Noyades – Go Fast

We’ re back with yet another review. The sun is shining, the weather is not so bad and i’m listening to ”Go Fast” by Noyades. Noyades is a three piece band from Lyon, France. ”Go Fast”, which was released this October, is their new album. Seven tracks can be found in this album. The band’s music is an exciting mixture of noise rock, psychedelic and punk rock. And, yes they were quite successful at combining these three styles. Their music to me sounds vibrant and exhilarating. I’m refering to songs like ”Replique”. This is the first song of the album. It is also my favorite one. Listening to this song i was like ”Yes, you definitely have my attention”. Nothing could distract me. And what’s really awesome is that the rest of the songs didn’t let me down at all. We’ re talking about really good ideas and of course good written songs. In my opinion these guys know their kraft and they’ re quite passionate about it. Well, that’s the impression i got. Personally i enjoyed this album and i have to admit they’ ve made a fan out of me. So this our suggestion for today. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”Go Fast”.


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