Information sharing about events, artists and their work with the Tracker app

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The Tracker app allows you to browse events of all recommended artists and obtain easily collected information about each artist and their work. Pages such as a Facebook or a Bandcamp page are the de facto way for artists to post their work or publish an announcement. Through the Tracker app, you can easily visit your favorite band’s Facebook/Bandcamp pages with just a click.


Collected future events are shown, grouped by each featured artist.


By hovering & clicking on any artist event header, the artist information window is triggered, appearing next to the interactive artist header. In that example. we just hovered upon the artist header associated with Sumac. 


The artist information window shows artist information such as the artist’s related tags/keywords and its associated pages. By clicking on any of the available pages, you can visit easily any related page associated to your favorite artist. With that way, you are just two clicks away from checking out the most recent work/posts of your favorite artist!

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