Comacozer – Kalos Eidos Skopeo


Comacozer is a three piece, instrumental, psychedelic rock band from Sydney, Australia. Their third album ”Kalos Eidos Skopeo” will be released on the 15th of November through Headspin Records. Four tracks are included in this release. O.k let’s press play then. It starts with ”Axis Mundi” which is a really cool song. It is considerably trippy as it is heavy. ”Nystagmus” is the album’s second track and my personal favourite. Despite its title, this song didn’t feel sleepy. I think it’s what one might call as mesmerizing. Well, that’s how i would call it. Listening to this song really felt like taking on a trip through foggy and murky, distant places. Now ”Hylonomus” is a rather interesting song. To me it’s like an attempt to blend rebetiko music with heavy space rock. It’s not bad at all. I could perhaps break it down to two pieces, with the second part being the song’s outro. I’ll admit i dig this song. Last but not least we find ”Enuma Elish”. To be perfectly honest with you i neither hated it nor loved it. It’s a cool song for sure but i think i’ve heard stuff like that many times in the past. In my opinion ”Kalos Eidos Skopeo” is an enjoyable, trippy ride. It’s what you want to listen to when you’re back from work and you want to escape for a while from daily routine. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Kalos Eidos Skopeo”.


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