Unsane – Sterilize


Today we’re gonna talk a bit about the new Unsane album. This band does not need an introduction. Considered by most people (including myself) to be highly influential, they’ve been producing solid albums since day one. ”Sterilize” was released on the 29th of September through Southern Lord and it is the band’s 8th album. Ten tracks are included in this release. Their heavy and unique sound is still here and no i’m not talking about a ‘typical’ Unsane album. This band sure knows how to put together a good album. Huge loads of heaviness can be found here along with concrete basslines and awesome vocals. It didn’t take too long for me to like this album. Listening to songs like ”Factory” and ”The Grind” made me want to delve more into Unsane’s new full length. And the rest of the songs didn’t let me down at all. I can tell you that for sure. I can easily single out songs like ”Distance”, ”We’re fucked” and ”Avail”. I believe that fans should check out these songs. In my opinion, in this album the band didn’t lower their standards at all and if you’ve never heard of this band before in the past then ”Sterilize” is a good introduction to Unsane’s heavy and dystopic world. Here’s a link where you can also give this album a listen.


Ufomammut – 8

Ladies & gentlemen, 2 days have passed since the official release of the Italian psychedelic doomsters Ufomammut most recent album ‘8’ that is also their eighth studio release. ‘8’ was released the 22nd of September 2017 by Neurot Recordings while the LP version is released by Supernatural Cat records.

While i am a fan of Ufomammut the last 7 years, you can imagine my anxiety for “8”‘s release! Let’s dive into this & start our analysis!


The album starts with ‘Babel’, which is a quite powerful & aggressive introduction to the album. It starts atmospherically but gradually it puts the listener to the band’s dark realm slowly & cunningly. After the first notes, the listener is teleported without a notice in Ufomammut’s plane, where the band launches unceasingly black holes & obsidian monoliths from altar ruins!
‘Warsheep’ (released also as a single in June) or better, the Trojan horse of persistent psychedelic doom nightmares follows, which ultimately will force you headbang without even noticing. Your body would follow the vibrations, you need to let it go and let the cloud of doom engulf you gracefully. ‘Zodiac’ is a sequence of mountains & valleys, a recursive melody imbued with Urlo’s vocals, resulting into psyching out the whole structure! It calms in order to earn you some moments to take a breath of safety and returns with a fuzzy sequence of electric atmospheres thrown to your face!
‘Fatum’ is the perfect glue/interlude between ‘Zodiac’ and ‘Prismaze’ that follows.
‘Prismaze’ is a chaotic & violent storm (with moments that reminded me of Oro – Opus Alter), that calms for some brief moments and then launches the final attack with fury, in order to demolish everything that stands still between the debris. One of my favorite tracks of the album for sure!
‘Core’ is a slow and relentless hammering track; initially Poia’s guitar crawls and then ultimately screams along Ufomammut’s universe while in parallel you visualize the rhythm section of the band as one opaque entity accompanying the guitar’s suffering! Another favorite track!
‘Wombdemonium’ is a slow & thick doom track that acts as a remedy for all the damage
you got from this trip, during your esoteric journey to Ufomammut’s ‘8’. But still, ‘8’ is not done yet.
The album’s last track ‘Psyrcle’ is another powerful adventure, imbued by Urlo’s psalms & FXs, a final transcendence to Ufomammut’s astral plane is achieved gracefully. Patterns repeated, evolved, a frantic climax & then finally, catharsis…Then trying to put everything together, to understand what you just witnessed…then press ‘Play’, again!


In my opinion, that is what i was expecting from Ufomammut, to be able to beat their
past reincarnations & triumph as winners! And they did it with grace & determination.
The rhythm section was really tied up, their sound could be visualized as a cement/metal compound, opaque, thick & heavy. The bass lines could though be independent at cases, emphasizing important moments of the tracks, kinda more independent than the previous work, which is a very good thing. Great work has been done also at the FX section that accompanied the trio’s journey, really assisting dramatically the listener’s transcendence to the psychedelic doom realm of the Italians.
Really happy about this work, and easily one of my favorite releases so far for 2017. And one of my favorite Ufomammut albums!

Check their bandcamp page below & support the band!



Tau Cross – Pillar of Fire


Tau Cross is a multinational band that consists of five fine gentlemen such as Rob ”The Baron” Miller of Amebix and Michel “Away” Langevin of Voivod. ”Pillar of Fire”, which was released on the 21st of July by Relapse Records, is their sophomore, full length album. Well, i recently caught wind of this album and i decided to check this one out. ”Better late than never” some might say. O,k so fourteen tracks are included in this release. The last three songs are actually bonus tracks. It starts with ”Raising Golem”. This is a killer song no doubt. I’m feeling some Killing Joke here and i’m sure as hell down with it. ”Bread and Circuses” is a really nice song. Amebix and Misery fans should give this one a listen. Same goes for ”On The Water”. ”Deep State” is a bit of an old vibe if you ask me. I personally loved it. As for ”Pillar of Fire” i’ll tell you what; it’s one of my favourite songs from this album. It’s one of the songs i personally singled out. Great song writing and a great atmosphere coming out of this song. ”Killing the King” is a kick-ass, solid song. They also made a really cool video clip for this song. ”White Horse” is another solid song where heavy metal and punk mix perfectly. I also enjoyed ”The Big House”. Honestly speaking though, i couldn’t find something mediocre here, except for the indifferent album cover artwork. I strongly believe though that the band delivered. This album was made with love by people who have been in the game for many years. Well, at least that’s the impression i got. Listen to all of this album’s songs and find your own favourite. Here’s a link where you can have a first taste.

Big Brave – Ardor

big brave

Big Brave is a three piece band from Canada. Their new album ”Ardor” was released on the 15th of September through Southern Lord Recordings. Three tracks are included in this release. So you might ask ”what music does this band play?”. Well, their unearthly music is definitely heavy and really experimental. It is also seriously dark and cold. The album’s first track is called ”Sound”. I’ll admit it caught me by surprise. I really didn’t know what to expect. In my opinion this song kills. I loved its atmosphere. I’m also down with the band’s vocals. To me her singing sounds like it’s coming straight from the heart and i most definitely like that. Second song is called ”Lull”. In my opinion you need to experience this song. Free your mind from everything that’s been bothering you and just enjoy these beautiful tunes. Last but not least we find ”Borer”, namely the album’s third song. This is probably my favourite song from this album. It wasn’t an easy decision i assure you. I’m nothing but overwhelmed by this song’s heaviness and i would like to urge all of you to give it a listen. Trust me you won’t regret it. These three songs are like a deep dive into one’s psyche. ”Ardor” by Big Brave” is one of the best albums i’ve listened to in months. In my opinion it is an album that can be enjoyed by metalheads, punks, dark wave fans, e.t.c. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Ardor”.

Interview with Dark Habits

Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?

Our band was formed between Matt Adamson our drummer and myself Lewis Glass our guitarist in January of this year (2017). For a brief period Matthew Blanchett performed vocals for us (he is the vocalist on Cave Paintings) but we have since parted ways with him.
The band now consists of Matt Adamson(drums), Ross Livingstone (bass), Lewis Glass (guitar) and Steven Murray (vocals).

Can you tell us about your main influences?

The main premise for our music is anything fast and heavy with some industrial influence although it’s not restricted to this. The bands that probably influence us the most are the likes of Converge, Darkthrone and Nine Inch Nails.

What inspires you the most?

Pretty much anything that is ‘not nice’ in life. I think it’s important to be a nice person in life but not deny the fact that horrible things happen around the world every day. We try to deal with this in our music, be it through the lyrics or through the mood/intensity of the instruments.

How is music produced in Dark Habits?

In terms of writing we are a very democratic band. A member will usually come to practice with an idea on their instrument and we’ll write around that and see where it goes. Lewis records, mixes and masters all of our music. He runs a studio (www.glassworksstudiorecording.com) where we write and rehearse. This, tied in with the fact that Ross is a videographer (www.yearonemusic.com) in his spare time means that we can do absolutely everything ourselves and keep the running costs of our band really low.

This May you released your debut ep ‘’Cave Paintings’’. How has the reception been so far?

We’ve been overwhelmed by the reception to it. We didn’t expect anyone outside of Glasgow to ever hear it but we’ve ended up sending tapes (which are now sold out!) to places all over the world, from Canada to Japan.

What about a full length album?

A full length album will happen although most likely not until next year. We have an EP due out before the end of the year though!

What are you listening to these days?

Between us we’ve been listening to Vein, Street Sects, Lord Mantis, Viva Belgrado. We do listen to non loud music too though. I think a band we all agree we love is Interpol!

Which is your favourite way of enjoying music? What would you choose between digital and physical format?

Whilst we all collect cassettes and vinyl when we can we definitely consume music digitally more often. Right now we all have extremely busy schedules and prefer the convenience of an MP3. That being said, the collectibility and sentimentality of cassettes and vinyl is unbeatable.

Any live shows planned for the rest of this year?

Yeah we have a few:

7th October @ The Flying Duck, Glasgow: Nihility, Underdark, Razorbite and us.
24th October @ The Garage Attic, Glasgow: Svalbard, The Tidal Sleep, Bosporus and us.
5th November @ Audio, Glasgow: Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Leng T’che, Boak, Endless Swarm, Gendo Ikari and us.

What does the future hold for Dark Habits?

We don’t have any goals other than to keep making music and playing shows together.

Snakes/ Crosss – Split


Today we’re gonna do a review of a split album. Snakes contribute with two tracks while Crosss with four. Side A of this split belongs to Snakes, namely Brett Netson’s solo project. Side B includes four songs by Crosss, a band that hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia. So let’s check out side A. First song is called ”Old, Like Hell”. This is not exactly my cup of tea. Nostalgic and esoteric at the same time, at some extend it sounded interesting. I didn’t exactly love it but i didn’t hate it as well. Now ”Hypothermia Pt.2” puzzled me a bit. To me this track is like a bold mixture of 70’s heavy space rock and ambient/ drone. One could say that it works as a big outro for ”Old, Like Hell”. As for myself, i’ll admit that it sounded o.k for me but the truth is that i gradually started to lose interest. Keep in mind though that this is just one man’s opinion. It’s not necessarily the right one. Now Crosss is a different story. This heavy grunge of theirs caught me by surprise. I’m talking about songs like ”The Afterlight” and ”I Got Lo”. In my opinion ”I Got Lo” sounds superheavy and you should all give it a listen. ”Descent” made this side sound a bit more claustrophobic. I’ll admit i dig this one. And now i want to listen to more Crosss songs. This split introduced me to two bands i had never heard of before in the past. I enjoyed both sides but to be perfectly honest with you i mostly enjoyed side B. Thi split album comes out on the 6th of October. Until then check out these two links: Brett Netson & SnakesCrosss .


Interview with Procrastinate


Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?

Procrastinate was formed in 2013 at Karditsa, Greece. At first, it was a project of two people in need to express themselves through extreme music and put out their ideas and beliefs. Later things got more serious and we became a five-piece and highly active group. We place ourselves among the DIY hardcore punk scene and perform only in autonomous spaces and squats which promote an anti-authoritarian, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-fascist and self-organized way of life.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Our lyrics draw inspiration from everyday life issues, the social & political crisis, personal situations and ethics.

Can you tell us about your main influences?

The only sure thing is that we listen to a LOT of music. I think that some bands that we can all agree on in the band are Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Fall of Efrafa, Wolfbrigade etc. for basics, but mostly we enjoy the contemporary DIY Greek scene in which we saw ourselves flourish. However, to diminish influence only to music would be a huge mistake. Art in general is and will be a major part of our lives forever.

The last years we’ve seen many diy bands come out of Greece. Is diy more of a political statement or is it more about freedom of artistic creativity?

Being free and creating on your own terms IS a political statement. People trying to refuse DIY its politicization to easily exploit its rise is something sadly often and really dangerous. We’re glad that the DIY scene in Greece is at its best with many different bands coming out day by day and we look forward it to be the threat to modern culture we dream it to be.

You are about to release your first, full length album. How did the recording sessions go? Will it be a concept album?

The recording sessions were split between Karditsa and Livadeia (both in Greece) where most of the work took place. We easily managed to get done everything the way it was supposed to be and we’re really happy with the end result. We consider the LP to be the best sounding work we’ve ever released. For that, we would like to thank George Stournaras over at Infected Studios in Livadeia for recording, mixing and mastering the record and Achilleas Kaminiotis over at Huge4 Studios in Karditsa for recording the vocals. There was no concept in mind while creating it, but after closely listening to it after its birth and if we had to name one, it would be: “The tale of a modern human’s daily struggle to cope with life’s absurdity and to make all dreams of rebellion reality”.

When will the album be released?

The album is going to be officially released by us and sweetohm recordings at September the 25th. For all those interested, you can stream the whole LP now exclusively over at IDIOTEQ.com or listen some tracks uploaded at our YouTube channel.

I loved the album’s cover artwork. Can you give us some info on that?

The peacock is something very characteristic of our hometown. If you visit Karditsa, there’s no way to ignore its central park “Pausilypo” where many of them have their stroll. These birds are connected to many childhood memories of this park and all the fun we had and are still having there. The obvious choice because of his love of drawing animals and our respect to him as a musician and artist was Alex CF (Fall of Efrafa, Light Bearer, Carnist, Momentum, Archivist, Morrow, etc.) who translated our vision into art in the best possible way and also took care of the layout.

Any live shows planned for the rest of this year?

We’ll be touring Europe in November for two weeks in support of the LP and have also planned two Greek dates for October in Patras and Athens. More Greek dates after Europe will follow for sure. Stay tuned for more information on the shows.

What are you listening to these days?

I sure can’t talk for everyone, but I (T.-vocals) am really into Brockhampton’s (an L.A. based hip-hop collective) new album “Saturation II”, Wolfbrigade’s latest album “Run with the Hunted” and Converge’s “I Can Tell You about Pain” EP.

What does the future hold for Procrastinate?

We’ll try to get the new album as far as we can, play as many gigs as we can and fight daily for what’s not earned yet. Beware the time of change.