Discover artists related to your favorite artists with the Tracker app

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The Tracker app allows you to easily find relevant artists to your favorite ones. This is achieved by combining the power of the artist filter with the tag filter.

First, select your favorite artist from the available artists provided by the artist filter.


In this example, we used the artist filter’s text field in order to find Sleep.


After selecting Sleep from the artist filter, the app will update its view and show us only Sleep’s future events.


We then hover and click on Sleep’s event header in order to allow the artist information window to appear, showing all collected information regarding Sleep.  


The artist information window reveals the band’s related external pages and the tags that are associated to the selected artist. Sleep’s artist information window shows that Sleep are related to “San Jose”,“sludge”,“metal”,“stoner” and so on. From Sleep’s tags, let’s click on the “sludge” tag. The app will show other bands except Sleep that are related to sludge and contain that particular tag in their information window. 


After clicking on the sludge tag, the app shows additionally also Bongzilla and Moss, due to the fact that also hold the selected tag. By selecting more tags from the artist information window, you can discover new artists related to tags/keywords associated with your favorite artist easily!  

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