Dawn Ray’d – The Unlawful Assembly


Lately a lot of people have been talking about this album and this band. So out of plain curiosity i decided to check it out. The band is called Dawn Ray’d, a three piece band from the U.K. Their new full length album ”The Unlawful Assembly” was released about a month ago. Well, it’s too damn good so i thought we should say some words about it. Ten tracks are included in this release. Dawn Ray’d play black metal but their music cauldron also includes elements such as neo-crust and folk. ‘The Unlawful Assembly’ starts quite emphatically with two killer tracks, namely ”Fire Sermon” and ”The Abyssal Plane”. They simply launched an attack on both flanks with these stone cold riffs of theirs. Quite overwhelmed by this i simply watched the attack unfolding. ”Future Perfect Conditional” is another awesome track with a great intro. Same goes for ”Emptiness Beneath” and all i can think of is that this is black metal today. Great atmosphere, awesome vocals, riffs cold as hell and the tempo quickens and then slows down when it has to. ”A Litany to Cowards” is a great acoustic track. It’s what will lead you to the second part of this album. Expect nothing but awesomeness here as well. I mean, check out ”Island of Cannibal Horses”. This is a beautiful track and that’s hands down. Talking about this album as a whole, i couldn’t really find a mediocre moment here. In my opinion ”The Unlawful Assembly” by Dawn Ray’d is one solid album. As for me, i loved it, i enjoyed it and i simply wish to recommend it. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”The Unlawful Assembly”.


Jaw Bones – Wrongs on a Right Turn


Jaw Bones is a five piece band from Thessaloniki, Greece. The band came into existence back in 2006. Their debut, full length album ”Wrongs on a Right Turn” was released on May 31 through Sliptrick Records. Nine tracks are included in this release. The band’s music is a mixture of heavy rock, grunge and groove metal. Considerably groovy, it’s the kind of music i’d like to listen to when i’m at my favourite rock bar drinking my favourite beer. The way i see it these guys don’t aim at reinventing the wheel. But for me this is what i’d call music from the heart. A lot of cool songs can be found inside this album. I’m talking about songs like ”Ego Tripper”, ”The Ride to Nowhere” and ”Song of the Nightingale”. You might ask me though ”did i enjoy this album?”. Well, i most certainly did thus i’d like to recommend it. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Wrongs on a Right Turn”.

Alastor – Blood on Satan’s Claw ep


Alastor is a four piece, doom metal band from Sweden. Their new ep ”Blood on Satan’s Claw” was released on cassette format through Ljudkassett on October 31 and on digital format on November 15. Recorded by Magnus Sörensen at KulturVerkstan and mixed and mastered by Joona Hassinen at Studio Underjord, this ep includes two tracks. Bringing together doom metal and 70’s heavy space rock, the band through this ep delivers pure heaviness. The first track is called ”Blood on Satan’s Claw” and it is a dope track. Find here immense amounts of groove, heavily distorted guitars and really nice riffs. Second track is a cover on Creedence Clearwater Revival’s classic ”Bad Moon Rising”. I personally liked their version a lot and that’s because i feel that they brought this song to their own standards. So thumbs up for that. To sum it up, this is a really cool ep. I enjoyed it, i’m definitely down with it thus i’d like to recommend it. Specially recommended for fans of Windhand and Electric Wizard.

Interview with Ubiquity

Hi guys! How have you all been? Congratulations on your new album!

Hello, we are all fine and happy to be here, thank you very much for the opportunity and appreciation, we are glad that you liked the album

Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?

Ubiquity is a project, indeed, a creature, born two years ago, when Leonardo (guitar) proposed to Alessio (ex-bass) to help him arrive and record his dark folk compositions, a very decadent stuff derived from the beautiful , dark poems Alessio wrote in his diary. Soon after, came the idea of ​​forming a real band, but there was a turning point in the genre that turned to the screamo / emoviolence distorted by the different influences and musical identities of the members. All this has come together in just a few months in our first full length, “Quiet in hopelessness” (Screamore, Dingleberry records). Shortly after the release of the album, we broke up due to the drummer’s departure (Marco) abroad and because the various members needed to devote themselves to several parallel projects that in the meantime had taken shape, but a few months later the creature reformed with new enthusiasm, new lineup and desire to experience new musical drifts, and here we are here haha.

What does the name Ubiquity represent?

The Ubiquity name represents the plurality of our music and our individual, personal and musical identities. We wanted to make music without barriers and everyone helped to put a different ingredient on the composite cauldron.

Can you tell us about your main influences?

Each of us comes from a different scene and this has always been reflected on our music. While Leonardo (guitar) comes from most extreme listenings like Black metal, grindcore, crust on everyone, Davide (voice) is more inclined to all that have the “core” suffix at the end, Alessio (bass) devotes himself to rap and the screamo while Marco (drums) comes from a more experimental music background. In general, our sound does not have a specific reference band, but if I could mention some that undoubtedly influenced us during the composing / recording phase, i would say without a doubt all the Belgium scene of the church of Ra, as well as the european neo-crust scene (Fall of efrafa, Agrimonia) and post-metal post black and blackened hardcore (Downfall of Gaia, Light bearer, Tombs, Hope drone, Celeste, Hexis).

Where do you draw inspiration from?

For the new album, ‘Forever/ Denied‘, we were inspired, both musically and lyrically, by the natural quest for identity man, of a finite form that often leads us to an indecision and inner vacuum. In general, ours has always been a music moved from the most intimate feelings and deep inner search.

How would you define your sound?

I think that the phrase inside the album cover is explanatory in this case: “This is the vacuum inside and around us”.

Your new album ‘’Forever/ Denied’’ was recently released through Third I Rex. How did the recording sessions go? Are you pleased with the final outcome?

Yeah! we are very happy and pleased with both the work behind the mixing by Simone (Lo nardo, D.I.Y studio), who has managed perfectly to get the sound we were looking for, very dirty, with not too much bullshit, raw and atmospheric; and then the work done by Roberto (Mura, Third I Rex), one of the best people we have collaborated with so far, one who’s extremely helpful for his groups and has followed us excellently and consistently throughout the whole album’s creation and publishing process. Recording sessions were pretty fast and without too much pretense, we wanted the album to be as genuine and raw as possible, which is why we preferred the live recording to multitrack.

What are you listening to these days?

During this time we are not listening to anything specific, just a few Misery index and some new Hardcore releases . We fell in love with the new Amenra ‘Mass VI’ album , a fucking masterpiece of inner struggle and poetry , so dark! There are a number of new bands that flow well with us and we would like to share the stage, such as Dragged into sunlight and Abstracter.

Which are the black metal bands that you look up to?

Surely our music has more to do with the atmospheric wing of the genre, with echoes from both the French blackgaze scene (Lantlos, Alcest) and the USBM scene (Yellow eyes, Ustalost, Wolves in the throne room, Skagos, Ash borer, Addaura, etc.). In general, black metal in every form , has been a turning point for many of us.

Any live shows planned in the months to come?

For now no, we are concentrating on organizing some dates outside of Sardinia.

What does the future hold for Ubiquity?

Just in the last period we are trying to throw something down again, we are curious to see what shape it will take haha. Thanks again for the opportunity. We take the opportunity to greet and thank all those who helped us push what we do and who have supported us, who support us, who will do it in the future and all the bands that share a rich soul scene with us and who fight every day to pursue their passion trying to break through the sea barriers. Hail to Vultur, Simulacro, Unholy impurity, Abysso, Riflesso, Scornthroats, Charun, My own prison, Leshen, Drought and all those who continue to keep the faith.


Friendship – Hatred


Friendship (also known as the Friendship Collective) is a powerviolence/ grindcore band from Japan. ”Hatred” is the band’s debut, full length album. It was released on the 3rd of November. Recorded in Tokyo and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, this album includes twelve tracks. Blending styles like powerviolence and crust punk the band delivers pure ferocity and brutality. From the very beginning you get to realize that this is going to get ugly. The album’s tracks are of course super fast but they slow down when they need to. ”Hatred” is of course heavy like hell. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. ”Hatred” is like a deep dive into pitch black, murky waters where evil lurks. Defnitely an album you need to experience. It’s like a punishing and relentless force that get’s unleashed through your speakers. I loved all tracks. It’s difficult for me to choose a favourite one. I’ll tell you what though. I’m always down with ttracks like ”Corrupt”. This one has been haunting my tracklist for some time now. Overall i would have to say that this is a solid album. In my opinion it is a 9 out of 10. I also believe that these guys have set the bar high on themselves. As for me, i enjoyed this album thus i’d like to recommend it. Specially recommended for fans of Nails, Wildspeaker, Λήθη, e.t.c. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Hatred”.

Strife – Live at the Troubadour


Hardcore legends Strife will release ”Live at the Troubadour” album and dvd on the 24th of November through War records. The album was recorded live at the Troubadour in their hometown of L.A back in 2005. Recorded by John St. James, mixed by Mike Sarkisyan and Tommy Decker, and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Trapped Under Ice, Cavalera Conspiracy), this album includes eleven tracks. Quickly running through this album’s tracklist you can see that it includes some the band’s best tracks like ”Through and through” and ”Blistered”. I think if you’re a Strife fan you’re definitely gonna like this live album. This album also features the original line up of Strife, who by the way seem to be having a great time. My impression is that they gave it their all and i’m sure that the crowd had a blast. Wish i was there. As it has already been mentioned ”Live at the Troubadour” comes out on November 24. So just turn up the volume and listen to Strife.