Ruined Families – Education

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Athens. My coffee is ready and so am i. Today i would like to talk about a band that has made a big impression on me these last years. I’m talking of course about Ruined Families. I’ve said before in previous posts but i’m going to say it again. The last years we’ ve been lucky enough to witness many great bands emerging from this part of the world called Greece. It is my strong belief that Ruined Families is one of these bands.

It was a few years ago when a friend of mine sent me a youtube link. ”Never heard of this band before, but damn they sound good” where some of my first words i think. Next step for me was to listen to more of their songs. Luckily for me ”Blank Language” came out about four years ago. That was certainly a great, full length album. And then i thought to myself ”We have to see them play live”. Thus we did. We actually saw them live again recently where they played live at Death Disco in Athens with Μαύρο Γάλο and Broken Fingers. That was the 6th of January. It was actually the release show for their new album ”Education”. And we definitely wouldn’t miss this for the world.

So, yes, the band has a new album. It was recorded by Kostas Ragiadakos at Unreal Studios and Twin Picks Studios in Athens, Greece in February/March 2015. Released on November 24, 2016, this album includes ten new songs. Their music remains as aggressive and heavy as always. Have you ever mixed many colours in a palette? Usually a dark blue or red colour comes out. To me that’s what their music is. An exciting music blend where you can taste different styles but all put together greatly. Their music has a recognizable and strong character. There’s definitely a common ground with ”Blank Language”. However i feel that ”Education” is a step forward for the band. ”Education” is kind of a lingua franca that speaks to your mind and soul. Till today, ”Pedestal” is one of my favorite Ruined Families songs. Nevertheless i’m definitely down with songs like ”Wholecar” and ”No Rothko”. I’m down with all them ten songs but these two were my favorite ones from this record. What i also love about this band is that they take care of every last detail. I’m talking about thier songs as well as their album covers and their video clips.

”Education” Lp is a case where everything simply fell into place. It sounds really inspired and fresh. I’ve loved it, i’ve rocked it and i simply want to recommend it. Here’s a link where you can listen to ”Education”.


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