Sorrowset – All Ends, Begin With Ease

Sorrowset is a three piece band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Their debut, full length album ”All Ends, Begin With Ease” was released on the 1st of September. Recorded and mixed by Andy Patterson at The Boar’s Nest, this album includes nine tracks. So let’s check this album out. The band’s music is a more than exciting combination of metallic hardcore, math rock and sludge. Someone might ask ”does this work?”. The answer is, yes it does work. This album is filled with good written songs. The first three set the tone and it’s songs like ”The Last Mistake” that make me want to bang my head really hard. ”Fascination Dies” is one of my favourite tracks from this album. This song kills. You should definitely check out this song. ”Nothing to lose” is a really nice track. I’m always down with tracks like these. ”Heart beats disaster” is another solid track by Sorrowset and another personal favourite from this album. But wait there’s more to it. I’m talking about ”The finite eye”, namely the album’s seventh song. Here you’ll find big doses of groove and heaviness. ”Deadlocked” and ”No Tomb” are awesome songs as well. I personally liked this album a lot. ”All Ends, Begin With Ease” sounds really fresh and inspired. I enjoyed it and i have nothing negative to say about it whatsoever. In my opinion it is a solid album and i’d personally give it an 8 out of 10. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”All Ends, Begin With Ease”.


The Curf – Death and Love, Album review & Interview with the band


The Curf is a three piece band from Athens, Greece. Their new album ”Death and Love was released on the 21st of July through Fuzz Ink. Records. Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Chris A and The Curf at Oak Street Studio Productions, this album includes nine tracks. First of all, i’d like to say that i really dig the album’s front cover artwork. In fact, it’s one of the best cover artworks i’ve come across in months. But, let us waste no more time and press play. Let’s see what we’ve got here. My first impression is that this album does have the necessary groove that we all long for. I’m talking about tracks like ”Motor Curf”. This is what i’d like to call a really strong song and it’s songs like these that set the tone. I’m always down with tracks like ”Let Go”. Black Sabbath is strong inside this one. Be sure to check out ”Smoke Ring” as well. It’s seriously heavy and i think that fans are gonna love it. ”Lunar Lair” is definitely a badass song and it is also a really cool song title. The album’s ninth track ”Death and Love” is my favourite one from this album. Considerably heavy, this song gave me an early period Paradise Lost vibe. I’ll admit i enjoyed all nine tracks. In my opinion this is one solid album by The Curf. It is also highly recommended. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Death and Love”. Apart from checking out their new album we also asked the band some questions about their new full length, their future plans, e.t.c. Here’s what they had to say:

Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?

The Curf was formed around 2004 in Rafina. Chris and Spyros were already playing together in another band which didn’t work out, and so The Curf was born. Back then the lineup was different as were the overall aesthetics of the music and the artwork. Since then there have been alterations in the band’s composition, until it got settled in 2016. Introducing the current state of affairs, The Curf is:

Chris A – Vocals, Guitars

Spyros (LeSpyr) – Bass

Pepper Koll – Drums

Where do you draw inspiration from?

There is no definite subject or place that inspires us. The idea behind a song, a melody, a riff, or some lyrics can be the result of anything we experience. We tend to be sensitive to matters of high emotion, the hardships of life, situations of loss, love and lust, and of course cannabis.

What inspires you the most?

That is a very good question, but the answer maybe a little vague. We cannot predict the sources of inspiration that we may come across, however death and love have been recurring themes in our compositions. And of course cannabis.

Are you guys also playing in other bands? How has this influenced you?

All three of us have other projects one way or the other, whether that is another band, a personal project or even session work for other bands or artists. It goes without saying that The Curf is our ‘musical headquarters’, however being all-around musicians we often participate in other projects. There is not much influence in that aspect, just music.

How is music produced in The Curf?

Every Thursday with a full moon we go out in the woods and perform rituals…Well, normally one of us has an idea or a riff, so we play around with it and work it into a composition. Many of our songs are the result of such cooperation. In other instances one of us gets a concept of how a song should be from beginning to end, so we follow closer that outline. Chris A plays a huge role in all of our music, since he is also the proud owner of Oak Street Studio Productions, which is our preferred studio. Chris is the guy behind our awesome sound, the bassness and the heaviness. He is also our producer and overall sound engineer.

Your new album ‘’Death and Love’’ was released this July. How has the reception been so far?

It has been great! Since July there have been several positive and encouraging reviews from across the globe. Recently we got a review from Obelisk with very positive feedback. Further to that The Curf is being played in podcasts and also in the radio. The countries that are showing more interest are Portugal, England, USA (California) and Brazil. Overall people appear to be appreciating our sound and thematology, which in a way serves our purposes as musicians.

Is there a concept behind this album you’d like to discuss?

The concept is more than less direct. Our album is an ode to two of the most intense driving forces of the human paradigm. It was not intended to be this way, but our compositions naturally had this feel to them.

What are you listening to these days?

Megadeth, Sleep, Yob, Electric Wizard, Gojira, Animals as Leaders, Corrosion of Conformity, Down, Crowbar, Last Rizla. just to name a few.

Any live shows planned for the rest of this year or in the months to come?

We are planing a European tour that will kick off after December …. Besides that ,we are going to do a live presentation of the album in the 16 of December in Athens followed by a couple of dates around Greece as well.

What does the future hold for The Curf?

Greatness and glory! We would like to see ourselves traveling to all sorts of places and countries and participating in huge festivals. We want to be able to play music for life, and live to play music. As long as there is people out there, we will be producing riffs that remind you to check under the bed before you sleep. So you better roll a fat one before bedtime!

Primitive Man – Caustic

primitive man

If you’ve ever wondered ‘how heavier can this get?’ then the answer to your question is Primitive Man. Hello. Today we’re gonna talk a bit about Primitive Man and their new album ”Caustic”. This album came out on the 6th of October through Relapse records. Their previous album ”Scorn” was a real beast. So let’s check out ”Caustic”. Twelve tracks are included in this release. Let me just state that the album’s cover artwork is great. It gives you a first taste of how brutal and raw this album is. And it really is. The band sets the tone from the beginning. ”My Will” is the first wave of the attack. Demons come out from your speakers ready to crush your soul. ”Victim” is a hell of a track and so is ”Commerce”. Suddenly you feel like you’re choking. Chtonic deities will torment you as you sail the caustic river of oblivion. ”Tepid” is an awesome track and it doesn’t deviate at all from the tone that was set, that is of course extreme heaviness and brutality. You’ll love ”Sterility”. I really dig how this band blends black metal in their music. ”Sugar Hole” is a dope track and one of my favourite tracks from ”Caustic”. But wait, there’s more. ”Disfigured” is another awesome track from this album. This ”Ritual” comes to an end with ”Inevitable” and ”Absolutes” and all i can say is that this was quite a ride. The band remains pissed and angry and they certainly have not lowered their standards at all. ”Caustic” is a great album. This may be a bit of a cliche line but it is an album that you must experience. As for me i loved it, i’m definitely down with it thus i’d like to recommend it. I would easily give it a 9 out of 10. Here’s a link where you can also listen to the album.

Comacozer – Kalos Eidos Skopeo


Comacozer is a three piece, instrumental, psychedelic rock band from Sydney, Australia. Their third album ”Kalos Eidos Skopeo” will be released on the 15th of November through Headspin Records. Four tracks are included in this release. O.k let’s press play then. It starts with ”Axis Mundi” which is a really cool song. It is considerably trippy as it is heavy. ”Nystagmus” is the album’s second track and my personal favourite. Despite its title, this song didn’t feel sleepy. I think it’s what one might call as mesmerizing. Well, that’s how i would call it. Listening to this song really felt like taking on a trip through foggy and murky, distant places. Now ”Hylonomus” is a rather interesting song. To me it’s like an attempt to blend rebetiko music with heavy space rock. It’s not bad at all. I could perhaps break it down to two pieces, with the second part being the song’s outro. I’ll admit i dig this song. Last but not least we find ”Enuma Elish”. To be perfectly honest with you i neither hated it nor loved it. It’s a cool song for sure but i think i’ve heard stuff like that many times in the past. In my opinion ”Kalos Eidos Skopeo” is an enjoyable, trippy ride. It’s what you want to listen to when you’re back from work and you want to escape for a while from daily routine. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Kalos Eidos Skopeo”.

Unsane – Sterilize


Today we’re gonna talk a bit about the new Unsane album. This band does not need an introduction. Considered by most people (including myself) to be highly influential, they’ve been producing solid albums since day one. ”Sterilize” was released on the 29th of September through Southern Lord and it is the band’s 8th album. Ten tracks are included in this release. Their heavy and unique sound is still here and no i’m not talking about a ‘typical’ Unsane album. This band sure knows how to put together a good album. Huge loads of heaviness can be found here along with concrete basslines and awesome vocals. It didn’t take too long for me to like this album. Listening to songs like ”Factory” and ”The Grind” made me want to delve more into Unsane’s new full length. And the rest of the songs didn’t let me down at all. I can tell you that for sure. I can easily single out songs like ”Distance”, ”We’re fucked” and ”Avail”. I believe that fans should check out these songs. In my opinion, in this album the band didn’t lower their standards at all and if you’ve never heard of this band before in the past then ”Sterilize” is a good introduction to Unsane’s heavy and dystopic world. Here’s a link where you can also give this album a listen.

Ufomammut – 8

Ladies & gentlemen, 2 days have passed since the official release of the Italian psychedelic doomsters Ufomammut most recent album ‘8’ that is also their eighth studio release. ‘8’ was released the 22nd of September 2017 by Neurot Recordings while the LP version is released by Supernatural Cat records.

While i am a fan of Ufomammut the last 7 years, you can imagine my anxiety for “8”‘s release! Let’s dive into this & start our analysis!


The album starts with ‘Babel’, which is a quite powerful & aggressive introduction to the album. It starts atmospherically but gradually it puts the listener to the band’s dark realm slowly & cunningly. After the first notes, the listener is teleported without a notice in Ufomammut’s plane, where the band launches unceasingly black holes & obsidian monoliths from altar ruins!
‘Warsheep’ (released also as a single in June) or better, the Trojan horse of persistent psychedelic doom nightmares follows, which ultimately will force you headbang without even noticing. Your body would follow the vibrations, you need to let it go and let the cloud of doom engulf you gracefully. ‘Zodiac’ is a sequence of mountains & valleys, a recursive melody imbued with Urlo’s vocals, resulting into psyching out the whole structure! It calms in order to earn you some moments to take a breath of safety and returns with a fuzzy sequence of electric atmospheres thrown to your face!
‘Fatum’ is the perfect glue/interlude between ‘Zodiac’ and ‘Prismaze’ that follows.
‘Prismaze’ is a chaotic & violent storm (with moments that reminded me of Oro – Opus Alter), that calms for some brief moments and then launches the final attack with fury, in order to demolish everything that stands still between the debris. One of my favorite tracks of the album for sure!
‘Core’ is a slow and relentless hammering track; initially Poia’s guitar crawls and then ultimately screams along Ufomammut’s universe while in parallel you visualize the rhythm section of the band as one opaque entity accompanying the guitar’s suffering! Another favorite track!
‘Wombdemonium’ is a slow & thick doom track that acts as a remedy for all the damage
you got from this trip, during your esoteric journey to Ufomammut’s ‘8’. But still, ‘8’ is not done yet.
The album’s last track ‘Psyrcle’ is another powerful adventure, imbued by Urlo’s psalms & FXs, a final transcendence to Ufomammut’s astral plane is achieved gracefully. Patterns repeated, evolved, a frantic climax & then finally, catharsis…Then trying to put everything together, to understand what you just witnessed…then press ‘Play’, again!


In my opinion, that is what i was expecting from Ufomammut, to be able to beat their
past reincarnations & triumph as winners! And they did it with grace & determination.
The rhythm section was really tied up, their sound could be visualized as a cement/metal compound, opaque, thick & heavy. The bass lines could though be independent at cases, emphasizing important moments of the tracks, kinda more independent than the previous work, which is a very good thing. Great work has been done also at the FX section that accompanied the trio’s journey, really assisting dramatically the listener’s transcendence to the psychedelic doom realm of the Italians.
Really happy about this work, and easily one of my favorite releases so far for 2017. And one of my favorite Ufomammut albums!

Check their bandcamp page below & support the band!