Budgrief – Demo 2016

Happy holidays to all! We’ re back today with another review. Actually this is our last review for this year. I’ d like to think that we’ve reviewed some of the best albums the underground has to offer. We also missed many albums. There’s no doubt about that. Rest assure though in 2017 we’ re gonna have more reviews and interviews for you. Let’s close this year with a relatively new band. Budgrief is a three piece band from Brighton, U.K. This november they released a two track demo. It was mixed and mastered by Sam Lilley and the artwork was done by Joey Pearson. The band’s music is an exciting blend of sludge/ doom metal, hardcore and some crust punk. And what does this mean? This means that their music is seriously heavy. And it is definitely promising. Here you’ ll find very nice riffs as well as some cold vocals. I love how they literally sing their hearts out. As for a favorite song? I liked both of them but ”Scum” is one hell of a song. I’m definitely down with this sludge. I must say i enjoyed this album. Thus i’d like to recommend it. Head to their bandcamp page and show this band some love.


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