Interview with Minerva Superduty


Hi there! Congratulations on your new album. In what degree does it follow on from ‘’Minerva Superduty’’?
Thank you for your kind words. “Gorod Zero” takes our sound to darker, grayer if you will, more extreme and aggressive ways. We try to keep moving forward musically while retaining our intense and unsettling playing. Having established that, the added vocals helped bring a sense of rage and despair into the picture.

How did you decide to add vocals to your music?
Soon after performing the new material live for the first time we felt that it was time to experiment with voices as well. George of Ruined Families was stoked to try so he made some demos and pretty much got the job on the spot. He is not an actual singer but nevertheless totally nailed it and brought a fresh perspective over the music with his vocal lines and to-the-point lyrics.

What inspires you the most?
Passion for change, innovation and betterment.

Apart from your favourite bands what else would you name as a key influence? Could it be a filmmaker or an art movement perhaps?
Besides music, cinema is a form of art we all enjoy. Like music, it can be velvet and gruesome all together and has been a powerful form of expression over the years.

Recently you toured Europe with Kalpa. How did this tour go?
It was an enlightening experience and we all wanted to do it for as long as we can remember. Everything really went well in general. Being abroad, playing in front of new people every night, seeing new places everyday made us stronger and more determined. We learned a lot about ourselves in this tour. Kudos go to Kalpa who organized the whole thing and made it happen.

Is there a concept behind ‘’Gorod Zero’’ you would like to discuss? Have you seen the film ‘’Gorod Zero’’ by Karen Shakhnazarov?
There is no actual concept behind the album, lyrically or otherwise. We had seen the film a while back and agreed it was both a magnificent surreal dark comedy and a great album title (laughs). The absurdities and isolation our hero faces in the film and his need to escape is what we thought parallels with the lives of the people of today.


The product of your collaboration with Thanos Mitsios was two excellent video clips. How did this collaboration come to be?
Thanos has been our friend for some years now. After listening to our debut album, he contacted us and proposed to shoot us a video. Actually, it is his day job. Having worked in a production team for some time, he wanted to create something of his own concept and was thrilled to visually portray our music. We entrusted him for “Sklenos Pt.I” and the outcome justifies it perfectly. So, when the new album was close to completion, the choice of who to make a new video with was pretty obvious.

It seems to me that as a band you always take care of every last detail. I’m talking about your songs, the cover artwork of your albums as well as your two video clips. Are you a perfectionist band?
Well, if you’re going to do it, better do it right, right?Or don’t bother at all. That is kind of the motto of the band. Even if it takes a lot of effort and time – and it usually does – it is definitely worth it. We try to do right by ourselves. And surely the small details help to bring out the big picture. Speaking of the artwork, all credits go to Paschalis Zervas/+wolframgrafik for the great work that he has done for both our albums.

Any live shows planned for this year?
We are planning some shows for the summer, there will be more details soon enough.

At this point I’d like to ask each one of you to give us your favourite album of 2016.
Sumac- What One Becomes, Bölzer – Hero, Baklavaa – Dane On, Drake – Views.

What does the future hold for Minerva Superduty?
Honestly, we would like to keep doing it for as long as we can. We are working on some new songs, still it’s early to tell what we’ll do next. Thank you for the interview and your support. Routine can wait.


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