Ufomammut – 8

Ladies & gentlemen, 2 days have passed since the official release of the Italian psychedelic doomsters Ufomammut most recent album ‘8’ that is also their eighth studio release. ‘8’ was released the 22nd of September 2017 by Neurot Recordings while the LP version is released by Supernatural Cat records.

While i am a fan of Ufomammut the last 7 years, you can imagine my anxiety for “8”‘s release! Let’s dive into this & start our analysis!


The album starts with ‘Babel’, which is a quite powerful & aggressive introduction to the album. It starts atmospherically but gradually it puts the listener to the band’s dark realm slowly & cunningly. After the first notes, the listener is teleported without a notice in Ufomammut’s plane, where the band launches unceasingly black holes & obsidian monoliths from altar ruins!
‘Warsheep’ (released also as a single in June) or better, the Trojan horse of persistent psychedelic doom nightmares follows, which ultimately will force you headbang without even noticing. Your body would follow the vibrations, you need to let it go and let the cloud of doom engulf you gracefully. ‘Zodiac’ is a sequence of mountains & valleys, a recursive melody imbued with Urlo’s vocals, resulting into psyching out the whole structure! It calms in order to earn you some moments to take a breath of safety and returns with a fuzzy sequence of electric atmospheres thrown to your face!
‘Fatum’ is the perfect glue/interlude between ‘Zodiac’ and ‘Prismaze’ that follows.
‘Prismaze’ is a chaotic & violent storm (with moments that reminded me of Oro – Opus Alter), that calms for some brief moments and then launches the final attack with fury, in order to demolish everything that stands still between the debris. One of my favorite tracks of the album for sure!
‘Core’ is a slow and relentless hammering track; initially Poia’s guitar crawls and then ultimately screams along Ufomammut’s universe while in parallel you visualize the rhythm section of the band as one opaque entity accompanying the guitar’s suffering! Another favorite track!
‘Wombdemonium’ is a slow & thick doom track that acts as a remedy for all the damage
you got from this trip, during your esoteric journey to Ufomammut’s ‘8’. But still, ‘8’ is not done yet.
The album’s last track ‘Psyrcle’ is another powerful adventure, imbued by Urlo’s psalms & FXs, a final transcendence to Ufomammut’s astral plane is achieved gracefully. Patterns repeated, evolved, a frantic climax & then finally, catharsis…Then trying to put everything together, to understand what you just witnessed…then press ‘Play’, again!


In my opinion, that is what i was expecting from Ufomammut, to be able to beat their
past reincarnations & triumph as winners! And they did it with grace & determination.
The rhythm section was really tied up, their sound could be visualized as a cement/metal compound, opaque, thick & heavy. The bass lines could though be independent at cases, emphasizing important moments of the tracks, kinda more independent than the previous work, which is a very good thing. Great work has been done also at the FX section that accompanied the trio’s journey, really assisting dramatically the listener’s transcendence to the psychedelic doom realm of the Italians.
Really happy about this work, and easily one of my favorite releases so far for 2017. And one of my favorite Ufomammut albums!

Check their bandcamp page below & support the band!



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