We are a group of friends that know each other from school but met during live concerts and after having discussions like “A:What are you listening to during this month?Well, Treblinka. B: Premature Tiamat?Damn.”.. 

Well, quite nerdy we would think nowadays to be honest. We really like music & we are passionate in going to lives & spread the word of the underground. Because we do believe that the underground sound has something so pure & unique that it cannot be found in more commercial music, where a whole new market is evolving day by day, influencing & limiting the expression & freedom of the artist. Except from music, we have also other hobbies/subjects to stick to..could be programming & doing experiments by using images, could be cinema, could be whatever we liked and we felt that the experience was worthwhile to share it with you guys.

Hope you enjoy it,
Tzertzelos crew

Check the rest here:


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