Mastodon – Emperor of Sand


Sometimes you just have to accept reality. Summer vacation period is over for me. Sad but true. I had a great time though. Crete is a magnificent place. It is a beautiful island and it’s absolutely worthy of your visit. Now i’m back home but to tell you the truth i would had gladly extended my vacations for at least a week if i had the chance.

I think 2017 has been a great year for metal so far. Lately i’ve been listening to Mastodon’s latest full length album, namely ”Emperor of Sand”. This is actually the band’s seventh studio album. Eleven tracks are included in this release. First of all i’d like to comment on the album’s cover artwork and that’s because it’s really cool. I have yet to see a mediocre cover artwork on a Mastodon album. But let’s see what we’ve got here. Let’s just press play. First song is called ”Sultan’s Curse”. It’s a classic Mastodon track and all i can think of is ‘welcome back Mastodon’. Some fans might dislike ”Show Yourself” but i personally liked it. It’s not my favourite song from this album but it’s a cool one for sure. I can’t say the same about ”Precious Stones”. This is a kick ass song. Same goes for ”Steambreather”. In my opinion ”Roots Remain” is an excellent track. Make sure you give it a listen. I’m half way through and so far i’m really enjoying this album. Let’s see what lies ahead. ”Word to the Wise” is another awesome track. Really nice guitar solos can be found here. But we’re far from over. Immense groove can be found in ”Ancient Kingdom”. This song is what some people might call ”catchy” but it is seriously heavy of course. ”Clandestiny” is my least favourite song from ”Emperor of Sand”. I neither hated it nor loved it. ”Andromeda” though is a different case. This song feels like a dive into the band’s early period. I’m definitely down with this song. ”Scorpion Breath” kills. What a beautiful track this is! It also features Scott Kelly and Kevin Sharp on vocals. You should definitely check this one out. Last but not least we find ”Jaguar God”. It is a great track, filled with great melodies. I t works as a perfect outro for this album.

Overall i can say that i quite enjoyed this album. In my opinion ”Emperor of Sand” is a better album than ”Once More ‘Round the Sun”. I guess though this is debatable. The thing is ”Emperor of Sound” is a really nice album and it is surely worthy of your attention. Personally i’d give it an 8 out of 10. Check out this link.


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