In the Company of Serpents – Ain​-​Soph Aur

Denver doom duo In The Company Of Serpents will release their long-awaited new studio offering this March. Founded in 2011, the band consists of Grant Netzorg on vocals and guitars and Joseph Weller Meyer on drums. Titled ”Ain-Soph Aur”, the entrancing six-track recording was captured last year at Flatline Audio in their home city by Dave Otero. ”Ain-Soph Aur” takes its name from the three veils of negative existence which precede the manifestation of the material universe in the philosophy of Hermetic Qabalah, a Western esoteric tradition involving mysticism and the occult. I don’t know much about Qabalah. I’ll tell you what though. This album is trully intriguing. It’s a place where heaviness and pitch darkness co-exist harmonically. I’m not really sure how to describe their sound. It would be perhaps unfair and wrong to call them just sludge or doom metal. There’s so much stuff to discover in this album. This is a beautiful record ladies and gentlemen, trully emotional and esoteric as well. These six tracks will play with your heart and soul. Clear your mind and listen to their singing.


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