Interview with Quake The Earth

Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?
Quake the Earth’s line up is now me Jani Kakko (gtr), Aki Häkkinen (voc), Sami Knuutinen (bass) & Joonas Takalo (drums). Band was formed back in 2011 with members of hc-punk band “Forensic”. We asked Aki to join our group and then we changed band name and started whole thing from scratch. –Jani Kakko

What does the name Quake the Earth represent?
After the band’s “new beginning” and new line-up the sound changed and the song writing with it. I though it would suit good to change the band name with it in to something more meaningful. I came up with Quake The Earth for it’s divided meaning for me. On one hand it describes the music as it’s loud and strong. Other meaning is more political as I want to make people think through my lyrics – kinda wake people up a bit – forcefully even. –Aki

How would you define your sound?
Kick-ass metal with hardcore punk influeces and pinch of melody –Jani Kakko
I would describe is as a musical buffet table with all kinds of treats on it…but you only select the very best parts of it on your plate and this is what you get –Aki

Can you tell us about your main influences?
I think we all listen to different kind of music but consume a lot of it through the years. I don’t think musically we have any main influences together but we all have our own. Personally I am stuck to 90’s bands a lot for example Pantera, Meshuggah (destroy erase improve), Sepultura, Biohazard etc. when it comes to heavier music…of course 90’s rap music is the best also haha. Living in today’s world gives me the biggest influences for music.

Last September you released your new album ‘’Declaration of War’’. How has the reception been so far?
Very good review’s all around the world and people go crazy when we play live. Even radios in Europe had played our music but not so much in Finland… –Jani Kakko
Yeah the reviews have been super all over but I think not a lot of people knows about us still. We don’t have the big labels or promo companies behind us but we are doing our share of guerilla war in this huge industry and hopefully people enjoy and find our stuff. – Aki

Is there a concept behind the album you’d like to talk about?
It is politically aware as I feel we are living in a world where only a few decide the fate of billions and use greed, lies and puppets to control the masses. People have been slaved through debts and brainwashed through the media to live in a lie and be afraid to speak their mind. –Aki

What inspires you the most?
Life itself –Jani Kakko
Yeah like tends to throw turd on you and push you into corners -that’s where you find out if you fight or fall. –Aki

What are you listening to these days?
I personally have spend loads of time with vinyls like Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, kind of stuff lately. I love all kind of music but as we are talking about metal I think Gojira is biggest thing right now for me. –Jani
Oh man…it changes a lot and I have a lot of bands and artists I listen to. Currently making a new album with my other band The Duskfall so I have listened to the new songs a lot to write lyrics haha. Driving back and forth in Sweden and Finland alone I have been listening to some easier stuff late nights like Lana Del Ray and Leonard Cohen for example. –Aki

Any live shows planned for this year?
We are rehearsing with our new drummer Joonas and after we are ready for anything we will start booking for some shows and also gonna write new music also. –Aki

What does the future hold for Quake the Earth?
Gigs, new music and not giving up for mankind! Hopefully get to play more internationally also. –Aki

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