Dying Whale – Last Moments of Misery

Dying Whale is a three piece band from the United States. The band came into existence back in 2010. Their new album ”Last Moments of Misery” will be released on the 3rd of February. Twelve tracks are included in this release. So, let us waste no more time. Let’s press play. The band’s music is a more than exciting combination of hardcore punk, metal and sludge. Some people call this post hardcore. However, genres come and go. Creativity is what matters and this is the case here. I think we have struck gold. I’ve never heard of Dying Whale in the past. I’m a newcomer to this band. Nevertheless it didn’t take really long for me to like their stuff. First of all i’d like to comment on the album’s production and that’s because it’s simply great. To me ”Last Moments of Misery” sounds incredibly heavy and massive. I certainly did not expect to find that beatdown parts as well as that hidden melodies of theirs. There’s no more space for misery here. I loved their riffs and their basslines. Their vocals also work for me. There’s no doubt in my mind that their vocalist has done an excellent job. ”Last Moments of Misery” is not your typical hardcore album and that’s hands down. In my opinion it sounds fresh and inspired. I’m definitely down with this album therefore i would like to recommend it. Head to thier bandcamp page and show this band some love.


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