Woe – Hope Attrition

Woe is a four piece, black metal band from the United States. Their new album ”Hope Attrition” was released on March 17 through Vendetta Records. Produced by Stephen DeAcutis (Evoken, Dim Mak) at Sound Spa Studios in Edison, New Jersey, this album includes seven tracks. ”Hope Attrition” is a concept album. As far as i’m aware this is a concept album,  a personal commentary on the chaos of the modern world. As it has already been mentioned the band plays black metal but you can trace a bit of death metal in their music. It was not hard for me to like their music. This soundtrack to a near dystopia starts with ”Unending Call Of Woe”. This is a really nice song and it also revealed to me a certain sense of epicness that can be found throughout this album. ”No Blood Has Honor” is what i’d like to call some good ol’ black metal. ”A Distant Epitaph” is your passage to the second part of this album. ”The Din Of The Mourning” is cold as fuck. It is also one of my favorite tracks from this album. Moving on we find ”The Ones We Lost”. This is another great song from this album, a bit depressive yet heavy and dark as hell. This sonic attack continues with ”Drown Us With Greatness”. I’m definitely down with this song. And last but not least we find ”Abject In Defeat”. Our epic journey has come to an end. Overall i can say that i enjoyed this one and that these guys have made a fan out of me. I would also like to recommend this album. This is our suggestion for today. Check out ”Hope Attrition”. 


Artificial Brain – Infrared Horizon

Long Island, New York-based sci-fi death metal quintet, Artificial Brain , will release their second album, ”Infrared Horizon”, through Profound Lore Records in April. The album was produced by Colin Marson at The Thousand Caves studio. Ten tracks are included in this release. So, today we’re reviewing a death metal album. Let’s do this. ”Infrared Horizon” sounds definitely brutal and raw. It stands out for its technicality as well as it its abyssic, eerie atmosphere. Artificial Brain play death metal but you can trace some black metal in their music.  This addition makes their music sound more cold and dark if you will. I must say i liked their vocals a lot. We’re talking about proper death metal growls. And of course here you’ll find many blastbeats that we all love. Lyrically this album deals with a  dystopian future in which robots and cyborgs have outlived human beings and who believe themselves to be not of creation of the long extinct humans but a more perfect evolution of them. So yes, in my opinion Artificial Brain’s music works as a perfect soundtrack for this kind of concept. Ten songs for a post apocalyptic dystopia. My favorite songs were ”Estranged From Orbit”, ”Infrared Horizon” and ”Vacant Explorer”. Overall, i have to say i liked this album and i believe that death metal fans are gonna like it as well. ”Infrared Horizon” will see release on CD, LP, and digital formats on April 21st.

Owun – 2.5

Fragment. Nothing Will Ever Be The Same LP
Owun is a three piece band from Grenoble, France. Their new album is titled ”2,5”. Released about a month ago, this album includes nine tracks. The band’s music is mainly a mixture of noise rock, post punk and dark wave. These guys have been around for more than twenty years and they certainly know their game. I’ve never listened to an album by Owun before in the past. However i will admit that ”2,5” is an album that’s definitely welcome. Its experimental and provocative nature triggered a subconscious need of mine that made me want to listen to this album and explore its hidden secrets. In my opinion ”2,5” has many cool moments. I personally liked most of the songs. One song i’d like to single out though is ”Orange”, namely the album’s seventh song. This is a beautiful track and that’s hands down. These nine songs form an album that can be described as intriguing and daring if you will. So the question is, what do i think about this album? I surely loved the album’s ambience as well as its diversified character and i have to say i’m definitely down with it. Therefore i’d like to recommend it. Recommended for fans of Killing Joke, Sonic Youth, Swans, e.t.c.

Trainspotting 2

If disappointment had a name then that would be Trainspotting 2. Many people, including myself, had really high expectations for this film. I mean, the cast was great, ”Porno” is a rather good book, Danny Boyle once again was going to be the film director. What could go wrong? The answer is many things. So what i did was go to the nearest multiplex, grab some pop corn and some coke and just wait for the movie to start. The theater was half full mainly by forty year olds. I guess these guys went to see the movie driven mainly by nostalgia. The truth is the same happened with me as well. After all Trainspotting was a great film. Many people had Trainspotting posters in their house. And who can forget Trainspotting’s soundtrack? That was certainly an album full of great songs.
Trainspotting 2 from the beginning was a rather weird experience. Why did it had to have so many references on the first movie? Why on earth did it look so uninspired and flat? It was as if Danny Boyle had ran out of ideas and said ”You know what? That’s what you’re simply gonna get”. I realize it was not an easy task to make a better movie than the first one but i caught myself feeling really bored and tired especially during the last thirty movies. I had to admit i liked the music of this film though. To be honest that was the only thing i really liked. I don’t think a third part would be a good idea. Let’s just leave Mark and his friends simply go own with their lives.

Common Eider King Eider – Shrines for the Unwanted, Respite for the Cast Aside

Common Eider King Eider is a four piece, dark ambient band from the United States. Their new album ”Shrines for the Unwanted, Respite for the Cast Aside” will be released on April 7 through Sentient Ruin Laboratories. Five tracks will be included in this release. The fifth track will be a cassette tape only bonus track. The band’s music is really dark, obscure and cold. This is not your everyday type music. It is something that needs to be explored. In my opinion this album has a ritualistic tone. There are four stages that await for you here. Once you finally pass them then you will embrace catharsis. I do believe that the band’s music holds a certain sense of unworldly charm. Wait till it gets a little bit dark and listen to this album. An album that is full of emotions. These four tracks represent some of the emotions that dwell inside the human soul. I’m talking about angst, fear, hate, hope, e.t.c. Discover the mysteries of the human psyche.

Interview with Friend of Gods

Hi there! Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?
Hey thanks for having us! We are Friend Of Gods. Three dudes that love music and that have created a band to nurture that love on a daily basis. We started rehearsing at the end of 2011, first as a duo (guitar/drums) and then eventually as a 3piece with bass.

What does the name Friend of Gods represent?
It started out as just a translation of a Greek suburb, because that’s where we would rehearse when we formed the band. It was a joke. We were talking about changing it when a good friend of ours showed us a drawing of a funny looking ape that he’d made. That ape wore a hat with the band’s name on it. It kind of made sense and that drawing has been the band logo ever since.

What inspires you the most?
Art in general. Other musicians, especially local one’s that we have the chance to see often. People of all kind. Nature.Cats & dogs.And our fucked up, self-destructive psychology.

How would you define your sound? Do you think it needs to be defined?
Our approach towards music is defined by punk, and we obviously have a lot of math-rock and 90’s references. Nevertheless, we try to add as much as we can to this equation and do our best not to limit our music to a certain genre.

Last December you released your new ep ‘’You Gotta Look Good In This Fuckin Business’’. How has the reception been so far? Is there a concept behind this ep you’d like to discuss?
Pretty good, considering it was only a digital release. We’ve gotten some great reviews and honest reactions from various sources. The most important thing is that we still like it. We look back at it now feeling that we gave our best to create an honest album. There is no concept really.The title is a statement, but also a question, concerning perspective.

How is music produced in Friend of Gods?
The good old fashioned jamming way! A member may come to the studio with a riff, an idea, a drum beat, or even a whole song, but it will only take complete form once we have jammed the hell out of it.

Any live shows planned for this year?
We’ll be playing at the Slap n Panic Festival in Athens at An club, on the 30th of April. Very excited about that one. We hope to hit some summer festivals in Greece after that, but our main focus at this moment is organizing a proper tour in Europe towards the end of the year.

What are you listening to these days?
We’re actually listening to the new Chronoboros album! It’s not out yet, but we were lucky enough to get our hands on it a few days ago cause they’re close friends and all that. It’s such a good album!

What does the future hold for Friend of Gods?
A lot of emails for sure! We try to do everything ourselves, it’s a lot of work but we can’t complain. We always manage to have fun, one way or another! You can also expect a new video clip from us, very soon.

Blame Kandinsky – Spotting Elegance In Chaos

I never really liked Vassily Kandinsky’s art. There, i said it. I always thought of him as a decent painter but i failed to catch the meanings of his paintings. I mean, i tried but i failed. People who know stuff about abstract art could enlighten us perhaps. Blame Kandinsky is a different story though. For those of you who don’t know, Blame Kandinsky is a five piece, mathcore band formed in Athens, Greece back in 2012. Their debut ep ”Pink Noise Motel” was released in 2014. This ep had made quite an impression on me and i was waiting for a full length album to come out.

Released on the 1st of January, ”Spotting Elegance In Chaos” is the band’s first, full length album. It was recorded by Alex Ketenjian and Kostas Ragiadakos at Unreal Studios and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios , Sweden. Ten tracks are included in this release. So let’s press play. Let’s see what we’ve got here. First track is called ”Cowboys are Devout” and all i can say is that i’m really liking this one. ”Motivation” is the album’s second track and one of my favourites as well. ”Hope” is another excellent track that stands out for its heaviness and technicality. ”Beleave” is another track that you should definitely check out. I also believe that fans of Dillinger Escape Plan are gonna love ”Where the Sun is Silent”. We’re half way through and i simply can’t wait to listen to the next five songs. ”Goya’s Polaroid” is like a bridge that leads to the rest of the album’s songs. ”Consuming Angels Breeding Demons” has a jazzy vibe if you will. Another great track no doubt. Who’s in for more? Wait till you listen to ”Brenda”. Chaotic and heavy as hell. That also goes for ”Years of the Vulture”. Last but not least we find ”Glasgow Smile”. This is by all means another awesome track and a great outro for this album.

Overall i have to say this album totally lived up to my expectations. Once again the band delivered. ”Spotting Elegance in Chaos” is a great full length, debut album. I myself loved it, rocked it and i would like to recommend it. Definitely recommended for fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch, Converge, Tardive Dyskinesia, e.t.c. So if you’re a fan of these bands do yourself a favor and listen to ”Spotting Elegance in Chaos”. Here’s a link where you can listen to this album.