Interview with VVORSE

Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?

L: We are a punk band from Jyväskylä/Finland which was formed in beginning of 2014. Our current line-up is Jussi-Guitar/Vocals, Lauris-Guitar/Vocals, Jaakko-Bass, Topi-Drums.

Can you tell us about your main influences?

L: Hardcore punk in general with pretty much all its sub-genres and a bit of 90’s swedish death metal. But I think that we are very openminded to all genres.

What inspires you the most?

L: Life in general and hate towards modern society.

How would you define your sound?

T: We’re still rather young band, especially with this line-up, so I’d like to think that we haven’t defined it yet. Of course it is very d-beat based, crust influenced heavy music, but it’s interesting to see how it developes in the future. Without going too far from our original sound, i’m sure we try to explore some more, what new is out there melodic, groove and feel -wise, so that things will be interesting and fresh for us and maybe that way, for listener as well. How things will work out, time will tell.

This year you released your new album ‘’Näkyjä helvetistä’’. How has the reception been so far?

T: Well, there’s been couple of really flattering reviews, couple of very crushing and few mediocre ones also. So i guess it’s kind of “ok” album, hah.

Is there a particular concept behind the album you would like to discuss?

L: I personaly dedicate this album to “all the madness and bullshit and human dumbness” which is ruling our world today.


How did you decide to write songs in finnish instead of english?

T: I think we decided that very fast and early on that the songs would in finnish. The finnish language sounds more “harder” than english, so it gives more edge to the sound.

What are you listening to these days?

T: Well, of course it depends of a mood of that day. Lately I’ve been listening to some Imperial State Electric, especially Honk Machine -album. There’s some good old fashioned rock’n roll songs that feels refreshing to me nowdays. But yeah, it varies from day to day, sometimes it’s electoronic pop and sometimes it’s blackmetal and sometimes from something between.

L: 1.Trial-Are these our lives?
2.Good Clean Fun-Positively Positive
3.Botch-We are the Romans
5.Cult Leader-A Lightless Walk

Any live shows planned for the rest of this year?

T: Yes, we have one scheduled gig in our hometown Jyvδskylδ for December. Actually we haven’t play any shows for two years and then was our first one, so we’re really anxious to play this one. There’s also more shows booked for winter/spring 2017 in Finland. It’s about time.

What does the future hold for VVORSE?

L: Well we just gonna keep doing what we like as long as we feel an urge to do it. There is no such a plan or a pattern for our band.

*Questions were answered by Topi and Lauris.


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