Find events of your favorite artist with the Tracker app

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The Tracker app allows you to easily find and view only the events of your favorite artists, filtering out all other artists.  Filtering is achieved by selecting the artists of your choice from the artist filter.


The artist filter shows all the artists which are hosted in an event in the future. You can just select or type any available artist name from the filter and the app’s view will only show the events of your favorite artists. So easy!


In this example, we selected “Extreme Noise Terror”, “Deafheaven”, “Heretoir” and Napalm Death” in order to find their respective future gigs in case there were any. The app indeed was able to find events matching our selected artists from the artist filter. The matched artists/events are shown in the app’s main view.


By clicking the “Reset” button, all selected artist filters become available again.

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