Her Highness/ Worthless – Split

It’s tuesday so let’s review a new album, significantly a split album. Her Highness and Worthless are two instrumental, sludge/ doom metal bands from Budapest, Hungary. Their four track, split album was released back in december 9, 2016. Each band contributes with two songs. The first two songs belong to Her Highness. Never heard of this band before. However i have to say they most definitely know their craft. Prepare yourself for some massive basslines. No, i’m going to rephrase that. Prepare yourself because mountains of massive basslines lie ahead of you. I’m definitely down with their sludge. ”The Budd Dwyer Method” is an awesome, monolithic track that will leave no sludge fan unsatisfied. The third and fourth track belong to Worthless. I liked their songs even though i have to admit i didn’t exactly fell in love with their music. To be honest though ”No Home” is a nice song. It’s a blend of sludge and post metal and it definitely works. As for me i personally enjoyed this split album and my wish is to recommend it. Specially recommended for fans of Sleep, Electric Wizard, Ramlord, Sea of Bones, e.t.c.


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