Interview with Horseneck

Hi there! Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?
Anthony Paganelli guitars and vocals, Lance Jackman guitars and vocals, Lennon Hudson bass and vocals, Jess Gowrie drums. The band was formed about six years ago. We’ve been with this lineup for about three years. When we formed the band we were a three-piece and since then we’ve added another guitar player Lance and a different drummer Jess.

Can you tell us about your main influences?
Our main influences is 70s and 90s rock. Definitely guitar driven loud heavy rock ‘n’ roll.

What inspires you the most?
I think everything inspires me a little bit from music to art. People and personalities inspire my lyrics. Definitely inspired by classic rock. I love guitars. Loud big guitars with killer tone. Although on this record we did add in some keys and some horns. That was definitely our classic rock influence shining through.

How is music produced in Horseneck? Do you follow a specific procedure when writing new songs?
We have a very simple approach to writing songs. Usually one of us comes to rehearsal with an idea or a riff and we just jam it out. And we just keep playing it till we get everything sounding the way we want it to sound. I usually come up with lyrics during this process. Sometimes it changes the music a bit. Sometimes I just write the vocals after. Just depends on the song. We definitely love to get in the room and get loud with each other and feel out the songs.  I’m very lucky to have the members I have in the band. We write music very easily together. Effortless really.

This month you released your new album ‘’Heavy Trip’’. How has the reception been so far?
The reception for the new record has been amazing. We’ve had really really good reviews and everyone seems to like it a lot. It’s been awesome to get such great feedback on the album.


Any particular concept behind ‘’Heavy Trip’’ you would like to discuss?
We name the record after it was all completed. Someone said after hearing some of the songs they felt like they were on a journey. Lance had come up with some art design with space. And I really wanted a female image on the cover. So after looking at the artwork and listening to the songs “Heavy Trip” came to me. Thought it was a pretty appropriate name for the album.

What’s your favourite way of enjoying music? What would you choose between digital and physical format?
You know I really enjoy listening to records, although most of the time I’m listening to Spotify. Just because it’s easy to access and everything is available. But if I really like a band I usually purchase their record in some form whether it be a physical copy at a live show or through bandcamp. I really like to support bands other than just streaming their albums. I try to attend as many shows as i can.

What are you listening to these days?
I’ve been listening to Brant Bjork. His new album ‘tao of the devil’ is so good. Let’s see. Red fang. Whores. Khemmis. Uncle acid and the deadbeats. Plus a ton of classic rock. I can never get enough of that. Last year I was stuck on ELO for a while.

Any live shows planned for this year?
Definitely working on some live shows. Trying to start some touring.  The plan is to start on the West Coast. I’m actually working on that now. I would love to get to Europe and do some touring. I love playing out of the United States. I always have so much fun.

What does the future hold for Horseneck?
Well as of right now the future holds possibly touring on this record and we are constantly working on new material. I don’t want to wait to put out new music. Our drummer Jess plays in Chelsea Wolfe so she will be gone touring a lot this year. So we are trying to schedule our tours and recording dates while she is home. Staying productive is the key. Maybe even some more music videos. We love making videos.


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