Risk Relay – As We Descend

Risk Relay is a four piece band from the United States. ”As We Descend” is their new album. It was released last week, on the 18th of november. Six tracks are included in this release. So let us waste no more time. Let’s press play. The album’s first track is  called ”The Meeting” and for some reason Sonic Youth came to mind. Or maybe i’m totally wrong about this. I’m not sure. I’ll tell you what though. This is an intriguing song. Same goes for ”To the Signal”. ”Lonely the Converted Mind” is one the songs i singled out from this album. The other one is ”My Weight Disappearing”. This is a cool song no doubt. ”Healer Revealing” was just o.k for me. Neither hated it or loved it. ”Sea of Light” though is an excellent track. Six tracks form an album that’s worth checking out. Alternative, indie rock is the case here, sometimes a bit dysfunctional but overall i would have to say that ”As We Descend” could be a perfect soundtrack for a rainy afternoon like the one i’m having right now. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ”As We Descend”.


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