Find events related to a tag/keyword with the Tracker app

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The Tracker app offers a tag filter which you can feed according to your preferences. The tag filter contains tags/keywords that are related to our recommended artists. By picking different tags from the filter, you can customize your view over the future events that the app shows. Tags can be words related to a genre, style, artist, producer, anything you could imagine.


Initially, the app shows all available events for each artist performing in the future.


By clicking to a tag, we can filter out all artists/events that are not related to our selected tag/keyword. In the example, we just clicked the “sludge” tag.


Only sludge artists and artists related to sludge are shown in the app’s main view. In our example, these bands are Bongzilla, Moss, Sleep and Amenra.


Then, by clicking on the psychedelic tag, we can easily browse events and artists that are related both to the sludge and the psychedelic tags.  Inter Arma were added to the app view because they are related to the newly added psychedelic keyword.


By opening an artist’s information window (hover on any artist event header), we can see the selected artist’s tags that are included in the keywords of the tag filterBy clicking on any artist tag or any tag contained in the tag filter, we influence each other because they are interconnected. By picking tags depending on your music preference, you can easily filter out artists and events irrelevant to your taste, and focus only on browsing events that are more likely to be of your interest

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