Interview with Bangladeafy


Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?

We started Bangladeafy in October 2009.

Jon: Our first few songs were written and rehearsed in a warehouse I was working in, after work hours.

What does the name ‘’Bangladeafy’’ represent?

Jon: Bangladeafy is a compound word combining Atif’s Bangladeshi heritage and my exaggerated hearing loss.

Can you tell us about your main influences?

Jon: I am heavily inspired by electronic music and try to imitate the sounds and patterns reserved for electronic music as best as I can using the bass. Not to mention some of our most recently written material is 100% live synth.

Atif: Buddy Rich. I studied out of his rudiments book out of the gate and it’s foundation still surfaces every day.

How would you define your sound?

Jon: Frenetic and loud live drums, synth and bass, enjoyable by musicians and non-musicians alike.

Given that you are an instrumental band, how did you give your songs the song titles you did?

Jon: We usually find a common ground as to what kind of scenario we would hear the finished song in, in terms of a soundtrack. Other times, we’ll create something with it’s own indefinable characteristics and just slap a sarcastic title on it.

This year you released your new album ‘’Narcopaloma’’. How did the recording sessions go?

Atif: It was fun but difficult at times. It’s always hard to get things just right.

Jon: We picked up things we learned from the previous record and adjusted or improved accordingly. For example, the bass on the last record was all modeled digitally. Narcopaloma was primarily recorded with the live bass rig. I also took a more subtle approach to fleshing out the atmosphere which I think in turn had a stronger impact than the upfront layers on The Briefcase.


Is there a concept behind the album you would like to discuss?

Jon: Narcopaloma (meaning drug dove) was a buzzword that was floating around Central America after a Costa Rican prison was found to have had trained pigeons flying in and out of it carrying contraband, mostly drugs. I thought it would be a clever but esoteric description for how we wrote/recorded most of this album, which was by sending each other “contraband” audio via email. It’s worth mentioning that the cover artwork is the closeup of a pigeon’s neck feathers that I had a talented friend of mine take using a special camera lens.

What inspires you the most?

Atif: Getting destroyed by great bands.

Jon: Anything that spews raw energy without imitating something that came before.

What are you listening to these days?

Atif: A lot of vintage punk.

Jon: Aside from diving into this new Nine Inch Nails Ep that just came out i’ve also been blasting Brokespeak by Strobes and this band from Philadelphia called Mage Hand has an incredible EP called Blow Up The Moon that’s been on steady repeat. So much great music came out this year!

Any live shows planned for the rest of this year?

Jon: We’re done for 2016, but 2017 holds some possible regional touring.

What does the future hold for Bangladeafy?

Jon: We already have another batch of songs ready for the studio, drum tracking has already begun. Possible 2017 release! It’s way down the line but worth hinting that National and International touring are our long term goals for 2018-2019. We are only a 2 piece so funding this band is not easy, so I’d like to think that we are a slow burner.


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