Blame Kandinsky – Spotting Elegance In Chaos

I never really liked Vassily Kandinsky’s art. There, i said it. I always thought of him as a decent painter but i failed to catch the meanings of his paintings. I mean, i tried but i failed. People who know stuff about abstract art could enlighten us perhaps. Blame Kandinsky is a different story though. For those of you who don’t know, Blame Kandinsky is a five piece, mathcore band formed in Athens, Greece back in 2012. Their debut ep ”Pink Noise Motel” was released in 2014. This ep had made quite an impression on me and i was waiting for a full length album to come out.

Released on the 1st of January, ”Spotting Elegance In Chaos” is the band’s first, full length album. It was recorded by Alex Ketenjian and Kostas Ragiadakos at Unreal Studios and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios , Sweden. Ten tracks are included in this release. So let’s press play. Let’s see what we’ve got here. First track is called ”Cowboys are Devout” and all i can say is that i’m really liking this one. ”Motivation” is the album’s second track and one of my favourites as well. ”Hope” is another excellent track that stands out for its heaviness and technicality. ”Beleave” is another track that you should definitely check out. I also believe that fans of Dillinger Escape Plan are gonna love ”Where the Sun is Silent”. We’re half way through and i simply can’t wait to listen to the next five songs. ”Goya’s Polaroid” is like a bridge that leads to the rest of the album’s songs. ”Consuming Angels Breeding Demons” has a jazzy vibe if you will. Another great track no doubt. Who’s in for more? Wait till you listen to ”Brenda”. Chaotic and heavy as hell. That also goes for ”Years of the Vulture”. Last but not least we find ”Glasgow Smile”. This is by all means another awesome track and a great outro for this album.

Overall i have to say this album totally lived up to my expectations. Once again the band delivered. ”Spotting Elegance in Chaos” is a great full length, debut album. I myself loved it, rocked it and i would like to recommend it. Definitely recommended for fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch, Converge, Tardive Dyskinesia, e.t.c. So if you’re a fan of these bands do yourself a favor and listen to ”Spotting Elegance in Chaos”. Here’s a link where you can listen to this album.


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