Martyrdöd – List


Ladies & gentlemen,
last November, November the 25th, one of our favorite bands in the blog, the swedish Martyrdöd released their 6th full album ”List”. In my opinion that was one of the most awesome & unexpected surprises of the dreadful year 2016. List is a 36 minutes must-have, must-listen, 10 to 10 crust album, that incorporates elements of older Martyrdöd albums such as gigantic sierras of blackened crust sounds straight from the dark earth of Göteborg, along with newer elements found in the latest works of the band, such as melodic riffs and metal solos, enhancing the experience. The solos are developing on top of the unstoppable d-beat battery of Martyrdöd, unleasing the attack. An attack that cannot be evaded, an attack so relentless & so exceptional that cannot be described in words. They totally raised the bar & the expectations to a different level, and that is what exactly we need’ bands to push their limits in different dimensions, allowing the scene to develop even more, to destroy stereotypes & norms. List is exactly that.

In my opinion almost all tracks are exceptional, but the ones I could single out from the rest for the one or the other reason, are the tracks “1 Overlevaren “, “2. List”, “7.Handlöst fallen ängel”, “10. Transmission”. I am really excited that Martyrdöd will participate in Deathfest 2017 in Tilburg, Netherlands and i will have the opportunity to watch them perform live. You should also do the same, go check them out wherever they perform! And of course feel free to support them through Bandcamp.

Remember that we, the fans, are the ones that feed the bands (in any means) to develop & refine their art.

Martyrdöd List in Bandcamp