Woe – Hope Attrition

Woe is a four piece, black metal band from the United States. Their new album ”Hope Attrition” was released on March 17 through Vendetta Records. Produced by Stephen DeAcutis (Evoken, Dim Mak) at Sound Spa Studios in Edison, New Jersey, this album includes seven tracks. ”Hope Attrition” is a concept album. As far as i’m aware this is a concept album,  a personal commentary on the chaos of the modern world. As it has already been mentioned the band plays black metal but you can trace a bit of death metal in their music. It was not hard for me to like their music. This soundtrack to a near dystopia starts with ”Unending Call Of Woe”. This is a really nice song and it also revealed to me a certain sense of epicness that can be found throughout this album. ”No Blood Has Honor” is what i’d like to call some good ol’ black metal. ”A Distant Epitaph” is your passage to the second part of this album. ”The Din Of The Mourning” is cold as fuck. It is also one of my favorite tracks from this album. Moving on we find ”The Ones We Lost”. This is another great song from this album, a bit depressive yet heavy and dark as hell. This sonic attack continues with ”Drown Us With Greatness”. I’m definitely down with this song. And last but not least we find ”Abject In Defeat”. Our epic journey has come to an end. Overall i can say that i enjoyed this one and that these guys have made a fan out of me. I would also like to recommend this album. This is our suggestion for today. Check out ”Hope Attrition”. 


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