Trainspotting 2

If disappointment had a name then that would be Trainspotting 2. Many people, including myself, had really high expectations for this film. I mean, the cast was great, ”Porno” is a rather good book, Danny Boyle once again was going to be the film director. What could go wrong? The answer is many things. So what i did was go to the nearest multiplex, grab some pop corn and some coke and just wait for the movie to start. The theater was half full mainly by forty year olds. I guess these guys went to see the movie driven mainly by nostalgia. The truth is the same happened with me as well. After all Trainspotting was a great film. Many people had Trainspotting posters in their house. And who can forget Trainspotting’s soundtrack? That was certainly an album full of great songs.
Trainspotting 2 from the beginning was a rather weird experience. Why did it had to have so many references on the first movie? Why on earth did it look so uninspired and flat? It was as if Danny Boyle had ran out of ideas and said ”You know what? That’s what you’re simply gonna get”. I realize it was not an easy task to make a better movie than the first one but i caught myself feeling really bored and tired especially during the last thirty movies. I had to admit i liked the music of this film though. To be honest that was the only thing i really liked. I don’t think a third part would be a good idea. Let’s just leave Mark and his friends simply go own with their lives.


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