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Find events related to a tag/keyword with the Tracker app

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The Tracker app offers a tag filter which you can feed according to your preferences. The tag filter contains tags/keywords that are related to our recommended artists. By picking different tags from the filter, you can customize your view over the future events that the app shows. Tags can be words related to a genre, style, artist, producer, anything you could imagine.


Initially, the app shows all available events for each artist performing in the future.


By clicking to a tag, we can filter out all artists/events that are not related to our selected tag/keyword. In the example, we just clicked the “sludge” tag.


Only sludge artists and artists related to sludge are shown in the app’s main view. In our example, these bands are Bongzilla, Moss, Sleep and Amenra.


Then, by clicking on the psychedelic tag, we can easily browse events and artists that are related both to the sludge and the psychedelic tags.  Inter Arma were added to the app view because they are related to the newly added psychedelic keyword.


By opening an artist’s information window (hover on any artist event header), we can see the selected artist’s tags that are included in the keywords of the tag filterBy clicking on any artist tag or any tag contained in the tag filter, we influence each other because they are interconnected. By picking tags depending on your music preference, you can easily filter out artists and events irrelevant to your taste, and focus only on browsing events that are more likely to be of your interest

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Feedback is valuable!

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In order to improve our service and provide new functionalities, we will need your help! In the end, you are the end-user and you are the one and only that can drive us in our journey to connect the music scenes around the world.

By visiting our Tracker app, you can do that easily! You could either drop a word or two to our email ( or visit our Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress pages or just leave a quick message to us!


By clicking in the Feedback icon, the feedback form is shown. In the form, you can add your feedback and its topic if any. In case you have a question & you potentially wait for a reply, you could attach your email within the form.


When ready, just “Shoot!”!


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Discover artists related to your favorite artists with the Tracker app

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The Tracker app allows you to easily find relevant artists to your favorite ones. This is achieved by combining the power of the artist filter with the tag filter.

First, select your favorite artist from the available artists provided by the artist filter.


In this example, we used the artist filter’s text field in order to find Sleep.


After selecting Sleep from the artist filter, the app will update its view and show us only Sleep’s future events.


We then hover and click on Sleep’s event header in order to allow the artist information window to appear, showing all collected information regarding Sleep.  


The artist information window reveals the band’s related external pages and the tags that are associated to the selected artist. Sleep’s artist information window shows that Sleep are related to “San Jose”,“sludge”,“metal”,“stoner” and so on. From Sleep’s tags, let’s click on the “sludge” tag. The app will show other bands except Sleep that are related to sludge and contain that particular tag in their information window. 


After clicking on the sludge tag, the app shows additionally also Bongzilla and Moss, due to the fact that also hold the selected tag. By selecting more tags from the artist information window, you can discover new artists related to tags/keywords associated with your favorite artist easily!  

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Information sharing about events, artists and their work with the Tracker app

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The Tracker app allows you to browse events of all recommended artists and obtain easily collected information about each artist and their work. Pages such as a Facebook or a Bandcamp page are the de facto way for artists to post their work or publish an announcement. Through the Tracker app, you can easily visit your favorite band’s Facebook/Bandcamp pages with just a click.


Collected future events are shown, grouped by each featured artist.


By hovering & clicking on any artist event header, the artist information window is triggered, appearing next to the interactive artist header. In that example. we just hovered upon the artist header associated with Sumac. 


The artist information window shows artist information such as the artist’s related tags/keywords and its associated pages. By clicking on any of the available pages, you can visit easily any related page associated to your favorite artist. With that way, you are just two clicks away from checking out the most recent work/posts of your favorite artist!

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Find events of your favorite artist with the Tracker app

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The Tracker app allows you to easily find and view only the events of your favorite artists, filtering out all other artists.  Filtering is achieved by selecting the artists of your choice from the artist filter.


The artist filter shows all the artists which are hosted in an event in the future. You can just select or type any available artist name from the filter and the app’s view will only show the events of your favorite artists. So easy!


In this example, we selected “Extreme Noise Terror”, “Deafheaven”, “Heretoir” and Napalm Death” in order to find their respective future gigs in case there were any. The app indeed was able to find events matching our selected artists from the artist filter. The matched artists/events are shown in the app’s main view.


By clicking the “Reset” button, all selected artist filters become available again.

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