacant Explorer”. Overall, i have to say i liked this album and i believe that death metal fans are gonna like it as well. ”Infrared Horizon” will see release on CD, LP, and digital formats on April 21st.

Buioingola – Il Nuovo Mare

Buioingola is a three piece band from Viareggio, Italy. ”Il Nuovo Mare” (italian for ”the new sea’) is their new album. It will be released on march 31. Never before had i heard of this band in the past. If someone knows the correct pronunciation of the band’s name then he can leave a comment in the comment section or send us a message. So, yes i’m what you might call a newcomer to this band.

A thing that made a big impression on me is the album’s cover artwork. I mean it looks like a gigantic engine coming out of a deep dark sea. One thing i said to myself is ”this has to be good”. Seven tracks are included in this release. All lyrics are written in italian. However, as we have said so many times through this page music is an international language. Buioingola’s music is an exciting blend of many different styles. I feel rather unable to describe their sound. It would be perhaps wrong and pointless trying to categorize their sound. Genres come and go. Creativity is what matters. And, yes creativity is the case here. I would describe ”Il Nuovo Mare” as trully addictive. I can’t seem to get enough of this album. I got trapped inside this dark abyss and i simply can’t get out. This album is cold, so damn cold. Well, i’m a bit lost for words here. I loved their His Hero Is Gone type vocals along with their stone cold riffs. I also loved how inspired this album sounds. I love their approach on heavy sound. It’s been some while since someone has done someting like that. I would also like to comment on the album’s experimental nature. It seems to me that these guys were not afraid to experiment at all. And definitely the result has payed them off. I am not going to pick a favourite song here and that’s because i loved all seven of them. You must experience this album. Feel the lyricism and it’s dark beauty.

”Il Nuovo Mare” is an excellent album and that’s hands down. I have not heard an album like that for some time now. I loved it and i simply want to share my enthusiasm for this album. I ‘d easily give it a 9 out of 10. Before i end this review i’d like to address the band. I really hope this is not your swansong.