Twinesuns – The Empire Never Ended

Twinesuns is a three piece band from Bielefeld, Germany. ”The Empire Never Ended” is their new album. It will be released on January 27 through Pelagic Records. Seven tracks are included in this release. The band’s music is a mixture of drone and a bit of post rock. Of course drone/ doom metal is predominant in their music. Listening to this album feels like i’m being devoured by a big black hole. And yes, i must admit i found myself losing track of time. ”The Empire Never Ended” has a certain ritualistic tone if you will. It’s extremely dark and heavy at the same time. It’s an album that you need to experience. You’ re probably gonna find yourself in a place where only bleakness reigns. Follow the river of Lethe and you’ll find your way into the realm where the empire never ended.


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