The Ditch and The Delta – Hives In Decline

Hey everybody, hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. Here in Athens the sky is a bit cloudy and sunny at the same time. Today i wanted to talk to you about an album i’ve been listening to lately. It’s really good so i thought we should say some things about it. First of all let me state that The Ditch And The Delta are a three piece band from Salt Lake City. ”Hives In Decline” is the band’s debut Lp.

The album will see release on May 12 through Battleground Records. Seven tracks will be included in this release. The band’s music is of course heavy . I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. This blend of sludge and mathcore is like ribs with bbq sauce. It’s difficult not to like it. Unless of course you’ re a vegetarian. The album’s first track is called ”Hives in Decline”. Listening to this track i was like ”O.k gentlemen you now have my attention”. There’s groove, nice riffs and i’m sure as hell down with it. ”Fuck on Asphalt” is heavy as hell. It is also one of this album’s best tracks. The same goes for ”Sleeping Dogs”. ”Dry Land” is somewhat different. It’s a bit more bluesy if you will but a nice track nonetheless. ”Till Body Quits” is an awesome track and that’s hands down. It’s another favorite track from this album. Each track tells a story of its own. ”Mud” is another one i liked a lot. Last but not least we find ”Dread Spectacle”. This is another song that you should definitely check out.

I myself enjoyed all seven tracks. This album was a pleasant surprise and that’s because i didn’t really knew what to expect. Nevertheless i’d like to say that this is a great debut album and i have nothing really negative to say about it whatsoever. Definitely recommended for Mastodon fans.


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