The Throne – Frail Threads

The Throne is a five piece band from Szczecin, Poland. Their second, full length album titled ”Frail Threads” will be released on March, 5 through Unquiet Records. This album will contain five tracks. Their previous, full length was released back in 2015 and it is definitely an album worth checking out. In my opinion ”Frail Threads” follows on from ”Singularity”, namely the album that introduced us to The Throne. The same cold and dark feeling is still here. However, i think that the band has definitely evolved. In my opinion they have distanced themselves a bit from post moving towards d-beat/ neocrust. This has resulted in an album that to me sounds more aggressive. ”Frail Threads” has an excellent production and contains some awesome songs that i would persoanlly love to to listen to them live. I’m talking about songs like ”Cursed” and ”Observer”. These two were my favourite songs from this album. ”Frail Threads” is a nice song as well. Last but no least we find ”V”. I liked this track a lot and i think sludge fans will do to. This five track album is definitely worthy of your attention. Until its release check out their bandcamp page and show this band some love.


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